Wednesday, 2 December 2015

*** New Trailer - FUTURE SHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000 AD - out Friday ***

Hello Folks,
News that the brilliant documentary Futureshock! The story of 200AD is out this Friday and it has a new trailer! I was lucky enough to catch this at this years MAYHEM festival and it is fantastic, Well worth tracking down, Just watch the trailer below and you'll see that you're in for a real treat!
Jonny T.

Available to pre- order from Amazon.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sinister 2 - coming to DVD and Blu-ray 28th December

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with news that Sinister 2 is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Decemeber 28th!
The first movie I personally thought was really well done and pretty, So personally this is one I am personally looking forward to seeing,
Watch this space for a review coming very soon! All details below.
Jonny T.


Out on Digital HD 14th December and DVD & Blu-ray 28th December

Featuring deleted scenes, extended kill films, a 'Making Of' documentary and more...


Courtney (Shannyn Sossamon) and her twin boys, Zach and Dylan, have moved into a seemingly idyllic secluded old house in an attempt to start a new life. But the building has a secret: it is the scene of a gruesome ritualistic murder which bears a striking resemblance to a series of family slayings that have taken place over the past fifty years. A private detective (James Ransone) investigating the recent massacre of a famous author and his family is led to Courtney and her children, whom he believes will be the next victims. As he pieces together the mystery behind the murders he uncovers an ancient myth that means the killer might be someone – or something – more evil than anything he could have imagined.


Shannyn Sossamon (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, A Knight’s Tale)
James Ransone (Sinister, Broken City, TV’s The Wire)
Tate Ellington (TV’s The Walking Dead, Remember Me)
Nicholas King (Sinister)
Directed By - Ciarán Foy (Citadel)


New Chain
A Late-Night Warning
Stupid Bird
Stomberg’s Last Drink

Fishing Trip
Christmas Morning
Kitchen Remodel
A Trip to the Dentist
Sunday Service

FEATURE COMMENTARY with Director Ciarán Foy
#SINISTERHOMEMOVIE - Competition winning short film

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


So it was Saturday night and the much anticipated script reading of the unmade Hammer movie The Unquenchable thirst of Dracula. A great title but I was wondering how and if they would pull this off and they certainly did and it exceeded mine and many other people expectations.
We cleared the cinema after the horror shorts and the stage was literally set. When we returned we saw a brilliantly created logo on the big screen along with a set of microphones on one side of the stage and another set on the other side. Then came Chris and Steve to introduce the actors and script readers to the stage, The place was packed. On the left you had four actors and on the right the other two actors along with Jonathan Rigby who read the script, What a great voice for the role . Dracula was narrated by Jonny Phillips and what a cracking job he did, Utterly menacing and made me jump  on a few occasions!


The story tells of Dracula fleeing to India and it's a great story. There was also a brilliant soundtrack put together especially for this event with creepy music and train sounds etc. They even had at one point a live sitar player that added a brilliant and mesmerising touch.
The work and risk put into putting this on a Saturday night at a film festival was immense but it was a huge success. I found myself sitting there transfixed and imagining the scenes in my head. I was itching to know what the ending would be and it didn't disappointed.
The Unquenchable thirst of Dracula really should go on tour or even be made into a movie and with hammer now back I really hope they think about putting it on the big screen it would be a classic.
So in summing it was fantastic and pleased to say a huge success. Creepy, Brilliantly read and a must see if hopefully it comes to a town near you.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

MAYHEM - Super Saturday.

And so it was on to Saturday a whole day of movies and the remarkable event that was The Unquenchable thirst of Dracula. I was going to include my review of Unquenchable thirst of Dracula in this post but it well deserves it's own post so I'll be putting that out tomorrow.Oh and did I mention me and Mike went as Tucker and Dale? Ha!!


First up at midday was a return to MAYHEM of Asian Cinema in the many forms of Parasyte Part 1.

Based on the Manga comic and Anime series Parasyte was bizarre and brilliant in equal measures. It told the story of a young boy infected by a Parasyte that seems like a nice one who battles other people who are also infected with what appear to be not so nice ones. The CGI was brilliantly done with buckets of gore and weird and wonderful scenes you will only find in Asian cinema. I would 100% recommend you tracking this down and it was a great welcome return of Asian cinema to the festival and hopefully next year we may get some more, Maybe even Parasyte part 2?

