Thursday, 22 December 2011

2012 Preview No.4-Livide, AMAZING!!!!!!!

So with a release date of January 2012 comes Livide, the new movie from the makers of the ultra violent and pretty fucking awesome "Inside" after giving the finger to Hollywood over studio interference on the proposed remake of Hellraiser they return to France to make what they like and how they like it!
This will definitely be at the top of my must see list along with REC3 especially after reading that at the preview screening some critics walked out at the apparent "Brain eating" scene, bring it on, Vive la France!!!

Livide-Official Trailer.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2012 Preview No.3:Jack The Giant Killer.

This one looks a good one for 2012, Directed by the great director Bryan Singer this kind of sudo Remake is a great telling of the legend that is Jack and The Beanstalk, looks super big FX and from the looks of the trailer there are many more giants than just the one!
Jonny T.


Monday, 19 December 2011

2012 Preview no.2----The Devil Inside

Another good looking Exorcism movie coming at you in 2012 is The Devil Inside, there seems to have been a re insurgence of the exorcism movies of late but to me this looks like one of the better ones,
Jonny T.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A week of 2012 preview starts with REC.3

Hello people,
Well it's nearly that there Xmas time! And i as I'm sure you all are are extremely busy but the week leading up to Xmas i will be doing a 2012 preview of the day of some of some films i thought looked interesting coming our way in 2012,So without further ado the 1st posting is...........


This has to be near the top of my list for MUST see films next year, i absolutely loved the REC films and from this newly released teaser trailer it looks just as good as the other 2 films, bring it on!!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Website of the week-Brit Zombie Girls art!!

Hello all!
This weeks website of the week is the awesome Etsy store brought to you by the fantastic artist that is Zoe Humphries-AKA Brit zombie girl!
She did some great artwork for the very 1st Jonnys Cult Films podcast and it's great to see that she has pushed herself forward in opening and selling her great artwork from all your favourite film characters, she also been featured on the U.S. website/Podcast  Cadverlab it seems the word is spreading and so it should.
All the artwork are limited edition prints and come with a certificate of authenticity/signed and they are all a very very reasonable price indeed.
I do think the artwork does resonate a great old school feel of the art on old cinema posters and it would be great to see some indie film maker out there maybe one day commission a poster, so if you are a film maker why not get in touch, it's  just an idea i that would make for great and original poster art, forget photo shop!
So head on over to her sites and check out what you could get now and support a great artist amongst the horror community.
Website links below.

The Etsy Shop---->

Zoe's Official site---->


Friday, 2 December 2011

A List of my Asian Cinema Favourites-Part 1.

Hello Folks,
It's list time again!
This time I'll be doing a list of my all time favourites from Asian Cinema, it's by no means the most comprehensive list but just a few titles i though of whilst thinking about the Asian cinema films that really stand out for me personally, No doubt there will be more list type posts that will include recommendations but these are a few of my favourite that you may or may have not seen and if you haven't i would highly recommend you seeking out these titles that include everything from hopping vampires through to heroic bloodshed,
Enjoy and thanks for looking,
Jonny T.

Mr Vampire.

A true classic in Chinese cinema, This was i recall probably one of my 1st experiences of Asian cinema and i loved it, it's creepy and really quite hilarious, The story of the hopping vampires that can be stopped by... a steak to the heart? Nope! Garlic? Nope! A crucifix? Nope! The only way you can stop these from hopping to your jugular is to stick a bit of yellow rice paper to their forehead, i kid you not! A real must see whether you are new to Asian cinema or you have never seen it, i can't recommend this one highly enough.

Encounters of a spooky kind-A.K.A Spooky encounters.

Sammo Hung at his finest, The legend that is Sammo Hung pulls out all the stops for this classic, Very much in the same vane as Mr Vampire and equally hilarious, the fight scenes are insane as is the ghosts, i remember being lucky enough to catch this at the cinema and the ending is just amazing, i remember it finished and me and my friend Simo both turned to each other and did the "What the fuck was that???" Amazing stuff from a true legend of Asian Cinema, Long Live Sammo!

A Classic scene from Encounters of a spooky Kind.

Once Upon a Time in China 2.

Jet Li continues his role as the Chinese legend Wong Fei-Hung in this follow up to the original Classic Once upon a time in China, Directed by one of the best directors to ever come out of China Tsui Hark and in my opinion is far superior in both pace and action than the original, the crowning glory has to be the final pole fight between Donnie Yen and Jet Li, Take no notice of the duff Hollywood stuff that Jet Li has made this his Hollywood days this in his him in his prime and and his awesome best.

A Better Tomorrow 2.

The good old genre of Heroic Bloodshed does not come much better than this! Starring The King of Heroic Bloodshed Chow Yun Fat and directed by the heroic maestro John Woo this set the very high standard of Heroic Bloodshed films which in my opinion no one ever topped, the shootout scenes go on for ages but not in a bad way, in a John Woo style with slo-mo Chow Yun Fat in long trench coat blasting the living shit out of everything! A Masterpiece.

Eastern Condors.

"An action film about a daring commando raid into Vietnam to destroy a munitions dump left behind by American marines." Well from the IMDB synopsis it doesn't sound like much but it certainly is! Explosions, massive fight scenes, great story and some of the best action you will ever see from the legendary pair of Sammo Hung and Biao Yuen, A MUST WATCH!!!!

