Saturday, 30 June 2012

Monster Brawl comes to DVD.and Download.

“A love letter to a Friday night spent watching ‘The Monster Squad’ followed by a Saturday morning watching ‘Hulkamania’… its black heart is planted squarely in the right place.” -
On DVD 20 Aug 2012

Good day good people!
Jonny T here bring you news of the UK release and available download for the very fun looking Monster Brawl, with the tag line of  "It's the fight of the living dead" this definately looks liking it's going to be a blast!
I've stuck all the details below and watch this space for a review coming soon!
Jonny T.

Witness the ultimate “smackdown” event of all time as eight of the world’s most feared and famous monsters enter the ring to go head-to-head in a grotesque and hilarious fight to the death (or, in several cases, the “un-death”).

Celebrity Wrestlemania doesn’t get any scarier – or funnier – than the Monster Brawl, in which four contestants from the Creature Conference and four from the Undead Conference battle it out in the ring to take the title of the most powerful monster of all time. Representing the CC are Massachusetts’ nefarious necromancer Witch Bitch, Louisana’s slimy bog dweller Swamp Gut, Tennessee’s very own Werewolf and, adding some continental glamour to the group, the mythical Cyclops from the Ionian Islands of Greece. The UC’s creepily cosmopolitan line-up consists of Transylvania’s Lady Vampire, Ingolstadt’s Frankenstein, Egypt’s Mummy and, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the one and only Zombie Man!
The rule book is ripped up, no holds are barred, everything goes and heads definitely roll in this gory and horrifically hilarious satire of those ever-popular Pay-Per-View wrestling extravaganzas we all know and love so well.

Directed by Jesse T. Cook (director of the cannibal shocker Scarce) and starring Dave Foley (A Bug’s Life; Cars; The Kids In The Hall), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), cult genre movie icon Art Hindle (Black Christmas; Porky’s; Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), actor and wrestler Kevin Nash (The Punisher; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II), legendary WWF and WCW manager Jimmy Hart, former WWF star Robert Maillet (300; Sherlock Holmes; The Immortals) and MMA fighter and referee Herb Dean.

The winner of the Audience Awards at both the Fantasia and Toronto After Dark Film Festivals, this is a dream come true for anybody who has ever watched a horror film and then discussed with their friends who would win in a face-off between their two favourite monsters (and who hasn’t had such a discussion?). Combine that brilliant set-up with a cavalcade of “blink and you’ll miss ‘em” in-jokes for horror and wrestling fans alike and you have the perfect recipe for a midnight movie experience that actually rewards repeated viewings.

“The undisputed smackdown hit of the 2011 Fantasia Festival… This is a ringside ticket you will
not want to miss!” – TWITCHFILM.COM

“The kind of sporting event you wish really existed…. It’s got all the spectacle of wrestling,
all the athleticism of boxing, and all the fantasy and special FX of horror movies… A love letter to a Friday night spent watching ‘The Monster Squad’ followed by a Saturday morning watching ‘Hulkamania’… its black heart is planted squarely in the right place.” – DREADCENTRAL.COM

“Finally, the Monster Thunderdome we’ve been waiting for.” – IO9.COM

“A silly and fun romp that put a big smile on my face. ‘Monster Brawl’ wins!” – THE HORROR

“If you like your horror with a touch of some slapstick comedy, give this one a shot.” –

“Monster Brawl was the best opening night I’ve had at Toronto After Dark Film Festival for the
five years that I’ve been going!” – THE FILM REEL

“The genius of ‘Monster Brawl’ is its attention to details.” – SIGHT ON SOUND

Thursday, 28 June 2012

VHS Labels i love-Intervision-alpha Video.

Hello People,
Jonny T here bringing you a new regular feature to the blog named "VHS-I Love" Basically i was looking around the old tinterwebs and  i started to see a hell of a lot of VHS video covers that brought streaming back a ton of memories, so i decided to do a few posts on my favourite labels from back in the day along with some hopefully good stories that tell you my own personal thoughts on the days i first set eyes and hands on these classic labels that released incredible titles into the new forming world of VHS/BETA and home entertainment.

