Monday, 31 October 2011

Rising Up-An Autozombiography. World Exclusive!

Hello Folks and a Happy Halloween to you all!
Now on the final day of our month of horror blog post a day we certainly have saved the best till last,
We over at Jonnys Cult films have been given a world exclusive from the great man N.J. Hallard, The cover and a piece of artwork from the follow up to the fantastic book Breaking News: An Autozombiography, entitled Rising up.The new Baron Cissbury novel 'Rising Up: an Autozombiography' is released 2012 and the artwork below depicts a new character in Rising Up entitled simply "Pigface" i must say it is as was the Breaking news artwork very impressive indeed and i personally cannot wait to get my hands on a copy next year, if you have still to read Breaking News i have included the links below, it's available in every format you can imagine, so get yourself one or a loved one a copy now or it would make an awesome Christmas present! I must say that i do like the way he has kept the cover art design similar to Breaking News and together they would look great on a shelf, hey, maybe there will be a 3rd, now what a trilogy that would be!
Anyway I'll stop babbling on now and let you all have a great Halloween and keep your eyes on this site and Mr N.J'S for more updates as i get them on the release date for Rising Up,
Bring it on!
Jonny T.


Breaking News: An Autozombiography useful links to get your copy now!

The website to get your copy of Breaking News:-

Website for Reviews, Art work and everything you need to know:-

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Competition Time!

Hello Folks!
It's Competition time again,
The 3rd and final chance to win an awesome Teddy Scare, This week it's the great looking Edwin!
Many thanks again for the prize from the great site The Geekest Link be sure to head over there and check out what you can still order in time for xmas!!
Email me at with the header Teddy Scare with your chance tow win! Contest will end next sunday and winner will be informed by Email.
Good Luck!
Jonny T.
Website link---------->

This weeks prize!!

Product Information They're baaaack! Half the size and double the terror, Teddy Scares Morgue Minis are out to wreak havoc.
As a child your teddy bear was there to love and protect you from things that go bump in the night. Now you've grown older and your toys have been forgotten... but they never forgot.
Your once loyal, stuffed friends have undergone a hideous transformation - these cannibalistic cadavers have returned from their graves to exact a bloody revenge. They used to be cuddly and cute. But no more.
Victim: Edwin Morose
Reference: File # BRKN-N-2
Date of Death: 10/26/73

Edwin Morose Comments:1.Blackness around eyes indicate years of mourning.
2.Broken heart was a direct result of a long and severe depression
3.Traces of tears and perfume found in fur.

Edwin Morose: Edwin started his life as a love token. He served most his days on red satin sheets with the sweet smells of perfume and a daily hug from his beautiful owner. Then the day came when loyal Edwin was thrown into the trash. He cried himself asleep every night surrounded by the comfort of dried up roses, torn up memories and old love letters. Edwin Morose is 6” tall and freakishly plush.
We say: WOW, these new Teddy Scares are brilliant. They look and feel great and capture the grisly feel of the line in a pocket size! Well worth having by your bedside - they'll probably scare the demons away!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Website of the week! Nerdoh.

Hello folks!
The website of the week this week is Nerdoh Clothing and what a site it is!
Based in my very own home town of Nottingham i 1st saw one of there great ad's in Empire Magazine and acquired a great Mad Max themed T-shirt, but not only do they do T-shirts the also do all manner of stuff including, Aprons, Hats, Towels, Wallets and a ton of other stuff and the great thing is it's not just horror themed T-shirts the do Sci-Fi and many many more genre designs, so why not head over there now and check it out and stick some on your Christmas list to Santa! it's also good fun if your bored at work to try and work out which T-shirt is from which film, why not start a quiz at work!
Below are some of their great designs as modelled by the actress Scarlet Salem/Sarah French,
Jonny T.
Website link------>

Friday, 28 October 2011

So, What Happened to my favourite directors?

Well, Over the last couple of years we have had the seemingly great news that there were to be new films from the great directors Joe Dante, yes! John Carpenter, yes, yes!! John Landis, Yes Yes Yes!! And Survival of the dead a new zombie film from George Romero, Hell yeah!!!! But unfortunately they all turned out for me to be a no, no , no , no and a WTF NO!!!!!!!!!
Please note that these are my opinions so i am ready for the abuse, ha!!
Jonny T.

