Thursday, 23 April 2015


The Sleeping Room – Reviewed

The Sleeping Room, New British horror and directorial debut from writer/producer John Shackleton.
Orphaned 19 year-old Brighton call girl Blue (Leila Mimmack – Becoming Human) is sent by her violent pimp Freddie (David Sibley – Downton Abbey) and his blowsy partner Cynthia (Julie Graham – Tower Block) to meet a new punter in Brighton, unaware of the horrifying impact it will have on her life.
As Blue begins to fall for the quirky charms of her client Bill Hepworth (Joseph Beattie – Hex), she's even more intrigued by the grand Regency terraced house that he is renovating; a once infamous Victorian brothel.
Together they uncover a secret room that unlocks many dark and terrifying secrets relating to Blue's murky family past and the death of her mother. A terrible supernatural force is about to be unleashed and nobody will escape its monstrous power unless a score for a heinous felony is settled.
It all starts to kick off when bill shows Blue on of the old end of the pier “What the Butler saw machines” but what’s on the reel of old flick film in the machine isn’t some old time titillation type of movie this one is called “Dance with the Devil” It appears to show an old man in a sack mask in a room with two ladies, he produces a knife and what at first seems to be some kind of magic trick turns into a throat slitting Victorian snuff movie! 
She returns back to chat with madam Cynthia and Freddie and tells them what she has seen, Cynthia then proceeds to tell her the story of a Victorian brothel owner that had a nasty habit of sex with all his own family as well as wanting to film the girls in so called action, the thing was that if they refused they would disappear, Until one day when all the ladies apparently got together to put a stop to all his evilness and he mysteriously disappeared………

The sleeping room is a good low budget horror story, The back story of the guy in the film Dance With the Devil was solid but I would have liked to see a lot more about it maybe we will get a follow up/prequel? That would be great! The actors were all pretty good especially Blue (Leila Mimmack) she is definitely an actress to keep you’re eye on. The Sleeping room will be available on VOD 27th April and you can own it on DVD on 11th May.

Jonny T


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Cobain:Montage Of Heck - Reviewed

Kurt Cobain died 21 years ago this year from a self inflicted gunshot to the head. His body was found by an electrician doing some routine work on Kurt's home. He was found surrounded by drug paraphernalia along with a suicide note. Montage of heck tells the story of Kurt from his childhood right up until his very untimely death when he pulled the trigger and joined the 27 club.

Kurt is born into what seems like a very happy almost perfect all american family, Mum, Dad then a sister, The all American dream, But with so many dreams they turn into nightmares. This is what happened to a young Kurt when his mum and dad split. Seemingly through his mum waking  up to the  realisation that she had married young and had children as was expected of her but it was the life that she no longer wanted so they split. This took the already hyperactive Kurt into meltdown that was unfortunately the whole story of his life. He was a lonely teenager who hadn't had sex when one day he and a few so called friends who he tagged along with went to a local girls house who was as you would say simple but they called her a retard. The reason they used to go there was just to steel alcohol from her dad's basement. One day Kurt wondered if she would be up for having sex and went around on his own. Described in audio in his own words it was a disaster, They both got naked but he couldn't perform because of the overwhelming smell as he puts it from her vagina. So he left. Her dad then found out and flipped at Kurt, But then his so called friends found out as did his school and Kurt was known as the retard fucker.

The story above is just a snapshot of many stories from montage of heck which are fascinating,The /film tracks his life through lots of spellbinding home movie footage from his childhood including a clip where he must be about 3 or 4 dancing around with a guitar. You also get to see tons of his early artwork and his own home movies as well as interviews with his Mum, Dad, Sister and step-mum as well as Krist Novaselic, One thing I found interesting was that was no involvement from Chad Channing the original Nirvana drummer but even more Surprising nothing from Dave Grohl. I know a bit of Nirvana history and seeing as this was made with the consent of Courtney Love I know that was never any love lost between them so maybe was  the reason?
Whatever that may be as a Nirvana fan I found it thoroughly compelling, Early Nirvana gigs, Backstage, On the set of unplugged and Heart shaped box video as well as a lot of very personal home shot clips is amongst the compelling if sometimes disturbing footage, For example a clip where Courtney shouts Kurt inside to help with Francis Bean's first haircut, He comes inside topless looking very skinny and spotty,Holds Francis whilst sitting upright and just keeps nodding off,Very sad to watch.

