Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Run Lola Run-Review by Jonny T.

Now I've seen this film knocking around for years now and seen many a great review but it's one that has evaded me until now and i have to say I'm glad i saw it at last.
The Basic story starts with Lola's boyfriend getting some money for a deal and has to deliver it to the head gangster Ronnie, But he doesn't, he leaves it on a subway train and the bag is spotted by a tramp who as you or i would do casually walks off with it!The boyfriend in a panic ring Lola and says he has to raise the money by 10am when he is set to meet Ronnie or he will be dead, she tries to calm him down as he starts to tell her of plans of robbing a supermarket across the road from the phone box to raise the need money.
He takes the subway train as he was supposed to meet Lola but she was late and he ultimately blames her, so with him calmed down bit still hellbent on pulling off the armed robbery.

Lola panics and the Run Lola Run scenario starts in Ernest, dashing out of her apartment the films turns into an animated sequence of her running down the stairs past a shady man with a nasty dog, on to the street past a woman who swears at her, past the tramp that has the money and narrowly avoids a car as it pulls out of a car park, then she reaches her boyfriend and something very surprising indeed occurs, which i won't spoil.
The film the goes back again to her phone call Ala Groundhog day and the sequence of events unfold again but this time with slight changes to little events which you notice again and again.

The film making and the way the whole thing intertwines is really quite stunning and it will definitely be worth a re-watch to see what you may have missed, frantic camera shots, animated sequences, twists and turns and a 100 mile per hour pace ensures that you never lose attention whilst watching, from the opening scene it grabs you around the neck and does not let go, stunning stuff.

So will Lola reach him in time? Will Ronnie get his money back? will he pull off the robbery?
Well folks you'll just have to seek out this film and see for your good selves and it comes as a very high recommendation from me.
Jonny T.

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