Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NOIRMAGEDDON-A Mark Anvil Thriller

Hello people!
Jonny T here, Bringing you my thoughts on the new film from the hardest working man in indie films, Thomas Berdinski!
His new feature is called NOIRMAGEDDON-A Mark Anvil Thriller, well what can i say, it's great!
After Thomas's first features The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1&2 and then followed up by the great The Giant Rubber Monster Movie i kind of knew what to expect in terms of humour, gore and great production and i can tell you i wasn't one bit disappointed, The films plot goes as follows:-
"Private Investigator Mark Anvil gets way more than he bargained for when a chance encounter with an escapee from a local insane asylum leads to a brutal murder and maybe, the end of the world!"
So if you have seen any of Berdinski's work before you will know what to expect from the get go and if not you really should!

The film starts with the asylum escapee running down the road whilst we see Mark Anvil driving in his car (which is a super cool car by the way) and hearing reports of the said escapee on the radio, he stops to pick her up then away we go, They then make there way to a seedy part of town where the escapee gets brutally murdered and i mean brutally! From then on in Mark Anvil heads around town coming across some of the most insane characters you will EVER see including a great fight scene with a Mexican style wrestler, we also get a Shark attack a human centipede, oh and did i mention a slow motion pie fight and all in the space of the running time of 22 minutes!

Now not taking anything at all away from his great earlier work but i personally feel that this is his best work to date, both in terms of looks(filmed totally in black and white) the FX look great and the dialogue at times is hilarious and something that Tarantino would be proud of, yes folks it's that good.So if you have or have not seen his previous work you really should check out this and his other features, can't wait to see what he comes up with next, i mean, Italian Zombies to Giant rubber monsters on to Film noir, Berdinski could easily be seen as the modern day Roger Corman,
9/10 Jonny T.



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