Friday, 23 May 2014

The Battery - 21st July Home Entertainment Release

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with news that low budget zombie flick The Battery is getting a UK release! Made for around $6000 it has been getting some great reviews both online and from festival showings, The press release is below and watch this space for a review coming very soon!
Jonny T.

Written and directed by Jeremy Gardner

Starring Jeremy Gardner and Adam Cronheim

“Outrageously, insanely good”


“A triumphant feat of dramatic horror”


“Jeremy Gardner’s zombie horror drama is a masterpiece”


“A droll New England mixture of The Walking Dead and Waiting for Godot”

Labelled one of the greatest zombie films in years, The Battery successfully drives heart and authenticity back into the zombie franchise. Ben and Mickey are two former baseball players who clash as they traverse the rural back roads of a post-zombie apocalypse New England, teeming with the undead.

Release date: 21st July 2014
Certificate TBC / Running Time 101 Minutes
DVD RRP / £12.99

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Godzilla 2014 Posters Galore!

So with the opening weekend of Godzilla raking in over a cool $200 Million dollars and a sequel announced I thought I’d have a little Godzilla Poster Google. I came across many posters including official ones and plenty of fan made ones, some are great and some hilarious, Can you spot the official from Fan made?
Jonny T.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ghost Child - Reviewed



The film opens with a young girl who is holding a baby being chased in the middle of the night by an angry mob.A passing driver see what is happening and steps in to help.The mob is scared off then fast forward to a few years later.....
We see our main and very troubled character a reclusive loner who lives at home after her mother passes away.Then her father returns with his new girlfriend who the grandmother takes an immediate dislike to as she is half Indonesian. No.No matter what the son tries grumpy old granny is having non of it. They have returned to seek shares owed to them by his previous employer in the hopes of setting up a new life. Unfortunately for them the employer has no intention of selling his shares and his excuse is now that the company has expanded all he the father wants is his money, He tells his new lady the only way this will happen is when he is dead.
The young girl is part of the school swimming team and is regularly bullied by the other girls, things like taking her clothes when she is the shower etc. One day after a series of odd events she searches the internet to see how to contact a ghost as she has the suspicion that her mother maybe trying to contact her. As instructed in the video she lights 3 candles and at the stroke of midnight she says the ghost she wishes to contacts name in the mirror 3 times, The only thing that  to happens is that her grandma comes in and tells her she  to sleep as it's getting late! But the next day at school whilst she is taking an exam her pencil mysteriously rolls on its own, she grabs it and at that point it seems possessed,  it starts filling in all the answers for her then it later transpires that she has scored a good 98% on her test. This is not the only odd thing to happen,  when she next has a swimming race she comes first, much to the annoyance of the head girl she challenges her to another race and if she loses she has do do 5 lengths naked, she agrees but only on the premise that if she wins the head girl has apologise in front of everyone, the race takes place and on the final part it appears that something drags the head girl under the water, visibly shaken she says that it was just cramp and reluctantly apologies to the one she has been bullying.
At this point it appears that the weird stuff is not only happening to her but her grandmother is frequently woken in the night by all manner if sounds, this leads to some great scenes where in true Asian horror style we see a solo person wondering around a spooky house, you know the kind of thing I mean, mirrors, things moving under blankets etc..
So it seems that the father and his girlfriend are getting screwed over, the granny is losing her marbles and the young girl is constantly picked on, will it be the mother ghost who returns to help them all?well you'll just have to give it a look and find out!
It has to be said that it is a bit of a slow burn but the last 20 minutes are excellent, yes it can be said that it is your typical Asian horror but with some great performances and more than it's fair share of jump scares its definitely worth checking out,
7.5 / 10

Jonny T.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

THE DEAD 2: INDIA gets new poster for Cannes

The Ford Brothers, the British director, writer and producer team behind the acclaimed 
THE DEAD 2: INDIA, the first-ever International production of a zombie film shot in India, have revealed new artwork ahead of their arrival in Cannes.

The film, represented by Jinga Films, will be screening on Thursday, ahead of a planned Zombie invasion of the famed croisette on Sunday, in celebration of the genre. The film opens in the States, courtesy of Anchor Bay, this fall.

Filmed in five weeks, in locations across India, including Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai, 
THE DEAD 2: INDIA is a Ford Brothers Film by Latitude Films, in association with Road Trip Pictures and stars Joseph Millson, Meenu, Anand Goyal, Sandip Datta Gupta and Poonam Mathur. It is written and directed by Howard J Ford & Jon Ford and produced by Howard J Ford. Executive Producer is Amir Moallemi, Special & Visual Effects by Dan Rickard, Special Make-Up Effects by Stuart Browne & Max Van De Banks. Director of Photography is Jon Ford and Music is by Imran Ahmad

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Ju-On Beginning of the end trailer hits!

So the trailer is here for Ju-On:Beginning of the end. The 1st Ju-On was ground breaking to say the least and whilst the sequels were pretty good they never in my opinion lived up to the original but then again what does? So it looks like we are returning to the original house and the little boy is back! Opens on 28th June and lets hope it’s not too long before we in the west get a subbed version.

Jonny T.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Dawn of the planet of the apes trailer 2

Coming soon to an IMAX 3D near you a shit load of apes! Yes the 2nd trailer for Dawn Of the Planet of the apes arrives, Set a few years after the end of the 1st film it looks like the apes are living happy peaceful lives which includes cute baby chimps when a pesky human stumbles upon them and pulls a gun then all ape hell breaks loose! From the trailer it looks incredibly as you would expect CGI heavy with some scenes i have to admit looking a little dodgy, I am a massive fan of the original films and did pretty much enjoy the 1st film so i'll be there to see it again, who knows we may be pleasently suprised,
Jonny T.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

A rainy Day at Studio Ghibli Museum.


