Saturday, 28 June 2014

Attack on Titan - live movie coming 2015!

On my recent trip to Japan you couldn't go anywhere without seeing this character that appeared rather large and to have no skin, So whilst there i did a search and found out that it was from the Manga Attack On Titan, It was hugely popular over there so when i got back home i decided to check out the first book and it was brilliant, Not really into Manga but this had me hooked, I then found out that there was an animated season so i tracked that down and it's brilliant, Currently on 9/10 on IMDB there has now been announced a live action film. I was thinking yeah it may be OK but not too sure, Then surfaced an advert from the car maker Subaru that featured some of the live action characters and it blew me away! Now this is a film i REALLY want to see, It will be made and distributed by non other than TOHO studios,  Although the great fan made poster above says 2018 it is scheduled for release next year, I've stuck the trailer below for your viewing pleasure, wow, just wow!
Jonny T

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Coming to cinema's this July comes Deliver Us From Evil and i have to say it's looking pretty good! Based upon the book Beware the night by New York retired sergeant Ralph Sarchie who also worked as a demonologist and shared cases with a renegade priest and tells the story of one of their most shocking alleged real life cases, Personally it's great to see Eric Bana back as apart from The Hulk movie has always been a pretty solid actor, Keep your eyes peeled for a review coming soon!
Jonny T.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Willow Creek - Review.

"From celebrated Director Bobcat Goldthwait comes this edge of your seat horror that will make you think twice before going into the woods".


Big-foot and his exploits seems to have eluded film makers in making a real good film for many a year, so with Willow Creek do we finally have the Big-foot horror film we have all be waiting for?
It tells the tale of Jim (Bryce Johnson) and Kelly (Alexie Gilmore)   its Jim’s birthday and as a huge big-foot fan Kelly  agrees with him to take a road trip to the famous site of the most legendary footage ever captured the Patterson/Gimlin footage Willow Creek. Jim is making a documentary of his trip filmed by Kelly and his ultimate aim is to film the elusive Big-foot. It’s the usual found footage affair of him doing the documentary commentary whilst filmed by Kelly a fair few times doing re-shoots, Now the film is only around 1hr 20 minutes and it does feel very padded out even at that running time. They arrive in Willow Creek the mecca to Big-foot seekers, The going into the Big-foot Burger Diner and have a Big-foot Burger with the cob the size and shape of Big-foots Big-foot! They travel around the town and go to Big-foot Books a book store owned by a creepy guy who is surrounded by a whole host of Big-foot memorabilia. They interview a local retired sheriff who tells his tale, Pose next to a huge wooden Big-foot statue and a greeted by an old lady who asks if she can help them, She agrees on an interview and basically says that she doesn't believe in it one bit and it’s all a load of old baloney.
They then set off with directions from the Big-foot Books guy to find the famous Creek where Patterson shot his footage. On the way they drive down a desolate road only  to be confronted by a big guy who tells them to shut the camera off and turnaround, They eventually get the idea when he leans in the window and tells them to “Go get some cake and tea at THE FUCK OFF cafĂ©!” A little shook up but determined as hell Jim shrugs it off saying he knows an alternative route. The scenes where they are driving along and having conversations are really quite funny as it reminded me a lot of me and my wife as I'm a semi believer and she is not, stuff like Jim pointing out that over 200 new species are found every year including a new species of monkey that was only discovered last year, good point Jim I'm with you on that! 

So they arrive half way to the infamous spot and time is getting on so they decide to camp down for the night but Jim fancies a bit of skinny dipping whilst of course being filmed, He dives in has a swim and they head back to camp where at first he finds one of his sock of his has been somehow placed up a tree. The reach their tent only to find it trashed by someone or something.
Next we have probably one of the longest scenes in the movie, basically a static shot of them both sat in the tent and Jim proposes, Kelly not quite sure politely declines, But they make up and get down to some sexy time as long as Jim turns off the camera. The Camera comes back on when Jim is awoken by noises in the woods and Kelly points out that they are in the woods so there are bound to be noises and tells him to go back to sleep. He then points out that the noises outside are knocking noises on trees, This is said to be a kind of communication between big-foot’s to let each other know there location, The noises get closer, Next he hears a howl, the knocking gets close, the howls get louder. As I said this scene seem to go on for ages but it also did build the tension really well. Next thing the inevitable happens, something starts bashing on the tent and the screams get louder and louder, then they stop.
Dawn has now arrived and they decided to pack up and get the hell out of there, walking along the river bank Jim spots some Big foot prints and shouts at Kelly to come take a look as he does so there is almighty roar and they both run for their lives...............