Montage of heck I loved it, Being a Nirvana fan I suppose I would, But in saying that whether you are a fan or not it's a documentary well worth seeking out, It's stylish and grim at the same time, Uplifting and funny but also sad in equal measures , It's a shame to see someone with Kurt's natural talent end up how he did but watching this you can see where it was all heading from a long way back, With the whole Courtney Love thing it's surprising how many people still have a massive hate for her and blame her mainly for his death whether she drove him to suicide or as some theories suggest had him killed I shall leave my opinions on that until another day. Ultimately all Kurt really wanted was a family after the demise of his Mums and Dad's and he did get that as well as the fame and fortune but in the end he simply couldn't handle it and that's what Montage Of Heck sums up so brilliantly, I do miss Nirvana.................
Jonny T.

SOME CLASSIC NIRVANA CLIPS. Fuck loads more available on that YouTube.................

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Atari - Game Over - Reviewed

ATARI : GAME OVER Tells the tale of the downfall of Atari and clears up the mystery of one of the worlds greatest urban legends, The one of over a million E.T Game cartridges being buried in landfill out in the desert. The land fill site was reportedly in the small New Mexican town of Alamogordo. It is said  E.T was the worst video game of all time, Atari supposedly made over four Million cartridges on the huge success of the movie and it was on a buy or return basis and needed to be released for Christmas, It sold a shed load before Christmas but after Christmas apparently word got around abut how bad it was and millions of cartridges were returned, Refunds given, Cartridges driven to the landfill and dumped and Atari goes bankrupt, That's how the legend goes but is it all true?
E.T Was designed by Atari legend Howard Scott Warshaw, Responsible for such Atari classics as Yars Revenge, He was given the task to design the game in a mere 5 weeks, When the game was finished it was given the thumbs up by Steven Speilberg himself and the game went on sale. 

Warshaw is one of the main people in Atari:Game Over and his stories and fascinating, Starting from his very first day at Atari and him taking a joint into work to be accepted by the other hippy type game programmers, He tells how that how much money they were making back then was incredible and the bosses when they met targets he would send out someone with the company credit card to go and buy beer and they would just solidly party for 2-3 days also using the company hot tub, Eventually Atari were sold to Warner where the success did continue hugely, In 1981 they made $300 million dollars in profit.
The main reason behind the documentary as I have said is that to prove if the landfill site does actually contain the E.T game but the great thing is that there is so much more to this than just that point,Basically sometime in the mid 80's Atari just pretty much vanished and why is also a question the director Zak Penn want's to find out. 
During the 1990's video started to appear of people apparently showing people digging up E.T games in random places and with the birth of the internet the urban legend grew massively leading to Zak Penn making this great documentary.
He tracks down the exact location pretty early on and then it's a task to see what also maybe down there, there is talk of toxic waste and even Mercury filled pigs that may explode and cover the town in toxic gas! But eventually the town agrees to let the go ahead and the dig is on. Word gets out of the dig date and loads of people turn up of all ages all telling snippets of Atari memories.

Now I maybe showing my age but I did and loved my Atari 2600, I remember getting it one Christmas with the game Galaxians and playing it solidly all day long and indeed for many many months after, I did always wonder what had happened to them back in the day. I also remember owning and loving Yar's Revenege, I never owned the game E.T but always remember hearing the legend of the buried games, A great trip down memory lane,
Loved It!
Jonny T.

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Oscars? Nah, Here's THE JONNYS!

So with the award season out of the way and every winner's agent now charging at least 10 times the amount to even speak to their "Clients" we over here have said balls to that let's do "The Jonnys!" Our favourites of 2014, Categories are the same as the red carpeted Hollywood event well kind of, But the fact that all of these winners in The Jonnys didn't even get a mention at the awards (Except maybe one or did it?) makes our awards so special and so meaningful, OK maybe it doesn't it's a bit of fun!Here are our favourites, some you may have heard of and some you may not of, Either way all the films you see below are there because they are our favourites of 2014 and you need to see them all!
Jonny T.


I was lucky enough to catch The Editor  from the great Astron 6 at last years Mayhem Festival and it was brilliant, The movie pays massive homage to the golden days of classic Italian Giallo movies, every frame and visual is done to perfection and a wins a very well deserved Jonny, Check it out as soon a you get a chance.


Massively overlooked by the so called only awards that matter, The Lego Movie is one hell of a movie and Everything is Awesome is one hell of a catchy song, Have a Jonny you awesome square blocks of coloured plastic!


