Friday, 1 June 2012

Maniac-The Remake.

Hello People,
What the hell has happened Elijah Wood??? That's right he has gone true MANIAC, Now i am a big fan of William Lustig's original dirty grimy film and i have to say that this does look as dirty and grimy as the original, Joe Spinnel was truly chilling in the original and from the trailer and stills so far released Elijah looks equally as Maniacal as good old Joe ever did.
Directed by Franck Khalfoun best known for mainly his acting work in Piranha 3D, P2 and the awesome Switchblade romance(Haute Tension) and screenplay by his close friend  Alexandre Aja the director of the 3 films previously mentioned this looks like it is going to be a no holes barred in your face true grind house style shocker, A comment on you tube makes a good point on how and if they will be able to recreate the classic Tom Savini shotgun blast to the head scene, More news on release date etc as i find it,
Jonny T.

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  1. Looks good Jonny. Sometimes a movie or book like that can help with the daily frustrations. Can't wait to check it out.