All you see from here on in until the end is super shaky cam, Not that that’s a bad thing but it just didn't work for me, The start of the film opens with a shot from the camera in grass, After much shaky cam we then see this shot again. But just before that amongst the screams and a bizarre quick flash of a large naked woman and growls and sounds of flesh being ripped then the camera drops to the floor, is that it? No, the camera and whoever is holding it is dragged backwards with more screams, cut to end credits WILLOW CREEK and a heavy metal soundtrack kicks in, Feel like you've seen this before? I certainly did, now the frustrations for me are the facts of they are out there to see/film Big-foot so when they are around the tent why not stick the camera out and see what’s happening? The fact that it’s this mysterious thing or things outside the tent but surely it’s Big-foot and also they didn't take a gun, just one shot would have surely scared them off, Anyway my little picky points aside, in my opinion I found it underwhelming and ultimately disappointing and you never saw a Big-foot!

Jonny T.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Mayhem Film Festival prepares for 10th year anniversary.

MAYHEM festival is back! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years already but in saying that the festival has got better each year in my opinion. Early bird full weekend discounted tickets go on sale June 24th so get your tickets as with previous years many of the showings do sell out. What sets MAYHEM aside from other festivals for me is the fact that as well as showing some new releases it throws many a curveball and grabs classics, obscure flicks as well as the best in new talent. As well as the Quiz, Merchandise stalls and a horror themed disco! So keep your eyes on the site for titles and very special guests that will be at this year’s festival, I have stuck the press release below along with the links you need. More news coming soon,

Jonny T.  

Mayhem Film Festival prepares for anniversary

Mayhem Film Festival returns to Broadway this autumn to take you on a fantastic journey beyond the dark edges of film. Taking place from 30 October to 2 November, Mayhem will be celebrating 10 years of eeriness with previews, special events, midnight screenings, new releases and special guests.

Over the last decade, Mayhem has grown from a single short film programme to a four-day event, screening the best horror, sci-fi and cult shorts and features from around the world. The ever-growing festival saw its most successful edition last year with its biggest ever audience and exceptional events such as a screening of Don’t Look Now at St Mary’s Church with British director Nicolas Roeg, and a screening of silent film The Unknown with a specially-commissioned live score by Nottingham band 8MM Orchestra.

Plans for Mayhem’s 10th anniversary are already under way and discounted early bird passes will go on sale on 24 June at 10AM for the more eager Mayhem fans.

Mayhem are also on the look-out for scary shorts. Very much at the heart of the festival, the shorts programme is one of Mayhem’s most popular features, showcasing the best local, national and international shorts on the circuit. The call for scary shorts is now open and filmmakers can submit their entry for free until Friday 29 August.

To submit your scary short, please email Annie Parry at -

To book your Early Bird Passes at the discounted price of £55, please visit our box office or go online at

For more information about Mayhem, please visit -

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Cobra VS Commando and my quest to see them!

Cobra VS Commando and my quest to see them!

Well it all started back in 1986 with the release of Stallone’s latest movie “Cobra”. I was 15 at the time and with a few mates at school and people getting VCR’s the advent of home movie watching was in full force, By this time we had rented and watched countless times the 1st 3 Rocky movies and had all gone to the ABC Cinema earlier in the year to see Rocky 4, what a film that was when you were that age! Arnie and Stallone were like gods to us. In 1985 Arnie had released Commando but with it being an 18 certificate I had no chance of getting in. My dad and his mate had been and raved on about how bloody thirsty violent it was I was desperate to see it but I was only 14. Now back in the day the word "Internet" hadn't even been invented so the only way you got to see/hear about films were either Film 86 with Barry Norman which I was on occasion allowed to stay up and watch as it was on a school night or you’d see ad’s or features in the all new colour supplements in the News Of The World, That’s where I saw the advert for Stallone’s next movie “Cobra” I hatched a plan……