So, my dad came home, with a VHS video player, i was blown away! The only exposure we had to a Video Player before was the man across the road that had a Betamax top loading player of which i had previously seen An american werewolf in london, My very 1st exposure to a horror film on VHS, i would have been about 13 at the time.
My dad always being a bartering type of chap had done a deal with the place that he brought it from wherein if you brought the player you got 1 years free rental so it was straight in the car and down to the video shop, i walked in mouth openly stunned, the only ever Video sleeve i had seen had been for An Amrican werewolf so to be presented with shelf after shelf of some insane cover art i didn't know what the hell to choose! But alas, i was only allowed to get certain films, NO Exorcist, NO Texas chainsaw massacre, NO Driller Killer and DEFINATELY NO I Spit on your grave! But then again like i say i was only 13!!
In the end on this occasion you were only allowed 2 rentals at a time, my sister chose Grease and i got Dirty Harry, when i finally got to use the video as my sister had Grease on constantly for a day and watched Dirty Harry at least 3 times, awesome! You could keep the films up to one week then take them back and renew the rent unless someone had reserved it, my sister re-rented Grease and i chose Dawn of the dead on the good old Intervision label, there where to be no fights on who would use the video player 1st this time it was all mine!Which to this day remains my favourite film, little did i know of course that it was the BBFC cut version, missing the head explosion and many other scenes, at the time of course there where no such extra's as a directors cut or deleted scenes, this at the time was all i knew about.

The reason i chose dawn of the dead was mainly because back in the day we used to have once a month at school "Film Club" on a Friday afternoon, we had one cool teacher that brought in Dawn of the dead, we all in class watched it and cheered, what a man! And also on the back of the box which was in an awesome slip case (which eventually years later i brought and still own to this day) i had seen a picture of an ultra creepy looking zombie(see picture below) and thought thats it i'm having it, I had to see it again and did many many times before my week was up and i returned to get more zombie films, that was it, i was hooked.
I returned again to the shop this time seeing a film called Night of the living dead also on Intervision, i delved deeper this time and compared and i thought "This has the same director as Dawn, must be good" never of course realising it was the 1st in Romero's Dead films and in black and white, i can tell you know i shit myself, never been so scared, although i didn't let this show to my dad as it would have been only kid's film rentals for me!
So i returned many many times, a lot of the rentals i can't quite remember but looking back at some of the covers i do remember them and watching them, especially The Exterminator where every one in school was talking about the scene with the meat mincer, that was watched and shown to my friends time and time again.

Over the years and looking back at there back catalogue i also saw and Intervision/Alpha released the David Cronenberg classics The Brood, Shivers and Rabid (that also has an amazing cover) and looking today in the shiny shiny world of Blu-Ray Arrow video have obviously gone back to the Intervision vaults and picked the cream of the crop,
Good Times!
Jonny T.

The Opening Alpha logo, ah the memories!

More Great Intervision/alpha Video sleeves!

My own personal VHS copy of Dawn of the Dead along with some of my zombie toy friends!

Friday, 22 June 2012

CHUCK NORRIS Kicks ass on Blu-Ray!!!

Hello Folks!
Bringing you some news of the man himself CHUCK NORRIS coming to Blu-ray (and DVD) in August in not one but two classic Norris movies, A Force of one and The Octagon! So save up those pennies and dive in with the legendary Chuck in HD, Bring it on! All Details below,
Jonny T.

On DVD & Blu-Ray 06 Aug 2012
“Full of amped-up action… with Chuck kicking ass all over downtown San Diego, circa 1979.” – San Diego Reader.
The original “Expendable”, the undisputed toughest guy on the planet and the only man ever to have counted to infinity – twice, the second time backwards! – World Karate Champion turned actor Chuck Norris stars in this classic, groundbreaking US kung fu movie, now on Blu-ray for the first time.

Chuck Norris (The Expendables 2; Way Of The Dragon), obviously, but also Oscar-winning screenwriter Ernest Tidyman (The French Connection; Shaft), screen beauty Jennifer O’Neill (Scanners), cult 1980s horror icon Clu Gulager (Piranha 3DD; A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2; The Return Of The Living Dead) and legendary kickboxer Bill Wallace (The Protector).