Next up was He Never Died, Henry Rollins plays a cannibal, Sounds not that interesting really but for me it was the surprise gem of MAYHEM and turned out to be my favourite film of the festival. Henry Rollins performance was stunning, His wit along with his scary presence made this a definite future purchase and re-watch. It was gripping, Funny, Nasty with a great twist around half way through. There is talking of turning it into a TV series and that would be something I would definitely watch. Believe me you really need to see this movie.


Next up was what has become a regular feature of MAYHEM scary shorts in which new and some established film makers get to show their latest work on the big screen.

Lab Rats
Director:David Wayman, UK 16mins.
Lab Rats had it's world premier at this years festival and it was great,  The story of animal rights activists breaking into a lab to expose the companies mistreatment of animals but a gas is released and literal meltdown ensues. It was a great splatterfest in the tradition of gooey horror such as Demons and The incredible melting man. 8/10

Himiko The God Slayer Versus The Daemon Legion OF Azure Dragons 
Director:Hikaru Tsukuda Japan 5.13ms
Bizarre as the title suggests, A young girl in the woods with a plastic sword takes on plastic dragons and an inflatable crocodile, I can say no more! 7.5/10

Director:Paco Plaza, Spain, 11mins.
As you would expect from Pacao Plaza this was very stylish. A demon is seen to be behind layers of paint that a young lady is restoring. How far will she go and what will she see when the demon is exposed? Stylish, Creepy horror from Mr Plaza. 8/10

Director:Alice Lowe, UK, 9mins.
Directorial début from Alice Lowe (Sightseers) this one rather bizarre, A lone nun in a crumbling monastery being haunted by a man painted head to in black with Vampire undertones, Certainly got a few people scratching there heads when it was done! 7/10

Directors:The Clemens Bros, UK, 11mins.
A tale of kind of torture porn that flipped things on it head with a great twist. Apparently the last work of legendary writer Brian Clemens. 8/10

Director:Melanie Light,UK,20Mins.
The longest of the "Short" films it told of women being kept in cages and systematically abused by an evil lady doctor and her hence men, Very unsettling to watch with some great gore FX 7.5/10

Director:Marc-Henri Boulier, France, 11.30 Mins.
Juliet is a life and soul mate robot, Like an extended advert for Apple products, I really liked Juliet. It's tongue firmly in it's cheek tackling  mass consumerism with brilliantly made fake Ad's. well worth seeking out 8/10

Count Magnus.
Director: Richard Mansfield, UK, 11.45mins,
Also receiving its world premier at MAYHEM, Based on the classic M.R. James story this short was done in shadow puppet form and it was done exceedingly well, After a while you forgot that you were watching a puppet show and the story as you would expect from M.R. James was spot on. 8/10

Director:Richard Powell, Canada, 14mins.
Pretty sick and gooey creamy filled weirdness from Canada about a father and son and his fathers friends relationship, Kind of liked it but had no idea what was going on! 6/10

Director:Nicholas Verso, Australia,7Mins.
Creepy little tale this was, Basically about a young boy who's parents are always too preoccupied by everything else around them to give him any attention, But something creepy in his garden at night wants his attention, Very well done short. 8/10

Director :Brian Lonan, USA, 3mins.
Off its head, Guy finds a crow charm in a car park with his wife and his hand turns into a gory crow killing machine, brilliant! 9/10

So there you have it for the films on Saturday and there was some fantastic stuff, Keep your eye out for the scary short titles as some of them I should imagine will be or soon to be appearing on YouTube very soon.
Jonny T.

WER - Reviewed.

When something slaughters a family camping in the French countryside, the freakishly large and powerful Talan Gwynek (Brian Scott O’Connor) is arrested for the crime.

While as his public defender Kate (A.J. Cook) argues his case, she begins to suspect he’s suffering from a rare medical condition that causes physical abnormalities. But as they begin the tests, Kate discovers his truth is far more monstrous that she ever imagined…

Last week I watched HOWL, A couple of months ago I watched Late Phases, Two pretty good werewolf movies so when I received WER I thought surely not three good werewolf films in a row but I was wrong and yes WER is another good werewolf movie!
It starts off with a bit of found footage which I was hoping the whole film wouldn't be that and it isn't thanks god. The guy that plays the main werewolf is one big fellow. It stars as a bit of a slow burner but when it takes off it really takes off, Full on gore and some great creepy parts.
The FX are pretty impressive and the acting solid. The only problem I had was there is a fight near the end that I found a bit cheesy but on the whole I would say it's well worth a watch.
Jonny T.