Joe Dante.

I was waiting with great anticipation to see Joe Dante's return with The Hole, as Gremilns and The Howling are some of my favourites of all time and to be honest the likes of Innerspace and Small Soldiers were pretty good, i was hoping for a great return to the kiddie/adult humour and horror that made his early films so great, but with The Hole i was i have to say hugely disappointed. Not that it's the worse film I've ever seen it was just the fact that every thing he had done in a film before he tried to cram in here and for me it just didn't work, the ending ( i won't spoil) was a huge let down and a big fat conveluted mess, the characters were soulless and the FX were really quite badly CGI done, so sorry Joe your my let down number 1 on the list, on to number 2, John Carpenter.

John Carpenter.

Oh Mr Carpenter i do love thee!But what has happened? This year we saw the release of The Ward, oh dear, it's not that bad but it certainly isn't that great either, what a shame, after his pretty awful Ghosts of Mars way back in 2001 this was to be his 1st full feature in 10 years, after a couple of pretty damn good episodes of Masters of horror, Cigarette burns and Pro life the signs were there for a big return of the king of cinema with The Ward, but it fell flat on it's arse, both in content and box office content, i mean, come on man you had 10 years to come up with something!! Just look at some of his films, Halloween, Escape from New York, Assault on precinct 13, Dark Star, The Thing, all hailed as classics and they indeed are, The were rumour's abound upon preview screenings of The Ward that it was poor and at the official world premier John Carpenter was not in attendance but instead sent a video message saying that he was on jury duty, he has since come out and said how he was unhappy with the studio taking control and re cutting the film to there own tastes, Hopefully at some point he will be given control and become a true master again but until that point he seems happy sitting back on his legacy and taking the cash for the countless remakes of his classics, can't say i blame him though if you have to deal with the daily dicks of big corporate companies ripping your art to shreds, come on John we want you back!!!Talking of John's, on to the next, John Landis.

John Landis. 

That's right John give me the finger!! Not known only for his horror stuff but you have to say that American werewolf in London is one of the best werewolf films ever right? His work on Jacko's thriller was just amazing, so when i heard he was doing Burke and Hare i must say i was pretty excited, then me and Emma went to see it, put it this way, it's another case of you see every funny(actually,not that funny) bit in the trailer, it just did not work, there is a ton of cameos and Simon Pegg, now then, at present Simon Pegg is doing my head in, he's popping up everywhere, Great in Shaun of the Dead etc but in this he just plays the bumbling person he has played a ton of times before, how many times can you see Simon bloody Pegg standing there with his mouth wide open!!!! So yet another disappointment for me, who knows if he'lll return to the Genre at any point, all said and done you have to love him, i don't honestly know if I've ever seen a photo of him where he's not smiling, by the way does anyone know what's happening with the American Werewolf remake?????

George A Romero.

It is with great sadness in my heart i have to say that Survival of the Dead is a pile of shit. Now every time it's announced that Granddaddy of the Dead Romero is making a new zombie film i always get excited and think hell yes whens it out but i couldn't believe how bad and what a MASSIVE let down Survival was, from the opening shockingly bad CGI head shot i though, oh no, surely it can only get better but then you see the 2 feuding Irish families with the most cliched accents and bad acting i had ever seen, it was Father Ted of the dead but not even funny, Zombie riding a horse? Zombies now eating animals, GEORGE WHAT YOU DOING??????? The master of the zombies, with contacts such as Savini, Nicotero who create the best make up in the universe, know i know he used cgi because of budget restraints etc but that does not make up for a terrible film, what was the budget on Night of the living dead?? And surely if he would have had a word with either Savini or Nicotero and seeing as Savini now runs a make up school surely he could have given his best students a project by working with Romero and Nicotero the same?
Anyway, Good old George looks set to continue with his zombie crusade, lets just hope that he's learned and moves on, come on George you can do it, give Savini a ring!!!!

Rant Over,
Jonny T.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Maniac Cop-Blu Ray Review.