I basically bugged the hell out of my poor old dad and all he ever said was “You won’t get in” I wanted to go and that was that and I wasn't taking no for an answer, The next week it came out and I asked again and again and again, He crumbled and said “OK, I’ll take you next Thursday but you won’t get in!!” Thursday came and I told all my school mates that I was going to much jealousy and a few mates asking can we come but there was no way that was happening as I did not want to lower my chances of getting in  with a bunch of spotty teenagers in tow and blowing the whole thing, if I turn up with my dad it will appear like it’s him and his mate going to see the film and a few beers after, I was 15 going on 25 and I thought the final part of my plan was genius and it will work 100%, the final part of my plan was to borrow one of my dad’s leather jackets, I’ll look old enough then, no problem at all or so I thought in my infantile mind.

(That's not me by the way)

Thursday came and all day at school I was clock watching, we were going to the 7.30 showing so it wasn't too late for the next school day, Ding Dong the school bell rang, I basically ran home for dinner with the voices of my mates shouting “let us know what it’s like!” ringing in my ears, I couldn't wait to see it and was even looking forward to going to school the next day to be popular for a day and the focus of much jealousy! So dinner down in 30 seconds flat then up to my dad’s room to choose my leather jacket, my weapon of choice. Shit, this one’s massive, How long are the sleeves on this one??, I'm no way wearing that shitty brown one, Got it, The leather black cool short cut one, didn't fit of course but I didn't care, “Come on dad let’s go!!”
We jumped in his Morris minor and away we went, Found a parking spot close to the ABC, The days where you could park anywhere, so I got out of the car, straightened up my Jacket, checked my hair, I looked 21 at least, or so I though, We walked around the corner and there it was, The ABC with a huge poster of Cobra outside, There was no queue so we would go straight in get tickets and see my first 18 certificate film. I wonder what trailers would be on? Would my dad buy some snacks in the foyer ? This was my main worry as I didn't want to stand around for the manager to see me or one of the staff and question my age, Do we get the tickets and then show them the lady on the door, do they have a lady on the door?? Step one getting the tickets that could be easy but what if they have a lady on the door? What if they woman on the desk believes me but the woman on the door doesn't?? We walked up the steps and by this time my heart was going ten to the dozen and I started to sweat, I could feel my mouth drying up, I felt like Brad Davis at the beginning of Midnight Express!

My dad had told me that I was to go and get the tickets, so he gave me the money in the car and I approached the ticket office, The lady behind it was huge and scary, she looked like a cross between Mary Whitehouse and Bella Emberg wearing a pair of Dame Edner’s glasses, I casually walked up and said with a dry mouth as my dad stood next to me “Erm, 2 tickets for Cobra at 7:30 please.” Now I had practised my birthday so I was 18, in my head I kept going “12/04/1968, 12/04/1968, 12/04,1968!” She looked at me then my dad and said in a voice reminiscent of Lee Marvin  “Date of Birth” “Er……12/04/1961, I mean 12/04/1968!” 12/04/1961, that made me 25, shit!  “You’re not 18 are you” I crumbled “No, I said” She just looked at my dad and said “Would you like to see anything else” “No” he said, Back to the car then with my dad saying “Told you!” Thoughts of the shame of going to school and saying I couldn't get in, Terrible. We got home and my mum laughed and I went upstairs and watched some shit on TV. Back to school in the morning, Friends asking “well, what was it like???” “The car broke down” I said, “ Why didn't you get the bus??” “We didn't have any change in the house and wouldn't have got there on time” instantly spieled bullshit by me!
So to Scott, Stevie, Troy and Keith wherever you now may be I confess after all these years I didn't get in! Sorry chaps! But I did eventually get to see Cobra and Rented Commando on the same day when Cobra came out, The guy in our local video shop knew I wasn't 18 but he was a cool young kid who loved to share great movies so let me have them both, I went home and laughed at my dad and waving the video saying “Got it!” Put it on and it was crap! Ah well it may have been better in the cinema probably because of all the Midnight Express adrenaline I was pumping at the time, Now Commando I loved, watched that twice that night, Arnie was my new favourite, Balls to Stallone, he let me down with Cobra and probably a bit of that was a  sour taste from my momentous ABC trip failure. I did recently re-watch it and it made me smile, I really quite enjoyed it, maybe because of the 80’s cheese but to be honest it gave me that nostalgic warm feeling of teenage failure. God Bless Cobra!