A routine investigation by a crack team of undercover narcotic agents becomes anything but when a deadly assassin begins to eliminate the members of the squad one by one. In a desperate bid to identify the culprit, and to train its officers in the martial arts in order to defend themselves, the police force attempts to enlist the help of Matt Logan, a noted karate champion.
Initially reluctant to become involved in any way, Logan soon changes his mind when his adopted son becomes the villain’s latest victim. Driven by sheer vengeance, he vows to track down the psychotic serial killer and bring the reign of terror to an end in a climactic battle between good and evil.

“You want action and fighting, yes? Well, ‘A Force Of One’ has plenty of both. In fact, it's surprisingly violent.” –

“There's nothing like vintage Chuck Norris. The choppy bent-kneed kicks, the hokey fights, and the complete lack of grace. Pure gold. ‘A Force Of One’ is, however, one of Chuck's best films, with solid martial arts combat, in a full-contact fashion.” –

“Vintage 70s Chuck Norris action.” – BBCi Films.

“That current rarity, an unpretentious action movie.” – Time Out.
Special Features:
Making Of Featurette
How America Changed Hollywood Forever
TV Spot
Director’s Commentary

The Octagon
On DVD & Blu-Ray 06 Aug 2012

“Fantastic 80s American ninja movie [featuring] America’s number one martial arts expert of the era, Chuck Norris. Norris films are always action packed and ‘The Octagon’ is one of his best… the fight scenes are excellent.” –
The original “Expendable” and the man who once made a stone bleed to death, World Karate Champion turned actor Chuck Norris stars in this kick-ass action movie that almost single-handedly introduced ninjas into mainstream Hollywood cinema.

Chuck Norris (The Expendables 2; Way Of The Dragon), Lee Van Cleef (Escape From New York; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly), cult genre movie icon Art Hindle (Black Christmas; Porky’s; Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), karate expert and bodyguard to the stars Richard Norton (Force: Five; China O’Brien) in his acting debut, prolific character actor Tracey Walter (I Spit On Your Grave; The Silence Of The Lambs; Batman) in one of his classic “uncredited” roles and Karen Carlson (Dallas).

Scott James is a man haunted by memories, eerie flashbacks that plague both his waking and sleeping hours. The first is a childhood memory relating to the intense and rigorous combat training he and his best friend endured under the guidance of a mysterious martial arts master. The second is a far more painful recollection of loss, and one that has turned Scott away from his former life. But when a wealthy heiress convinces him to enter the fray once more, Scott finds himself drawn into an international terrorist organisation consisting of deadly ninjas, at the head of which is a close acquaintance from his past. Now it is up to Scott to confront his worst fears and battle a former adversary in the ultimate ninja showdown.

“Filled with many great action sequences… there is no denying that ‘The Octagon’ is one of Chuck Norris’ best films… highly recommended.” –

“Spectacularly choreographed and executed.” – The Hollywood Reporter.

“Chuck Norris says to rate this five stars or he’ll throw you five ninja stars.” –

“Above-average production values.” – Leonard Matlin.
Special Features:
Making Of Featurette
How America Changed Hollywood Forever
TV Spot
Director’s Commentary

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Victim- Comes to DVD!

Hello Folks!
Just a head's up on yet another great looking Thai movie coming to DVD in the UK on 6th August called The Victim, from the same director as the awesome The House, Thailand is certainly kicking out some great stuff these days and from i have read about this so far it seems to be up amongst the best, watch this space for a review and i have stuck the details below,
Jonny T. 

“A solid, superior movie… ingenious… excellent Thai ghost story… sucker-punches the viewer with a twist that would turn M. Night Shyamalan green with envy.” –

The stunning horror-thriller hybrid that firmly established Thai filmmaker Monthon Arayangkoon (The House) as a director to watch finally comes to DVD in the UK.

Directed by Monthon Arayangkoon (The House) and starring Pitchanart Sakakorn (Buppah Rahtree Phase 2: Rahtree Returns), Apasiri Nitibhon (The Bullet Wives; Sunset At Chaopraya) and Kiradej Ketakinta (Bangkok Loco).