‘’You have the right to remain silent... Forever!’’ How cool is that tagline? It was conceived by Director William Lustig within seconds of Maniac Cop being pitched to him by cult movie icon Larry Cohen over coffee. It was around 1987 and they were looking for a fresh concept for the ‘slasher’ movie genre. Disfigured child murderer Freddy Krueger and hockey masked psycho Jason were in their hay day releasing a new movie almost annually and Michael Myers was about to hit the big screen again in Halloween 4. Slasher horrors were big business but finding new and interesting ideas was something else. The idea of a police man, who should be a protector going on a rampage and killing innocent New Yorkers was pure gold...
 Whatever your thoughts are around Maniac Cop here we are 23 years later and it is about to be released in glorious high definition by those wonderful folk over at Arrow films. Their previous releases have shown real care and attention to some of the finest cult films in existence. Jonnys cult films takes a closer look at the upcoming Blu ray.
Initial impressions of the packaging are impressive. As with other Arrow releases we have a white card sleeve showcasing new and original artwork by Rick Melton. The inner jacket is reversible so you have the choice of which design you go for. I have other Arrow films in my collection and go with Rick’s cover every time. Inside we have a double-sided poster and a collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Troy Howarth and an interview with Director William Lustig, adapted from Calum Wadell’s book ‘Taboo breakers’. I for one really appreciate supplemental materials like these and wish that more film companies would put them in their releases. My only gripe is that the card sleeves are quite flimsy and are marked/damaged easily.

 Upon putting the disc into the PS3 drive I am treated to a retro style trailer for Arrow back catalogue releases. Next is the films main menu screen. It’s a static image of Rick’s cover with the Maniac Cop theme playing in the background. It’s a simple almost nursery rhyme tune that begins to grate after a short time. Disappointingly there is only a 2.0 basic soundtrack in English language only. There should be at least a 5.1 sound mix or DTS, HD master audio which is a shame. English subtitles are available for the hearing impaired. On the plus side the film is presented in its original 1:85:1 aspect ratio. This I do like. Also worthy of note is the newly produced high definition transfer. The picture quality is good. So good that the film crew were all the more noticeable in the window reflections! It is fairly grainy in some the darker scenes but is a lot sharper and more vibrant than any of the previous DVD incarnations and is in a completely different league to the crappy VHS copy I watched growing up! It is still a little ‘misty’ throughout but considering that the print is nearly a quarter of a century old and shot on the best equipment that the $1.1 million budget would allow I can forgive it for not looking as good as Avatar. It will never look any better than what we have here... I must also point out that the length of this cut is just under 85 minutes. There is a slightly longer cut which was released for Japanese television but this is not it. To this day I still have not seen the longer cut but I am told that the extra minutes involve a minor political subplot. I don’t think we are missing any gore at the hands of our pals over at the BBFC!
Now, onto the ‘special’ features. Here is where Maniac Cop uses its right to remain silent. With the exception of a few plot spoiling trailers and TV spots there are only three short documentaries filmed for this release. They are nicely presented and avoid the usual political correctness that you usually find. It’s nice to hear Tom Atkins reminisce over his long career in cult films. It’s interesting to hear Laurene Landon admit that she offended William Lustig to the point that she was written out of the sequels. And I enjoyed Larry Cohen talk about his fantastic career. It’s just there isn’t enough stuff to back up this release. There is no input from William Lustig, Bill Campbell or the Maniac Cop himself Robert Z’Dar. We have no commentaries or the featurette’s that were present on older releases of the films. Neither are the additional scenes from the Japanese edit mentioned earlier.

Sadly, Maniac Cop is a bit of a disappointing release. Whilst the picture is an improvement the lack of sound options and no additional languages is a glaring omission. The features we have on offer are good but there is far more available that wasn’t used. Most of the big names associated with the production have ignored this release which begs the question should the consumer do this as well? On the plus side Arrow have wrapped it in fantastic packaging!
Maniac Cop is available from Arrow Video. October 31st and is an ABC disc for all regions.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Catchme killme films

Hello Folks,
For your reading pleasure today i have been fortunate enough to get an interview with the guys over at the great site Catch Me Kill Me productions.
Also as a special treat i have included the great new short from them, Intruder.
These guys are making in my opinion some of the best indie horror productions out there at the moment, so head on over to their page and follow what they are up to as well as a very special looking treat coming at you this Halloween!
Thanks Fella's!
Jonny T.

How were you inspired to start CatchMeKillMe?