Jonny T. 

PLUTO on DVD/BLU-RAY June 23rd

Is pleased to announce the DVD & BLU-RAY release of
A film by Shin Su-won (Passerby #3)

On DVD & BLU-RAY June 23rd, 2014

DVD/BLU-RAY Special Features:
Director’s Cut, Interviews with director Shin Su-won

and actress Kim Kkobbi,  Trailer


Pluto is a story of the extremes elite high school seniors are prepared to go to guarantee entry into prestigious universities, and asks what could possibly turn an innocent boy into a monster.
June, a transfer student into an elite school, is driven to despair by the year’s first examination results. One day he discovers that a mysterious clique of fellow students are sharing secret notebooks, which contain important exam information. In order to get his hands on the notebooks he begs the members of the secret circle to include him. They task him with a series of missions to earn them, turning June into a monster in the process.

Winner: Crystal Bear - Special Mention – 63rd Berlin Film Festival

“Consistently entertaining, captivatingly unhinged and expertly paced”
– Rob Dickie, Sound on Sight 

“A tour-de-force…PLUTO signals the arrival of a brilliant new talent”
– Pierce Conran, Twitch

“One of the most hard-hitting Korean indies of the year”
– James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood


Director SHIN Su-won was born in 1967 in Korea. She graduated Seoul National University and started her career as a teacher in the middle school. During her teaching career she wrote and published two novels focused on teens’ lives. Finishing her 10 years career as a teacher, she entered Korea National University of Arts and studied scriptwriting. After graduating KNUA she started her career as a filmmaker.


Shave (Myundoreulhada, 2003) : short film
Passerby #3 (Rainbow, 2010) : feature film - “Best Asian Film Award” in 23rd Tokyo IFF
Women With a Movie Camera (Kamerareuldeunyeoja, 2011) : documentary
Circle Line (Soonwhanseon, 2012) : short film -“Canal+ Prize” in 65th Cannes IFF Critic’s Week
Pluto (Myungwangseong, 2012) : feature film

Thursday, 19 June 2014


"A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth's dominant species"

So the FINAL trailer for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes has arrived, Now i must warn you that from what I have seen this contains a fair few spoilers, As usual with these so called final trailers it shows a ton of stuff. Saying that it looks pretty good I must say! 
Jonny T.

Friday, 6 June 2014

'Hunting The Legend' comes to DVD 21st July 2014

‘Full-tilt entertaining terror time’
Billy Chainsaw, Bizarre

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here, So it looks like we are in for a run of hopefully good Bigfoot movies! With the Release of the great Willow Creek we now have coming to DVD on 21st July "Hunting The Legend" From what i have read so far it does seem to be getting some very positive reactions, Lest just hope it's better than The lost coast tapes! All details and Trailer below, watch this space for a review coming very soon,
Jonny T.

There’s something out there that kills, and it’s coming for you in Hunting The Legend on DVD from Image Entertainment on 21st July 2014.

In 2008, a deer hunter was mysteriously slaughtered by something in the Alabama woods. Only his rifle, blood and a 16" footprint were left behind... Five years later, his son seeks revenge.

Chris Copeland sets off into the Alabama woods. He’s out to prove the existence of a murderous creature that locals call Bigfoot – or die trying. Everyone has a tale to tell but what Chris and his companions are about to discover is that even if the stories aren’t true, there’s something out there; something merciless, something hungry, and something that kills.

As they become lost in the dense and desolate woods, they smell blood, sense fear and soon discover to their peril that the difference between the hunter and the hunted can be as thin as a strip of flesh.

Hunting The Legend is a Bigfoot horror that will have you shaking in your boots.