So we arrived in Tokyo. We couldn't book into the hotel until 2pm but we would be arriving at about 11 and had a trip planned, a trip we had wanted to make for ages, A trip to the Studio Ghibli Museum. So in the previous week I had emailed the hotel to see if it would be possible to leave our bags there before check in time and get a move on to Studio Ghibli Museum as it was by subway over an hour away from where we were staying, Hotel Emailed back and no problem! Now the mission started to leave our hotel in Mount Fuji and hit Tokyo, we arrived at our destination station and the hotel website being organised even had a video on how to get to the hotel “Chiyoda Inn” from the station, I got lost. But have no fear I thought, The Japanese being lovely and friendly would help and indeed they did, well one lady actually in a cake shop, She didn't speak much English and my Japanese stretches as far as “hello” and thank you, But with my trusty map and a few straight on twice and turn left hand gestures we eventually found the hotel and I went in the wrong entrance, but all was sorted, bags dropped off then on to a local cafĂ© for a quick coffee and a ham and cheese toasty and away we went with maps in hand and full faith in the Japanese folks to get us to our destination, as you can probably gather I used there help on countless occasions! The 1st tube ride was on, we chose the easiest station to get to and away we went……………

We arrived at Mitaka station and took the exit as advised by our lonely planet guide, which way now though, left or right? So we looked left and we saw what was the free shuttle bus that takes you to Ghibli, the queue was huge so we decided to walk, Be aware Ghibli in Japan is massive and if you do plan on going you have to book tickets well in advance and sometimes being organised and Japanese you even have to choose your time slot!, it was raining quite heavily but the walk was sheltered and It was a very nice walk. As you can see  from the above pictures it’s very well sign posted so even I didn't get lost! And then we arrived…..

The first thing you see as you arrive is a massive Totoro standing inside a cubicle saying “open” with all the little cute sprites staring at you through a portal window!

As you approach the museum you a greeted by the lovely people on reception who point you in the direction of the entrance, unfortunately like most museums you can't take photo's inside but the outside looks great, from the moss covered walls to the spiral tower that leads up to the roof where the robot statue from laputa castle in the sky is as well as the command cube (Thanks to my friend Chloe for informing me what that was actually called!) . So you pick up your tickets and are given as part of the ticket a set of film cells in a strip which later on around the museum you can pop in a machine and it animates!

So we entered the museum and you are greeted with a huge open space all in wood, it basically looks like one of the many interiors of places within the studio Ghibli catalogue, The museum was designed and opened by the great Hayao Miyazaki and it shows. You wander around with loads of original clay models and designs from all the films but mainly My Neighbour Totoro , One part that was particularly stunning was a round glass case which had about thirty Totor’s and little girls skipping and bats flying all in slightly different poses, what happened then was that the glass case went dark and the whole thing started spinning with a strobe light kicking in, so the effect you got was the all were moving in front of your eyes, it was amazing! 

Then you go up a flight of stairs and enter a stunning recreation of Hayao Miyazaki’s personal study, this was mostly behind rope bollards which was understandable as it featured a ton of his original artwork and story boards, the walls were also covered in his drawings, There was also huge bookshelf that featured many of the books that he says was an inspiration and a help to his work, Books such as Animal Anatomy, History of fighter planes, Walt Disney books and loads more, a real ecliptic mix. 

We then walked around the top of the magnificent hall into the play area for kids where there is a huge cat bus again from Totoro, this was packed with small screaming Japanese children, it was deafening, didn't stay there long but it was great to see.

Although by this time it was raining and raining extremely heavy, we decided to brave the elements and make our way outside and up the spiral staircase to the roof and go find the Laputa Robot  from Laputa castle in the sky. Not surprisingly when we got on the roof amidst the torrential rain there was no one up there except the towering robot, it was quite surreal after coming out of the manic and extremely busy hall to be on the roof and see the huge statue all alone in the torrential rain, a brilliant statue. There was also a tiny winding path through the roof garden that we then followed and it brought us to the command cube, It was positioned to give the impression that is was embedded within the roof, once again all brilliantly thought out.

Photos taken with Laputa and the command cube and the rain kept coming, time to head for the shop and spend some yen! The shop was rammed, the stuff was amazing. We walked around the best we could and picked a few bits and bobs up. By this point in the holiday were on our final leg so had to watch what we could by to cram into our backpacks without damaging it, There were some brilliant statues from all the films as well as some cheap bits so a great selection at various prices, The queue snaked out of the actual shop and around the top of the hall but being Japan it was incredibly organised and we soon got to the counter. They gave us our stuff in about 3 paper bags with Porco Rosso on them and because it was raining they even wrapped it in plastic so they didn't get wet!

We took a quick look at the coffee shop where they do coffee with Ghibli characters drawn on the top but that was so busy we decided to head on home. It was a great day to say the least, if a little wet. Like I said earlier Studio Ghibli in Japan is massive, Kind of like how Disney is in the states, The film Spirited Away is the highest grossing film ever in Japan, Even films like Avatar and Titanic didn't take as much as Spirited away so that gives you some indication of how popular the films are. With the latest Ghibli release of The Wind Rises which sadly will be Miyazaki’s final film it has opened to rave reviews. So even with his departure the talent that he has nurtured is still very much alive and long may it continue. We waved our final goodbyes at the gate to Totoro in his cubicle, Good Choice Totoro at least you stayed dry in there!
Jonny T.