Monday, 10 October 2011

Is Bigfoot real? Of course he is!!!!

So, With the recent new that there is to be new Bigfoot expedition in Russia currently underway the Bigfoot myth finds itself in the news again and it is a story that refuses to go away, so is Bigfoot real? I think so!
The last attempt to find Bigfoot was again a failed attempt but then again it was led by a 7ft tall Russian boxer so maybe Bigfoot was going to say hello but saw the size of him and thought Fuck that I'll stay in the woods, i know i would!
Now the gold old Bigfoot is now as several different names and forms:-


Know as The Yeti or Abominable Snowman.

Know as Sasquatch

There have been so many films over the years from the great to the truly awful, Hammer's Abominable snowman, The great TV movie Snow beast, Bigfoot and the Henderson's to name but a few, i personally think that they all have elements good or bad revolving around the big fella and are well worth seeking out, His great appearance in the classic TV show The six million dollar man is a sight to see, fantastic stuff, oh hold on, here's the clip!!

Now on a more serious note, The most famous footage has to be the still dis proven Patterson footage than spans a mere 56 seconds, you must have seen this but it shows Bigfoot walking to the right of the screen, arms swinging and briefly glancing at the Camera before disappearing into the woods never to be seen again, he was asked why he didn't chase the creature into the woods but would you??
It is said that he was very good friends with Academy award winning make up artist John Chambers who was working on designs for The Planet of the Apes film,
In 1967 Chambers created the makeup for Planet of the Apes, which was released in 1968. The Patterson film was allegedly shot on October 20, 1967.
And there is also a rumor that the Patterson/Chambers Bigfoot suit actually appeared in an episode of the 1960's TV series lost in space in an episode called "The Space Croppers" but it was supposed to be more of a werewolf creature that attacked the Robinson's garden, having not seen it myself i cannot comment but i will be seeking it out.

Patterson Bigfoot Footage.

So whether the Patterson film is actual footage of a genuine Bigfoot Remains a mystery to this day but it has certainly not done the myth any harm, i do believe that there is something out there as we are seeing more often now with climate change stranger and stranger creatures coming up from the ocean floor maybe Bigfoot is coming down from the mountains to feed on your town! Whether it be in the woodlands of America or the Siberian mountains of Russia i can only hope that if this latest expedition does find it they leave it alone as with many creatures in the past the human race would surely just exploit it and possibly make it extinct, take a photo, some film footage but leave the big fella alone!!
Jonny T.

For your viewing pleasure, A great documentaryTo the ends of the earth-The Bigfoot monster


  1. The Patterson video is hilarious. I bet if we could see the ground, he'd be wearing sneakers. Isn't that the one that the guy admit was a hoax before he died, or was that a picture of the Loch Ness Monster?

    Either way, awesome.

  2. Oooo did he admit it?
    Will have to have a delve into that sir,
    Have you seen Snowbeast? It's a great TV movie :-)
    Jonny T