When aspiring young actress, Ting, is approached by the Bangkok police department’s Lieutenant Teerasak Kedkaew and invited to play a variety of mugging, murder and rape victims in a series of “Crimewatch”-style re-enactments, she jumps at the chance. Her immediate success soon leads to further work with Lt. Te’s colleagues at other police stations around the city and, ultimately, to a role in a TV soap opera. But the role Ting really wants is that of Meen, a former Miss Thailand contestant-turned-actress and the victim in a high-profile murder case in which Meen’s husband, Jarun, stands accused. Shortly before the filming of the police re-enactments relating to the case begins, the female officer scheduled to play Meen dies unexpectedly from a severe heart attack, despite being young and apparently healthy. Reluctantly, Lt. Te offers the part to Ting, who immediately begins studying TV footage of the dead model-actress in order to get into character. As she gets deeper into the role, Ting experiences what she can only describe as a supernatural connection to Meen, and one that leads her to believe Jarun is not the murderer. Determined to solve the mystery, Meen begins her own investigation into the crime only to discover the worlds of reality, fantasy, the supernatural and the media colliding in the most unexpected and terrifying ways imaginable.

“An entertaining and suspenseful merger of ghost story and crime thriller.” – Variety.

“This sucker is flat-out scary… many of the images are utterly nightmarish.” – HK and Cult Film News.

“Superior Thai horror… many startling shock moments and effective creep-outs… a far scarier and inventive Thai horror film than most.” – Black Hole Reviews.

“Impressive.” –

“One headfuck of a movie… great visuals.” – Dread

“Intense Thai horror… incredibly well crafted… The Victim has definitely set a high standard for Thai horror movies.” –

“Spine-tingling moments using striking visuals, creepy set pieces and a haunting score, each of which heighten the scares when the spirits spring out to startle the audience.” –

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hong Kong 15 Film Festival- News.

Hi Folks,
Live in London/Manchester or the UK? Or just a visiting? well if you are around on the 2-14th of July i would highly recommend The Hong Kong 15 Film festival, Featuring a Host of the best Asian cinema around as well as a fantastic opportunity to see a classic Shaw Brother double bill of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and The One Armed Swordsman on the big screen, wow!
I have put all the details below,
Jonny T.

‘Hong Kong 15 Film Festival’ announces its much anticipated programme to mark the 15th Anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty'

This is an unmissable event for fans of Hong Kong films, serious cinephiles and those looking for a good entry point into Hong Kong films.
Tickets go on sale soon and we will also announce the on sale date, along with which guest actors and directors will be coming to the festival in a special edition of our Terracotta newsletter (coming soon); details on how to get Terracotta Discounts at the festival will be in the newsletter too, so make sure you tell you friends to sign up!

1st July marks fifteen years since Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignty. To commemorate this special occasion, the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office, London, in association with Terracotta Festival, has put together an exciting film festival to showcase the best of current Hong Kong films as well as to look back on the last fifteen years and beyond.The ‘Hong Kong 15 Film Festival’ will take place at the Odeon Covent Garden, London, commencing 2nd July 2012 for a fortnight until 14th July. With guests in attendance and fifteen films carefully selected, the festival will pay tribute to the extraordinary story of this vibrant and energetic island city through the eyes of its film-makers.The diversity of Hong Kong cinema will be represented through a panorama of films divided in three sections: ‘Currents’, '15 Years Review’ and ‘Shaw Brothers Classics’.The Festival will open with multi-award-winning drama, A Simple Life by acclaimed director Ann Hui, starring Hong Kong star Andy Lau and a comeback performance from the highly decorated Deanie Ip who won the Best Actress at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. The event will be attended by Roger Lee, the producer and writer whose life story the film is based on.
Other highlights of the ‘Currents’ section include Life Without Principle by prolific filmmaker Johnnie To and The Bounty by Fung Chi Chiang.Made in Hong Kong, directed by Fruit Chan, is a groundbreaking film which found great local and international acclaim for its release 15 years ago. It remains an uncommon Hong Kong example of a true independent film and will open the ‘15 Year Review’section to lead the way for other highly influential contemporary Hong Kong directors such as Pang Ho Cheung, Andrew Lau and Alan Mak.‘Hong Kong 15 Film Festival’ wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the legendary Shaw Brothers Studios and, as an homage to the most significant film production company in the history of Hong Kong Cinema, festival goers will be able to indulge in two martial arts masterpieces on the big screen: 1967 blockbuster One Armed Swordsman and one of the greatest Kung Fu film, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978).Talent attending the event will travel courtesy of Sponsor-in-Kind, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's flagship carrier.
Other cultural tributes for the occasion will take place such as the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival on Sunday 1st July in London and the screening of Big Blue Lake at the Cornerhouse in Manchester on Friday 6th July.
Visit the festival website for regular Festival updates and ticket information: HONG KONG 15 OFFICIAL SITE.