Saturday, 24 October 2015

MAYHEM -Day one and Two.

So it was October 15th and earlier than the usual Halloween slot, That was the fault of someone called James Bond, Did it distract or change anything with this years festival? Not one bit, Mayhem was back with a bang for 2015 and in my opinion the best festival so far. We jumped on the bus and headed for Broadway, Picked up our weekend passes and headed to the bar for a quick coffee with great folks we met last year then headed upstairs to the big screen 1 to claim our seats for the evening. That's the thing I really like about MAYHEM and Broadway cinema is the fact the festival has grown in popularity so much so that now the films are shown on the main screen each year. There is no messing about with allotted seats and basically you can get your seat and safely leave your coat on it, Nip to the bar between showings and have the same seat, Oh and did I mention you can also take your beer into the cinema! Over the last couple of years they now have regular stalls in the foyer from the likes of FAB Press and Arrow Video. A great relaxed and hugely fun atmosphere.
The opening day of Mayhem showed three films Emelie, Futureshock:The story of 2000AD and finally a remake of the classic Rabid Dogs.

Emelie was a great opener for the festival, The story of a babysitter who would be every parents nightmare. The lead role played by Sarah Bolger was extremely well acted as were the children. Funny at witty at first but it soon turns into some real uneasy scenes to watch and becomes extremely tense towards the end as she spirals into insanity.

Next up was what some people were saying was an unusual choice for the festival, Future Shock:The Story of 2000AD.But it was a packed house, To be honest when I saw it was showing I was a little unsure myself. Not being a fan or really knowing much about 2000AD I persuaded a friend of mine to come and see it with us and and I am so glad chose to see it, It was brilliant. A classic British documentary to say the very least. The insane story of what went off behind the scenes, The artists not being given copyright or even money for their brilliant art, The political undertones and social commentary, Even stories of the piles of original artwork being used to prop open doors and used as floor mats near the door to put your muddy shoes on!
As I said I wasn't really a fan or interested in 2000AD but Future shock! Has certainly changed that, It has just been announced that it has picked up a well deserved distribution deal. Be sure to keep your eyes out for new on it, it's well worth a watch.

Final film on Thursday was the Remake of Rabid Dogs, It was at 11.30PM But I had decided to skip this showing so to be fresh for Friday, From all reports though it was really good, So much in fact Natalie who stayed and watched it brought the original the next day from the Arrow video stall.

Friday 16th October.

So onto Friday and four movies, Crumbs, Nina Forever, Howl and Stung. The opening film was described as a "Ethiopian/Spanish post apocalyptic love story" The film was Crumbs. Showing earlier on the Friday at 4.30 this was a new slot and a chance for MAYHEM to show something a little more indie and unusual.

So, It was over a week ago since I saw Crumbs and I still can't get my head around what it was about! 
Here is the synopsis...
"Our figurine sized supermen hero embarks on an epic surreal journey that will take him across the Ethiopian post apocalyptic landscape in search of a way to get on the hovering spacecraft that for years has become a landmark in the skies."
It was one of those films that was so visual stunning and acted that it didn't really need a beginning, middle or end. I could have watched it for a lot longer than the running time, Like films by the genius Jodorowsky it one of those movies you just sit back and enjoy the ride. The lead actor Daniel Tadesse in apparently his second only acting role was superb.Mind bending, Charming,Refreshing and all round great.

Next up was the much anticipated movie, Nina Forever.......

Nina Forever tells the story of poor old Rob who lost his girlfriend in a car crash  and is unable to come to terms with her death, He thinks things have taken a turn for the better when he meets up with Holly but Nina has other ideas from the Afterlife.
Nina Forever was very original and also superbly acted by all three lead actors especially Fiona O'Shaughnessy as Nina a definite talent to look out for as are the directors The Ben and Chris Blaine. British horror at it's sick and twisted best.

Next up another British movie that involves werewolf's on a train....HOWL.

Director Paul Hyett was in attendance for the showing of HOWL and told of his inspiration for the film, A friend of his once got the last train from London full of drunks and really annoying people when the train broke down, He said it was a nightmare but could have been worse if the train was attacked by werewolves and so we have HOWL!
Howl was my favourite film of the festival so far, It was your pretty much paint by numbers horror movie but I for one really enjoyed it. If you have seen Dog Soldiers you know what kind of treat you are in for. 

