Saturday, 29 October 2011

Website of the week! Nerdoh.

Hello folks!
The website of the week this week is Nerdoh Clothing and what a site it is!
Based in my very own home town of Nottingham i 1st saw one of there great ad's in Empire Magazine and acquired a great Mad Max themed T-shirt, but not only do they do T-shirts the also do all manner of stuff including, Aprons, Hats, Towels, Wallets and a ton of other stuff and the great thing is it's not just horror themed T-shirts the do Sci-Fi and many many more genre designs, so why not head over there now and check it out and stick some on your Christmas list to Santa! it's also good fun if your bored at work to try and work out which T-shirt is from which film, why not start a quiz at work!
Below are some of their great designs as modelled by the actress Scarlet Salem/Sarah French,
Jonny T.
Website link------>

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  1. They are good but I much the Tees from 'Arcane Movie Tees' and 'Last Exit to Nowhere'. I think these 2 create the better designs and their websites are much cleaner.

    Just my opinion.