A Simple Life - by Ann Hui
Big Blue Lake - by Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan
White Vengeance - by Daniel Lee
Life Without Principle - by Johnnie To
The Bounty - by Fung Chi Chiang
The Detective 2 - by Oxide Pang
East Meets West 2011 by Jeffrey Lau
Wu Xia - by Peter Chan-

Made In Hong Kong- by Fruit Chan
When Beckham Met Owen - by Adam Wong
Infernal Affairs - by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak
Sparrow - by Johnnie To
Dream Home - by Pang Ho-cheung-

Take a look at the full line up-



The 36th Chamber of Shaolin - by Liu Chia-Liang
One Armed Swordsman - by Chang Cheh

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

V/H/S red band shocking trailer!

Hello people,
So you think you've seen all there is in the "Found Footage" Genre? Then check this red band trailer for V/H/S, looks pretty fucked up!
Jonny T

Monday, 18 June 2012

Himizu- Gets a Cinema release.

(CERT 18)

A film by Sono Sion (Love Exposure, Cold Fish, Guilty of Romance)

Winner of the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the 68th Venice Film Festival

Official Selection: 68th Venice Film Festival, 36th Toronto International Film Festival, 16th Busan International Film Festival, 44th SITGES International Film Festival, 14th Deauville Asian Film Festival

Starring rising young stars: Shota Sometani & Fumi Nikaido alongside veterans such as
Ken Mitsuishi (The Thin Red Line, The Pillow Book, Audition, The Eel)
Tetsu Watanabe (Fireworks, Sonatine, Madadayo, Memories of Matsuko)
DenDen (Cut, Cure, Cold Fish, Eureka)

Japan / 2011 / 129 Mins / In Japanese with English subtitles / Colour / HD

Opening at the ICA, Prince Charles Cinema & selected regional sites

One of the most talked about Japanese films of 2012, ‘Himizu’ is Sion Sono’s biggest box-office success to date.

After Shota Sometani & Fumi Nikaido won the Marcello Mastroianni Award (they became the first Japanese actors to win the prestigious award) at the 68th Venice Film Festival, Himizu opened in Japanese cinemas on January 14th pulling in an astonishing 27,000 admissions over 79 screens in the first 2 days, with a per-screen average beating the big budget war film ‘My Way’ which opened the same weekend.

On March 11th, 2011, the largest earthquake in recorded history struck the coast off Japan, sending a massive tsunami causing a wave of destruction that decimated large parts of Japan’s Eastern seaboard and causing the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Power Station to explode.

This tragedy affected everyone in Japan, especially director Sion Sono who had just finished adapting the hugely popular Manga ‘Himizu’ into a screenplay. Director Sono immediately put the project on hold to help with the volunteer effort in Fukushima and during his work decided to change the setting of ‘Himizu’ story to Fukushima and film it there in order to show the world what happened.

Sion Sono’s next work ‘The Land of Hope’ will once again focus on the aftermath of March 11th, but will this time look at the nuclear situation which has become much lot worse than most people are aware of.