Last up was STUNG, I had already seen  and it is great fun, But it was an early start on Saturday so headed on home..........

'Ghost Story' starring Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks & John Houseman on DVD for the first time

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with news of he release of Ghost Story from Second Sight films on December 7th. I've not seen this film in years and can remember owning it on good old VHS so I for one am very much looking forward to seeing it again after all these years, Watch this space for a review coming very soon!
Jonny T.

‘A must see’

It was one of the most talked about horror films of the early 1980s, thanks, in no small part, for the wealth of Hollywood royalty nearing the end of their careers starring in what was, for many of them, the first and only horror film of their working lives.

And now, for the first time in the UK, Ghost Story arrives on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Second Sight on 7 December 2015.

The film, based on the acclaimed Peter Straub bestseller (rated by Stephen King as one of the finest examples of the craft of the late 20th century) stars screen legends Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and John Houseman. Three of the four were making their final film appearances ever, with the acclaimed horror proving to be a fitting epitaph for their talents. The film also stars a haunting Alice Krige (Star Trek).

Ghost Story follows a quartet of elderly friends who while away the time in their dotage by telling each other spooky stories and creepy tales as part of their Chowder Society group.

But when one of them meets an untimely end and the rest are afflicted with troubling nightmares, it appears as if past crimes could be catching up with them…

Please find special features and full details attached and please get in touch for review discs and competitions.

Bonus features:
Audio Commentary by Director John C. Irvin
Author Peter Straub: Genesis
Actor Alice Krige on Alma and Eva
Screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen and Producer Burt Weissbourd: Story Development
Albert Whitlock with Bill Taylor: Visual Effects
TV and Radio Spots, Photo Gallery

Friday, 16 October 2015

"Tales of Halloween" - Terror comes knocking 16th October...Today!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with new that Tales of Halloween is coming to digital HD on 16th October today in fact,  just in time for Halloween!
Described as the best horror anthology since Trick R Treat it has some top notch directors involved and I for one can't wait to see it! All details below and watch this space for a review coming very soon,
Jonny T.

Named “the best horror anthology since Trick 'r Treat” by Fangoria and “among the best Halloween-themed horror movies ever made” by DailyDead, this critically acclaimed film weaves together ten chilling tales from horror's top directors. Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and the devil delight in terrorizing unsuspecting residents of a suburban neighborhood on Halloween night. 

The all-star directorial lineup includes Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones, The Descent), Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW 2,3,4), Lucky McKee (The Woman, All Cheerleaders Must Die), and Mike Mendez (Gravedancers, Big Ass Spider!). Cameos by horror heavyweights such as Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Lin Shaye (Insidious), John Savage (The Deer Hunter), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog), John Landis (Director of Animal House), Joe Dante (Director of Gremlins), Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, We Are Still Here), Booboo Stewart (Twilight), Keir Gilchrist (It Follows), Grace Phipps (Fright Night), Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills), Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie's Halloween), Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Star Wars), Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes), Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman), and more.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Shopping Tour - Reviewed.


(cert 15)


“… the irreverent charm and satirical bite of an early George A. Romero or Peter Jackson movie.” Hollywood Reporter

A weekend of retail therapy turns into a ‘holiday from hell’!
From rising Russian star Mikhail Brashinsky comes a ‘biting’ horror satire targeting consumerism, xenophobia and immigration panic in northern Europe, in a tense, bloody battle for survival.

Brashinsky pokes fun at retail hungry Russians and their idealized Finnish neighbours, playfully imagining that Finland - ranked ‘best country in the world’ by Newsweek Magazine - might not be so picture perfect after all.
Winner of Critics’ Prize, Best Female Performance and Grand-Prix at the Russian National Film Festival ‘Window to Europe’ and the Special Jury Prize at the Polar Lights International Film Festival in St. Petersburg.  A popular film on the international film festival circuit, screening at Sitges International Festival of Fantastic Cinema, Gothenburg International Film Festival and Torino International Film Festival.
Genre: horror
Year: 2012
Cert: 15
Country: Russia
Language: Russian / Finnish with English subtitles
Running Time: 70 minutes
Unlucky Russian tourists get more than they bargain for, when their shopping trip to Finland turns into a fight for survival.  According to ancient Finnish tradition, Summer Solstice marks the one day a year when locals eat foreigners …
Written and directed by: Mikhail Brashinsky
Cast: Tatyana Kolganova, Timofey Yeletsky