Another movie I was fortunate to catch up wit at last years Mayhem Festival, When I first saw it on the line up I wasn't that excited to see it, Sci-Fi with Ethan Hawke? But to say it blew me away was a understatement! It tells he story of a time travelling agent that has to go back in time and prevent a bomb from going off, sounds pretty formulaic but it has so many great twists,Check it out now!


Soundtrack of the year goes to Jim Mickel's stunning crime thriller "Cold In July". It's a superb homage to classic John Carpenter and 80's synth. Hats off to Jeff Grace for writing such a great score. He thoroughly deserves a prestigious "Jonny!"


Whilst like the 1st ABC'S Of Death number 2 was pretty hit and miss but I don't know what it was about "G for Grandad"(Or Grandpa) depending on which version you watch but I loved it! It started off with a nice family scene but soon became twisted and hillarious, Hey Grandad have a Jonny!


From Takashi Miike last year came Lesson Of Evil and what a film it was! I saw it had an 18 certificate and for the first hour I was thinking why? But then when it all kicked off I could well see why! Playing loads of different versions of Mack the Knife once the onslaught began and once it started it never let up, Once again a brilliant,stylish and extremely  violent classic from Miike, Have a Jonny!


Yes it's a second "Jonny" for The Lego Movie! Well it surely had to be the best animation, Brilliantly scripted and extremely clever, A Geeks dream with all those references and when else are you going to see Batman and Gandalf in the same movie!


Rima Te Wiata played Miriam Bucknell the mum in Housebound, A great film from last year, She for me was he star of Housebound, Hilariously funny in every scene she was in and held the film together in my opinion and if you have yet to see Housebound I thoroughly recommend you do . have a "Jonny" Rima! 


Jonathan Brugh plays Deacon in the brilliant What We Do In The Shadows, His nonchalant attitude makes his performance really stand out, Turned into a vampire by Peter who lives in the basement he hates washing up but loves to knit! A great performance and I look forward to catching up with more of his work, Jonathan have a Jonny! 


Another Jonny is happily presented to Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy for The Editor, It's directed so well with ton's of classic homage shots done quite superbly, Some of the shots are brilliant and the camera work fantastic, I was lucky enough to sit in on a Q&A about The Editor and when you realise all the work that went into making it happen it blows you away, So Adam and Matthew have a Jonny!


Another movie I was lucky to have caught at MAYHEM festival was Starry Eyes, Before the showing Chris Cooke on of the organisers had mentioned how great Alex Essoe who plays Sarah was and he was 100% right, From the opening scene to the auditions to the real messed up ending she was mesmerising and well deserved of a Jonny! Keep your eye out for her and once again Starry Eyes is a very high recommendation.


Well, He looks happy with his Jonny!

There was talk that Jake Gyllenhal has long snubbed the Oscar's and that's why he didn't get a mention, whether you see that as a shame or it doesn't really matter (that's what I think!) but the fact of the matter is that in Nightcrawler he was superb, Never mind the Oscar's Jake have a Jonny! 


Without any doubt in our minds when we said what the best film of 2014 was it took us less than a minute to decide that it was What We Do In The Shadows, Shown to a sold out crowd at MAYHEM festival last Halloween it has been gathering massive momentum and huge praise world wide and deservedly so, and now to top it all off it's won a Jonny! Get to see it as soon as you can, Brilliant Brilliant Movie. 10/10



Although originally released towards the end of 2013 it got a wide release last year, Fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time, It tells the story of how killer whales as well as other marine life are captured and hugely mistreated, With the death of a trainer bringing all the issues to the forefront it opened up a massive can of worms and exposed huge mistreatment of these super intelligent and beautiful creatures. A "Jonny" for Blackfish


Yet another film massively overlooked by the so called big awards ceremonies, Nightcrawler was a slickly made, extremely well acted and unsettling movie. The panning shots of night time L.A were brilliant, It may have passed you by but seek it out, you will not be disappointed!

And folks that's it for the 2015 Jonnys. We were going to do a lot more as in worst etc but above will do just fine, If you've not seen any of the above please do so, As a genre fan I know you'll love um! Until 2016 it's addios from The Jonnys!
Jonny T.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Teaser trailer released for AMY - Amy Winehouse film from the team behind Senna

Hello Folks,
The 1st trailer for the Amy Winehouse documentary appropriately called "AMY" has been released today, From the people that did the quite brilliant documentary Senna this also looks quite excellent, With this and the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck also coming soon we are in for a real treat as far as music documentaries go,
All details and trailer below,
Jonny T.