Sumida (Shometani) and his schoolmate Keiko (Nikaido) are 15 year old school kids living a dystopian existence where each of their parents hope and encourage them to die. Set in tsunami-hit areas of Japan, which are used as a backdrop, the story follows roughly that of the manga of the same name.
“Don’t give up.” The constant refrain repeated in radio and television programmes to a nation hit by the merciless catastrophe sounds even more ominous when written in a note left by Yuichi Sumida’s mother after running off with her lover. At fifteen, Sumida (Shôta Sometani) is left alone to manage the family’s languishing boat-rental business and fend off his drunk and penniless father’s bouts of violence. Sumida sees his simple dream for an ordinary future rapidly evapo­rating before his eyes. Sharing similarly humble but fading dreams is his classmate Keiko Chazawa (Fumi Nikaidou), who also happens to have a major crush on him, even though Sumida seems deeply annoyed by her presence.
Sumida fights frequently with his father, is abandoned by his mother and tends to reject friendly advances of others. Real violence enters Sumida’s life when his drunken father goes too far in taunting him. Shocked by the crime he has committed, and the fact he’ll never be able to lead the “ordinary” life he planned on, Sumida paints his face and stalks the city streets with a kitchen knife, crazily determined to make amends to society by killing wrong-doers.

Production companies: Gaga, Kodansha
Cast: Shota Sometani, Fumi Nikaidou, Tetsu Watanabe, Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Megumi Kagurazaka, Ken Mitsuishi, Denden, Yosuke Kubozuka
Director: Sono Sion
Screenwriter: Sono Sion, based on the comic book by Minoru Furuya
Executive producers: Tom Yoda, Satomi Odake
Producers: Haruo Umekawa, Masashi Yamazaki
Coproducer: Mizue Kunizane
Director of photography: Sohei Tanikawa
Production designer: Takashi Matsuzuka
Music: Tomohide Harada
Editor: Junicho Ito

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hansel and Gretel-Comes to BLU-RAY!

Hello good people,
Just a heads up for a fantastic Blu-Ray release of the incredible Korean movie Hansel & Gretel.
I have had this on DVD for a while now but will definitely be buying this! If you have yet to see it all i can say is go get it! It truly is one of the best Asian films in years and the visuals are beyond anything that the modern Hollywood would be able to come up with and as well as having stunning visuals which will look I'm sure will look amazing on Blu-Ray it also has a fantastic story, great visuals and a fantastic story i hear you ask? Yes indeed, you don't see that much these days!
It was released on Blu-Ray on the 11th June by Terracotta Distribution , So whether you are a fan of Asian films or not i would strongly recommend this film and this release, I've stuck all the details/stills and the trailer below,
Jonny T.

"probably the most effective Asian horror film since Shutter"  - SFX

A sinister house deep in the forest is full of happy children... But what lies beneath the surface?
A dark and gripping modern age fairy tale for adults, spinning the original Grimm fairytale on its head. Following a car crash on a country road, Eun-soo (Chun Jeong-myeong) is led to safety by a girl in a red cloak (Shim Eun-kyoung), to her house, deep in the forest. Accepting her family's hospitality for the night, he gradually learns that he is trapped in the woods with this strange picture perfect family and of the sinister story behind the seemingly innocent smiles of the children ……….

YIM Phil-sung: Born in 1972, he started making a few short films from 1997. Among them, BABY was invited to Venice Film Festival and Karlovy Vary Int'l Film Festival in 1999. He debuted with his feature Antartic Journals (2005) where explorers in the Antarctic face mysterious deaths.

Eun-soo: CHUN Jeong-myoung (Hindsight, 2011)
Boy: EUN Won-jae (Our Happy Time 2006, Natural City 2003, Marrying the Mafia 2002)
Girl: SHIM Eun-kyoung (Happy Killers 2010, Quiz King 2010, Sunny 2011, Romantic Heaven 2011, Masquerade 2012)
Younger Girl   JIN Ji-hee

Director           YIM Phil-sung
Executive Producer     Miky LEE
Producer          CHOI Jae-won, SEO Woo-sik
Screenplay       KIM Min-sook, YIM Phil-sung
Cinematographer         KIM Jee-yong
Lighting Director        SHIN Sang-yeul
Production Designer   RYU Seong-hee
Original Music            Byeongwoo LEE

Sitges Film Festival 2008 (Best Film Nomination)
Gérardmer Film Festival 2009 (Grand Prize Nomination)
Fantasporto 2009 (International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award)
Fantasporto 2009 (Orient Express Section Grand Prize)