Russian tourists eaten by Finnish cannibals? Oh go on then!  Shopping tour tells the story of a mother and son on a trip to Finland to get over the death over the recent death of her husband and his father but things aren't going to go as smoothly a the hoped. Film on the sons mobile found yes it is found footage style but to be fair there is only a couple of points where he camera goes crazy but on the whole it is totally watch-able. It is a slow burn but as things start to unravel and you become aware of what is happening it's a very good and original story. The acting is solid as are the FX although there isn't a ton of gore it has some great twists along the way. So all in all its worth seeking out and great to see new label Sharp teeth  films releasing movie like this.
7.5 / 10
Jonny T.


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Steve Oram attending this years MAYHEM Festival with Aaaaaaah!

Hi folks,
Jonny T here with a first blog about the special guests that will be attending this years MAYHEM film festival, These posts are in no particular order but they will give you some indication of what a great line up of guests his years festival has in store.

So we start of with the brilliant Steve Oram, Born just down the road in Melton Mowbray the home of the best pork pies in the world he will be showing  his directorial  début Aaaaaahhh!!! Now, You may well ask who is Steve Oram? Well he in my opinion  he is great actor, If you have seen Sightseers you will know his character Chris is brilliant, Dry sense of humour and psychotic at the same time, I am talking about Chris here of course not Steve Oram, Although saying that he may well be! (But I doubt it)

Sightseers directed by another great British talent Ben Wheatley was shown at  MAYHEM a couple of years back with Steve in attendance and it was a brilliant night so I am sure we are all very much in for another brilliant showing with  his new movie Aaaaahhh!! 
It will be showing at MAYHEM on Sunday 18th October at around 6.45 so get your tickets and I'll see you there!
Jonny T.



Friday, 2 October 2015

MAYHEM - The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula poster revealed!

Saturday night October 17th at this years Mayhem brings us something very special indeed, a live stage script reading of an unmade Hammer movie that is The Unquenchable thirst of Dracula. It will be read by actors and also i have just found out that it has also had a unique score written for it. Mayhem have also just released a brilliant poster that i have put below, Also click the link to see full details and book your tickets!
Jonny T.



Monday, 28 September 2015

MAYHEM - The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula, Full details released!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with great news about a very special night on Saturday 17th October at this years MAYHEM festival. A reading of an unmade Hammer Horror script "The Unquenchable thirst Of Dracula" This event certainly is going to be one of the highlights of this years festival, I have put the press release below along with details of how to get your tickets,
Jonny T.


Jonny Phillips and Sohm Kapila join Jonathan Rigby
for Mayhem’s live stage reading of Hammer Films script

Mayhem Film Festival is proud to reveal the full cast of its exclusive live stage reading of unmade Hammer Films script, The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula.

Joining acclaimed author and actor Jonathan Rigby who will act as narrator, Mayhem will welcome Jonny Phillips (Titanic, Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime) as Count Dracula himself, West End actress Sohm Kapila (Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical), TV Workshoppers, Harpal Hayer and Sabrina Sandhu, and local actors Lauren Carse (Truckers), Shajait Khan, and Jas Steven Singh.

The completely unique event will take place at Broadway as part of Mayhem’s 2015 edition, with the group of actors bringing to life a never-seen-before Hammer Dracula story, and accompanied by original music by Neil Tolliday.

Lying firmly in the tradition of the classic Hammer Dracula films, and written by legendary Hammer writer/producer Anthony Hinds, The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula, sees Count Dracula escape to India where his evil influence is just as insidious and powerful.

Earlier this month, Mayhem announced its full line-up of events and guests, including Aaaaaaaah! with Q&A from director Steve Oram, documentary Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD with director Paul Goodwin, producer Sean Hogan and 2000AD writer and artist D’Israeli, Howl with Q&A from director Paul Hyett, the haunting Nina Forever with co-directors Chris & Ben Blaine and producer Cassandra Sisgaard, and the provocative German Angst with co-director Michal Kowakowski.

The full line-up and schedule is available at

Tickets for The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula at Broadway on Saturday 17 October are available now at http://the-unquenchable-thirst-of-dracula and from Broadway’s box office.