I was inspired to start CatchMeKillMe for a few reasons, my love of horror films played a huge role initially.
The icing on the cake was, one day I had stayed home from work with a cold and decided to watch a movie. After a brief search and grabbed Adam Green's "Hatchet" from my collection and put it in but instead of watching the movie I watched "the making of" and I was inspired.
The next day I began work on my first short film, The Hog.

Having seen Intruder it follows the line of great looking movie killers, who's idea was it for the creation and look of the killer?

The look of "The Intruder" came from a brainstorming session between me and my brother who is also one of the make-up artists for my films.
We went over a whole bunch of looks and costume ideas, at first it was supposed to be just a simple black hoodie and we were going to try and get a lot of shadowed shots of the killer's face.
It eventually transformed into what appears to be a heavily burned and bandaged escaped insane asylum patient.

The lady in the Intruder sure does pack a mean scream! It reminded me of the classic Texas Chainsaw ending, the constant screams, are the people in Intruder people you know?

Wow, well first of all that's a great compliment both to her and myself! I do know the people in the film Intruder, the victims are actually real-life couple Matt McCune and Jenny Stanton.

Could you tell us about any future projects you have upcoming?

We're actually currently developing three short films to be released over the next three months! Up first is our Halloween short which releases on, you guessed it, Halloween - It's called Lullaby.
Our November film we're hoping to release about halfway through the month will be titled "La Llorona" - It's a southwestern urban legend ghost story more commonly known as The Weeping Woman.
Then in December we're bringing back a fan favorite character with the release of "Christmas with Chucklehead"!

Do you have any final word for the readers over at Jonnys Cult Films?

Just keep watching CatchMeKillMe films! We make these films for you guys, the fans! As long as you keep watching them, we'll keep making them!

Some links to keep you all up to date with CatchMeKillMeFilms.

Their awesome YouTube Channel--->

Follow them on Twitter------->

Official Website,Join up now!-------->

Intruder-The Short from CathMeKillMe Films!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Super Reviewd By SuperMan Gav!

SUPER (2010)
Is it me or are film studios literally falling over themselves to turn just about every super hero into a movie at the moment? This year alone we have had Green Hornet & Green Lantern, Captain America, Thor, X-men first class to name but a few. The latest Batman is in production along with the Avengers and Spiderman is being re-built from the ground up in an alarmingly quick re-boot of Sam Raimi’s vision from just a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy them as much as the next geek (I can say that since we are all geeks here at Jonny’s cult films!) but the whole formula seems to be getting a bit stale. I will admit that some directors have tried a different approach with varying results. Ang Lee’s 2003 portrayal of Hulk was a mixed bag let down by some poor CGI. The Dark Knight, although fantastic was a teeny bit overrated whereas Zack Snyder’s epic Watchmen was in my opinion one of 2009’s best releases. I just feel that maybe we need a break from all that Spandex. At least I did until SUPER clunked me on the head with his pipe wrench of awesomeness!
The brain child of its writer/director James Gunn ‘SUPER’ tells the story of Frank D’arbo, a simple man with a decidedly downbeat existence. His life is divided up into his two happiest moments. Marrying his wife Sarah and helping the police thwart a bag snatcher. When Sarah leaves Frank for the dangerous Jacques he hits rock bottom. Just short of a nervous breakdown he has a ‘unique’ vision from God, voiced by Rob Zombie no less! Frank’s epiphany leads him to assume the role of ‘The Crimson Bolt’ a powerless super hero taking back the streets from crime. Starting small and hilariously inept he quickly attracts the attention of the media and comic book store worker Libby, a frustrated soul who needs Crimson Bolt to harness her potential as kid side-kick ‘Boltie’. Dividing public opinion with their violent backlashes Bolt & Boltie have Jacques and his henchmen firmly in their sights for a violent and surprising showdown.