  • 53 minutes Making of Featurette
  • Interview with Cast
  • Interview with VFX director
  • Production Design Featurette
  • Interview with Sound composer
  • Korean directors recommend Hansel & Gretel
  • Trailer Reel

Dark Fantasy  2007
Country: Korea
Language Korean with English subtitles
Running Time 116 min.
Rating:  15
Screen ratio 16:9 anamorphic
Sound  Dolby SRD

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Good day good people,
Today i bring news of a fantastic looking documentary I Am Bruce Lee, Over the years there has obviously been many many documentaries about the legendary Mr Lee but from the reviews and what i have read this is as the poster states "The Best Bruce Lee Documentary ever!"
I have been a fan for many years and I'm super excited at seeing this which includes a ton of stuff never seen before, so fingers crossed, I've stuck all the details below and hope to catch in the cinema and bring you my review soon,
Jonny T.

Opens in UK cinemas 20 Jul 2012

“Two kinds of people should not miss this film about the most famous martial arts actor and practitioner of modern times: those who worship Bruce Lee and those who don't.”
New York Daily News
Directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Pete McCormack (Facing Ali; Uganda Rising; See Grace Fly) and featuring interviews with Linda Lee Cadwell (Bruce Lee’s wife), Shannon Lee (Bruce’s daughter), JKD instructor and close friend of Bruce, Dan Inosanto (Game Of Death), world champion kickboxer Bob Wall (Way Of The Dragon; Enter The Dragon; Game Of Death), Richard Bustillo (a former JKD student of Bruce Lee’), actors Mickey Rourke (The Expendables; Iron Man 2; The Wrestler) and Ed O’Neill (Modern Family), NBA All Star Kobe Bryant, Taboo from Black Eyed Peas, actress and MMA fighter Gina Carano (Haywire), legendary stuntman and former wrestling and judo world champion Gene LeBell and UFC World Champion Jon Jones.

Featuring a host of rare and never-seen-before footage and photographs, this compelling and visually thrilling documentary examines the fascinating life, continuing influence and lasting legacy of one of the most iconic actors and martial artists of all time – the legendary Bruce Le

Despite his tragic and sudden death on 20th July 1973 at the age of 32, Bruce Lee’s enormous influence on martial arts, entertainment and popular culture lives on to this day. Utilizing rare archive footage, photos, movie clips and brand new interviews with members of his close family, as well as with numerous stars from the worlds of sport, music and acting who have been inspired by Lee’s legacy, I Am Bruce Lee goes more deeply into the true story behind the legend than any ever before. The film also examines Bruce’s connections to the establishment of Mixed Martial Arts as we know them today, acknowledging that if Gene LeBell is considered the Godfather of MMA then Bruce is without doubt the modern-day Father of MMA.

A Little more info!
The brand new interviews, particularly with Bruce’s wife and daughter, along with tons of amazing archive footage - including previously unseen footage of Bruce, rare footage from “Enter The Dragon” and equally rare photos – make this a must-see for everybody from Mixed Martial Arts and Bruce Lee fans to anyone with an interest in popular culture and the cult of celebrity.
Of particular interest to Bruce Lee fans will undoubtedly be the inclusion of clips from Bruce’s rarely seen appearance in the TV series “Here Come The Brides”, previously unreleased (and believed to be lost) colour footage of Bruce at Ed Parker’s Long Beach Karate Tournament, extensive footage of Bruce training in the backyard of his Bel Air home in Los Angeles and at Bruce Coburn’s house (including Chi Sao training in Wing Chun that have never been seen before) and the first official release of Bruce in Seattle practising Chi Sao.

“An incredible new insight combined with unseen footage makes this unmissable for any Bruce Lee fan”, 5*. Andrew Staton, Martial Arts Illustrated.