In cinemas July 3, 2015

From the BAFTA award-winning team behind Senna

Directed by

Produced by

From BAFTA award-winning director Asif Kapadia (Senna), AMY tells the incredible story of six-time Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse - in her own words. Featuring extensive unseen archive footage and previously unheard tracks, this strikingly modern, moving and vital film shines a light on the world we live in, in a way that very few can.

A once-in-a-generation talent and a pure jazz artist in the most authentic sense, Amy wrote and sung from the heart using her musical gifts to analyse her own problems. The combination of her raw honesty and supreme talent resulted in some of the most original and adored songs of the modern era


Her huge success, however, resulted in relentless and invasive media attention which coupled with Amy’s troubled relationships and precarious lifestyle saw her life tragically begin to unravel.

Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at the age of 27.

Directed by Asif Kapadia (Senna, The Warrior) and produced by James Gay-Rees (Senna, Exit Through The Gift Shop) through On The Corner Films, AMY is released in the UK by Altitude Film Distribution.

'The Sleeping Room' on VOD 27 April 2015 & DVD 11 May 2015 courtesy of Second Sight

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with news below of the release of new British horro The Sleeping Room coming to DVD & VOD on 27th April, I have seen it and it is pretty creepy! Watch this space for a review coming very soon,
Jonny T.


**** ‘A superb example of modern British horror’ Nerdly

***** ‘Sends shivers up the spine’ Scenes From the Front Row

‘A dark ghostly drama’

Following its UK premiere at FrightFest, Second Sight is proud to announce the UK rights acquisition of acclaimed supernatural tale of Victorian revenge, The Sleeping Room.

The directorial debut of John Shackleton (Writer/Producer Panic Button) the film will make its UK debut On-Demand and Download on 27 April 2015 and DVD on 11 May 2015. Produced by Gareth I Davies, The Sleeping Room marks Movie Mogul's second feature.

Orphaned 19 year-old Brighton call girl Blue (Leila Mimmack – Becoming Human) is sent by her violent pimp Freddie (David Sibley – Downton Abbey) and his blowsy partner Cynthia (Julie Graham – Tower Block) to meet a new punter in Brighton, unaware of the horrifying impact it will have on her life.

As Blue begins to fall for the quirky charms of her client Bill Hepworth (Joseph Beattie – Hex), she's even more intrigued by the grand Regency terraced house that he is renovating; a once infamous Victorian brothel.

Together they uncover a secret room that unlocks many dark and terrifying secrets relating to Blue's murky family past and the death of her mother. A terrible supernatural force is about to be unleashed and nobody will escape its monstrous power unless a score for a heinous felony is settled.

Awakening demons past and present, Blue is forced to confront her own in this psychological gothic nightmare that also stars Christopher Adamson (Pirates of the Caribbean), Chris Waller (Fright Night 2) and horror critic Billy Chainsaw.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Spellbinding ghost story 'The Haunting of Radcliffe House' on DVD 11 May from Image Entertainment

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with news that The Haunting of Radcliffe House gets a UK DVD release on May 11th, From what I have read on the web so far it looks pretty good, I'll have a review coming soon so watch this space! All release details below,
Jonny T.


‘Spine-Chillingly Good’

‘Bleak yet beautiful...credibly creepy with some utterly scorching moments’ 

‘Satisfyingly spooky…if you don’t leap out of your seat at least once, you’ve got nerves of steel’ 
Radio Times

When a family move to a remote estate on the Yorkshire moors, demonic forces are unleashed in Nick Willing’s spellbinding ghost story The Haunting of Radcliffe House which makes its DVD debut on 11 May 2015 thanks to Image Entertainment.

Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense) and Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises) star as husband and wife Meg and Alec who move to the darkly beautiful but desolate Radcliffe House with their two children. A mosaic on the floor hints at the terrible murder by Radcliffe of his wife Isabella – the result of a demonic black magic ritual that led to his suicide... or did it?

Ghostly creatures haunt this house, teasing, taunting and invading those who linger within and something is driving Alec, maniacally, to recreate the presence of Isabella in the body of his wife.

The ritual is about to be enacted once more, the past bloodily thrust into the present.  Will anyone survive The Haunting of Radcliffe House?