By now you are probably thinking that everything sounds a little ‘Kickass’ and you would be right. Super and Kickass have large similarities and were in production around the same time, although it has to be said that James Gunn has been working on his script since 2002 so there is no imitation here. Instead we have two like minded movies that take you on different journeys. When James Gunn was asked about the comparisons with Kick ass he said this: ‘’It sucks on one hand but then on the other hand who gives a shit? There are over 4000 bank heist movies. We can have five superheroes-without-powers movies’’.
The film has gained some very negative views for its violent nature but I never felt that ‘Super’ really glamorised violence. Whilst we are supposed to be entertained by Crimson’s acts against crime we are also made to feel equally uncomfortable by the characters wrong doings. The scene where Frank nearly kills a man for cutting in line at the cinema or when Boltie laughs maniacally after running a criminal into a wall with her car make you feel almost alienated for liking their earlier antics. It certainly gives the film an unbalanced feel but if anything it is at least different to just about every other superhero movie out there.
I have to say that I loved ‘Super’. It gave a much needed breath of fresh air to a rather stale formula and it’s nice to have a good hero film that isn’t for the kids! Tyler Bates deserves a special mention for his work on the soundtrack, which is perhaps one of the best I have heard in years! Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page are also perfect as Crimson and Boltie but top marks go to James Gunn for making such a wonderful film. This is probably his best work since his screenplay for the Dawn of the dead remake went into production.
Big Man Gav.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween photo tastic!

(Disclaimer:The Above photo is NOT Big man Gav!!)
Halloween is almost here!
Well with Halloween just a week away Jonny T and I thought you might need some inspiration for you’re trick or treat costumes.
Here’s my son in his Ghostbusters uniform from last year. The outfit I got off eBay from a seller who specialised in work wear and farming overalls. The ghost badges and his name badge were also eBay purchases and really look the business! His Proton pack was all my own work. Luckily my work place were having a clear out and I got main unit from scrap in the skip! It’s actually an old toilet roll holder and hand soap dispenser turned on its side. I bolted them onto a wooden board, sprayed them black and then added some junk wiring for effect. The decals were replicas of the stickers on the original packs seen in the films. I found a website and printed them off. The straps were off of old laptop bags and are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. Now, I must stress that his mullet hairstyle is nothing to do with me! His grandparents took him to Turkey a few weeks before and he got his hair cut whilst he was there. Apparently that’s quite a fashionable style over there!!!
Big Man Gav.

Little Fred's Ghostbuters outfit.

Costumes idea's for your dogs!
Fast food dogs.

Yoda Dog.

Umpa Lumpa dog!!

Great Pumpkin ideas also highlighting the dangers of Booze!

This picture is of zombie Jon from a few years back. He did all his own makeup. That head wound looks pretty sweet!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

It's Competition Time!!!!!

Yes People it's competition again!
The week another great Teddy Scare very kindly donated by the lovely people over at The Geekest Link.
And this weeks Teddy Scare is the awesome looking Mundy!
So to win, just Email me over at with the header Teddy Scare by sunday the 30th of October, But don't worry if you don't one we have another one to give away next week!!
Congratulations To Danny Stirland of Bristol for winning the last Teddy Scare and be sure to head over to to see what other great stuff they have for you in time for Halloween and much much more.
Goooood luck!
Jonny T.

Product Information
They're baaaack! Half the size and double the terror, Teddy Scares Morgue Minis™ are out to wreak havoc.
As a child your teddy bear was there to love and protect you from things that go bump in the night. Now you've grown older and your toys have been forgotten... but they never forgot.
Your once loyal, stuffed friends have undergone a hideous transformation - these cannibalistic cadavers have returned from their graves to exact a bloody revenge. They used to be cuddly and cute. But no more.
Victim: Mundy Drudge
Reference: File # DRK-SOUL
Date of Death: 3/22/49

Mundy Drudge Comments:
1.Plates are boled onto face, leaving behind severe bruising.
2.Deep laceration in face; muscle tissue is visible through wound.
3.Traces of blood found in claws. Wounds are not defensive in nature.

Mundy Drudge Mundy’s body was discarded in the corner of a garage with various rusty tools and other junk forgotten about long ago. Horribly disfigured and soft no more, his face is harsh from bolts that hide away the horrors within. Mundy Drudge is 6” tall and freakishly plush.

We say: WOW, these new Teddy Scares are brilliant. They look and feel great and capture the grisly feel of the line in a pocket size! Well worth having by your bedside - they'll probably scare the demons away!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Website of the week:-Horror Movie Empire.