“A fast-moving, well-produced and altogether engrossing biographical documentary.” (Four Stars)


“The archive footage is excellent.” – JOBLO.COM

“Lively and persuasive… whether you’re a mixed martial arts fan, a kung fu movie junkie or a pop
culture enthusiast enthralled by Lee’s iconic image, you’ll find something in ‘I Am Bruce Lee’ to

“An exhilarating cinematic experience.” – PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

“Great new interviews and lots of relevant footage from more than forty years ago… The clips of
his ‘one-inch punch’ are astounding.” – JAPANCINEMA.NET

“A rich and educational documentary… Fans of Bruce Lee, run out and see this film.” –

Monday, 11 June 2012

Crows Zero 2 - Comes to DVD!

Hello Folks,
I bring you news of an exciting UK DVD release of the awesome director Takashi Miike's Crows Zero 2 coming to DVD, The 1st film in my opinion is a true Miike classic and it's great to see that the sequel is finally getting a DVD release, i personally cannot wait to see it!
I have stuck the release details below and watch this space for a review coming very soon,
Jonny T.

“Miike directs with an energy, velocity and cheeky bravado that are pure punk.”
– The Japan Times
On DVD 02 Jul 2012


Director Takashi Miike (13 Assassins; Ichi The Killer; Audition), manga creator Hiroshi Takahashi (Crows Zero; Worst; QP) and stars Shun Oguri (Sukiyaki Western Django) and Kyosuke Yabe (Samurai Zombie; Dead Or Alive: Hanzaisha).

“Crows Zero” introduced us to Genji Takiya, a student recently transferred to the notorious Suzuran Senior High School for Boys, Japan’s lowest achieving and most violent school, nicknamed “The School of Crows” after its students’ tendency to band together in conflicting factions and battle each other for domination.
Picking up immediately where the first film ended, “Crows Zero II” sees Genji as the head of the now-unified student factions following his successful but very bloody takeover of Suzuran. But his victory has left him unsatisfied and the uneasy peace amongst the students is, in reality, nothing more than a powder keg waiting to explode. Making the situation even more volatile, a truce that has been maintained between Suzaran High and its bitter rivals at Hosen Academy is about to come to a violent end.

“Delivers an extra dose of epic fights with hundreds of cool-looking students involved and a powerful rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.” – TWITCHFILM.COM
“Good, stylish comic book fun.” – LOVEHKFILM.COM
“Miike jolts the narrative with unexpected directorial flourishes… the velocity of the action makes for an exhilarating cinematic dance.” – VARIETY
“The grungy production design is an artfully composed delight.” – VARIETY

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chronicles of the dead- Great looking New Web series

Hello all,
Jonny T here, Just bringing you news that the 2nd teaser trailer for the great looking  Zombie web series Chronicles of the dead has just been released and man does it look intense!!! I have stuck the link below for the official site as well as the 1st teaser trailer.
The popularity of  the "web based series" seems to be going full steam with some other great ones i have found, so with this being the first web series post i will have a look around and find you some more upcoming treats!
Jonny T.



Saturday, 2 June 2012

ZOMBIE DAWN- Looks good!

Hello Folks,
Bring you some news of a film i have found on the old interwebs, A Spanish language Chilean zombie flick called Zombie Dawn,Described as "Chuck full of old fashioned zombie slaying action"
Now as a zombie fan the genre especially since the event of The Walking Dead TV show has exploded there have been a million and one zombie films released but to me personally this looks like one of the better ones, not sure of any kind of release date as yet, but I'll find out details and post them up when i find out more, i have stuck the link below for the official website that is packed full of trailers and still and even a preview of the comic,so you can keep an eye on things as well,
Jonny T.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Maniac-The Remake.

Hello People,
What the hell has happened Elijah Wood??? That's right he has gone true MANIAC, Now i am a big fan of William Lustig's original dirty grimy film and i have to say that this does look as dirty and grimy as the original, Joe Spinnel was truly chilling in the original and from the trailer and stills so far released Elijah looks equally as Maniacal as good old Joe ever did.
Directed by Franck Khalfoun best known for mainly his acting work in Piranha 3D, P2 and the awesome Switchblade romance(Haute Tension) and screenplay by his close friend  Alexandre Aja the director of the 3 films previously mentioned this looks like it is going to be a no holes barred in your face true grind house style shocker, A comment on you tube makes a good point on how and if they will be able to recreate the classic Tom Savini shotgun blast to the head scene, More news on release date etc as i find it,
Jonny T.