Full Festival passes, day passes and individual tickets for the rest of Mayhem’s programme are also available from http://http://mayhem_film_festival

The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula is made possible thanks to Hammer Films, CATH (Cinema and Television Research Centre) and the De Montfort University.

Mayhem Film Festival takes place on 15-18 October at Broadway, Nottingham with the support of the BFI Film Festival Fund, awarding funds from The National Lottery.

Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hey folks,
Well you may well ask, Why is Jonnys Cult films covering sports films??
Well the simple answer is that I Believe in miracles is about one of the greatest football teams and managers and assistant managers in football history I speak of non others than Brian Clough, Peter Taylor and the mighty reds, Nottingham Forest. Although over the time period of two seasons Forest still have the longest unbeaten run and back to back European cup wins in history, Two stars on the shirt this year proves that point. OK I sound bias but as a life long forest fan I am but I still remember Trevor Francis scoring and my whole family going mental, OK the last few years may have been a little hit and miss but with the passionate new owner those glory days will not be far away.
All release details below and watch this space for a review coming very soon,
Jonny T.

In Selected Cinemas from 14th October following

A Nationwide Preview Event Screening on 13th October

UPHE Content Group to release the DVD and Blu-ray on 16th November

I Believe In Miracles will receive its World Premiere at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground on 11th October


Dan Taylor - Chief Football Writer, The Guardian



In 1975 Brian Clough had gone from being football’s most exciting young manager to being seen as impossible to work with after walking out on Derby County, leaving Brighton under a cloud and being sacked as manager of Leeds United after just 44 days. His only offer of work came from a run-down second division club called Nottingham Forest who's brief glory days in the 1950's were seen as well behind them. It was predicted that Clough would last less than a season but in five he'd won a remarkable two European Cups consecutively and produced one of the greatest domestic football teams in the game’s history.


Written, directed and produced by Jonny Owen alongside Baby Cow Productions (Philomena, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa), and Spool Films/Post (completed post production for This Is England, Tyrannosaur, Nativity 2/3), I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES features interviews with every player from that triumphant side to tell one of the greatest sports stories ever told. Using unseen footage of games from the time and of the great man himself, the players tell us about Brian Clough’s remarkable man management and how he convinced a team, largely written off by the fans and media, to beat the world’s best.

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES will receive its World Premiere at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground, in the Trent Stand on the 11th October.

“The Miracle Men”

Former players from the legendary Nottingham Forest team of 1977-‘79, including:

Trevor Francis, Martin O’Neill, Garry Birtles, Viv Anderson, Larry Lloyd, John Robertson, Kenny Burns, Ian Bowyer, John McGovern, Frank Clark, Colin Barrett, Peter Shilton, Archie Gemmill, John O'Hare, Tony Woodcock, John Robertson, David Needham

Monday, 21 September 2015


So, On to the final day, Always a strange feeling for me and even though sat in the cinema so long since Thursday it seems to go so fast,  One of the highlights always being the quiz The Flinterigation but be warned people we have swatted this year (Not really but there are plans to!) The quiz will be in the cafe bar between screenings of Aaaaaaaah! and The Invitation so come along and challenge us if you dare!! Sunday this year for me personally looks the best day, but will it top the amazing last year? You know what? It doesn't matter, That is why I love this festival it's so different every year and always great to see Chris Cooke introduce the last movie with the relief that it all went well and gained loads more fans and so it should, All I can say is take look at below for Sunday showings and you will see why it's well worth coming along for no just for the Sunday but the whole brilliance of MAYHEM.
Jonny T.


12.00PM DEATHGASM Dir. Jason Hei Howden, 2015 (NZ) with Milo Cawthorne and James Blake

Two teenage boys unwittingly summon an ancient evil entity known as The Blind One by delving into black magic while trying to escape their mundane lives.

 GERMAN ANGST + special guest Michal Kosakowski Dirs. Michal Kosakowski, Jorg Buttgereit and Andreas Marschall 2015 (GER) 

Three German tales of love, sex and death in Berlin from Germany's most shocking directors.

THE WITCH Dir. Robert Eggers, 2015 (USA) with Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie

A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession.

 AAAAAAAAH! + special guest Steve Oram Dir. Steve Oram, 2015 (UK) with Toyah Wilcox and Julian Rhind-Tutt

Human beings have the same violent tribal urges as wild apes in this surreal horror comedy, the directing debut of British actor and screenwriter Steve Oram.