Hello Folk's,
Website of the week this week is the truly brilliant Horror Movie Empire the earths biggest horror site!
Based in Chicago USA, They have a fantastic array of toys/DVDS/games/ T-shirts and everything else the true horror collector could ever want, i particularly love the Bobble head and have received things from them and was pleasantly surprised that they do worldwide shipping and it's free!!!
They are also involved in organising a great looking horror festival called The Chicago Fearfest so if you live around there be sure to go!
I emailed them to say thanks and asked if they'd do a little interview for Jonny's cult films on how they got started and the lovely chap that is Demetrios very kindly obliged to give us an interview, so below for you is the interview and links for you to get on there and get Christmas shopping!
Jonny T.


How did you decide to start doing a, now the earth's biggest horror store?

I basically decided to start horrormovieempire after decided to call it a fan i was very sad to see Tony close up shop and realized that there was only one or 2 other sites offering the amount of titles they were.  I was also sick of working at UPS and being promised management positions one day and then threatened with being fired the next!  Basically it was a perfect storm of circumstances, my fiancee was going to school and we had just had a baby so i stayed home during the day.  I'm not a person that can just sit there and do nothing so i started coming up with ideas and this was the one that made the most sense.  The part about Earth's biggest horror selection; well i needed something to distinguish myself from the other guys, and i'm not JUST a fan of horror, or JUST a fan of cult stuff, i love all of it and i wanted my store to reflect that.

I see you offer free shipping worldwide, how do you manage to do this????

Ahhh the amazing FREE worldwide shipping!  This year alone we've saved our customers over $1500US in shipping fees.  Sometimes we are a little slow to get things out, that's been one of things that irks me because i'm a bit of a perfectionist but we are working on making things more streamlined.  Basically it's like i said above, i needed something to get people to check out the site, anyone can go to amazon or the other guys to get a dvd but i wanted to make sure i had the lowest prices and something that would grab far i think it's succeeded :).  Some orders we do actually lose money on if it's international and something awkward like a book or toy but in my opinion i'd rather lose a few dollars on a rare occassion and have a over 6 billion potential customers than just limit ourselves to US only

What would you say are your top 3 horror movies of all time?

Top 3 movies of all time: Jaws is number one by a long-shot, i'm a sucker for ANYTHING with sharks!  2 and 3 are hard but i'd say friday the 13th part 8 and possibly the original halloween.  So many honorable mentions though from nightmare on elm street to any of the blind dead movies to vampire circus or any number of Hammer titles as well.

You offer many character figures from many horror films on your site, what would you say your own personal favourite character is?

I think my favorite is Jason.  He's just so bad ass.  I love Freddy's wisecracks and the craziness of Michael Myers but for whatever reason i'm just a Jason guy...unless we can count the actual shark in Jaws then all bets are off haha.

Could you tell us a little about The Chicago Fear Fest you are involved on and where people can get tickets?

The Chicago Fear Fest is something we are putting on in association with  Just a one-night independent film festival to help get people some promotion.  We've been having bad luck with venues so right now the plan is for a november can get all info at

Any final comments to the readers of Jonnys Cult Films over here in the UK?

A few final comments to your readers; anyone who has ever thought of doing something like Horror Movie Empire. or anything involving having your own business, GO FOR IT!  Don't look back and take the bull by the horns, nothing can happen without just going out and doing it, i hear so many people say 'i wish i had your job'.  Let me tell you, it's freakin' hard 24 hours a day but i also love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!  2nd, I'd like to give you a little exclusive for my non-twitter followers...March of 2014 in Chicago we will be hosting our first horror weekend!  We have a few guests already tentatively lined up pending contract signing but a few BIG BIG BIG names we are trying to get as well.  You will be able to find it all very soon at  Hopefully by Halloween night!  Lastly, if any of you are customers, THANK YOU!  If you aren't, check us out at and give us a try, if we don't have something you are looking for we can find it, out of print, VHS, laserdisc, 35mm it doesn't matter! 

Some more great products from Horror Movie Empire.

A very cool Dolemite T-Shirt!

Fantastic Amicus DVD box set.

Bride of Frankenstein, ace!

Wolfman and Frankenstein figures, i want them!!

Super cute Gizmo statue, complete with towel!

Ultimate Blu-Ray Metropolis Box set.

Retro UK XTRO poster, llok good on any wall!

Fantastic model kit!!