Honourable mentions that go without saying!
Bullet in the head.
The Ring.
The Host.
The Grudge.
I Saw the Devil.
Fong Sai Yuk.
My Father the hero.
Iron Monkey.
13 Game of Death.
Hansel and Gretal.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chocolate-2008 Thailand Review.

Hello All,
Jonny T here bringing you a review of the pretty kick ass Thai movie from 2008 that is Chocolate.
The story starts based upon a forbidden love affair with a Thai female gangster and her Japanese Yakuza lover, There i s constant fighting and killing between the Thai and Japanese gangs that culminates in the Thai lady becoming pregnant and the Yakuza departs back to Japan, Story moves forward a few years and we get to see the birth of the young girl known as Zen, The DR tells the mother there have been some complication's and the child will require special needs, we see her young life unfold with various harrowing scenes of her being scared by basically anything or anyone around her and she shows a fascination with kung fu flicks and starts to practise the moves, she befriends a rather chubby boy who is great and helps her out and ultimately her mother who sadly develops cancer, he takes her around the streets performing what he calls a ball trick wherein anyone from any angle can throw a ball at her and she will catch it without flinching, he uses this and her to generate money required for the expensive treatment and drugs that her mother needs to hopefully get her on the road to recovery.
Then one day they find one of her mothers old books and hand written inside is a list of people that owe her a ton of money from way back and it's ,ore than enough to help pay for all the medical bills so they set off on the trail to pull in all the debts.

Needless to say this takes them to deal with some very dodgy characters the first lot they come up against is in an ice factory and they are told to get lost, seeing her mother so ill and after watching a few more kung fu flicks notably the one she watches mostly at this time is the other classic Thai kung fu flick Ong-Back, she decides to return to the ice factory, and when it all kicks in out come the Ong Back Tony Jaa moves!
The girl who plays Zen is Jeeja Yanin and it's difficult to tell how old she was when this was made but boy does she know her moves and zips around the screen kicking ass with breathtaking skill and speed, for example, there is one seen where she jumps from a balcony and land on top of a cabinet doing the splits!
The film follows pretty formulaic steps wherein the next place they go to gets more harsh especially the scene in the meat factory where she has to overcome her fear of flies and meat hooks are involved, some pretty nasty kills!But having said that the last 20 minutes or so are non stop action, there is a scene straight from kill bill in the Japanese tea house where she takes on around 30 guys, then here estranged father turns up and takes on about another 20 with a samurai sword and she has a pennant for copying many styles of fighting she see's as in her influence with Ong Bak and then i kid you not a retard kung fu guy with a massive twitch comes at her and kicks the shit out of her until she starts to replicate him!! But the scene that made it for me was the one where she is chasing and also being chased by a ton of gangster up the side of a building, leaping and kicking from one side to another whilst bouncing off street signs and bouncing the gangsters off ledges to the ground below, that's the great thing about Thai cinema it very much harps back to the early Jacki Chan insane stunt fests such as Armour of god and the like,
So in summing up, the first 20 minutes are at times painfully slow but please stick with it and you will NOT be disappointed,
Breathtaking stuff,
Jonny T.


Monday, 28 November 2011

Films you should get for Xmas!

Hello people,
So with good old Christmas just around the corner i though I'd Just do a little post with a few idea's of films to own and to stick on your list to Santa!
You may have heard of some of these or may not have but these are my top 10 more obscure films you really should have in your collection or on your list to the man in red,
Jonny T.

1-Who Can Kill a child.

One of my all time favourites, Made way back in 1976 a very obscure and difficult film to get hold of until this year with a great re-release which now contains the original 8 minutes that were cut from the beginning about the history of violence towards children, set on a lonely Greek island a honeymooning couple arrive only to find that there are no adults left only creepy sinister looking kid's, the atmosphere is quite brilliant, excellently paced and twists that will blow your hat off, a true classic you really should own.

2-Yokai Monsters-Spook Warfare.

This year i discovered the wonderful world that is Yokai Monsters, based upon the Japanese legendary monsters this and the Takashi Miike version are the only films in the series i have managed to catch so far but they are great, really quit bloody as well for films that are supposed to be aimed at kids, the big Vampire monster that steals soles is worth it alone but the parade of monsters and crazy variety could only be pulled of in Japanese cinema, Just awesome!

3-The Bicycle Thieves

A truly fantastic film from Italy from 1948, not horror by any means but just stunning, set in Post war Italy it tales the tale of a man struggling to find a job and eventually does as a cinema poster flyer man who sadly has his beloved bike stolen and the rest of the film he tries to retrieve it with the help of his son, i admit it doesn't sound the most enthralling story but the way it's filmed and the characters who you really feel for is phenomenal, try something different and give this one a try.

4-The Old Dark House.

A solid gold Universal classic from 1932, a little seen and quite hard to track down on DVD in the UK at least, Karloff does star in this but by no means is the star, The scene is set for broken down motorists stranded and only shelter available is in The Old Dark House where in lies a family of complete loons!
Will they all make it through the night and who is the relative the have locked in the Attic room?
Atmospheric beyond belief and characters that defined the Era, a must have.


Definitely 1 of the top 3 films i have seen this year, it's a dark and twisted tale told in 3 parts based upon the confessions of a school teacher and people who interact with her, it has some absolutely brilliant twists and the slow-mo visuals from director Tetsuya Nakashima in places are breathtaking, if you are into Asian cinema or not this is still one you need to see and definitely ask Santa for!


I have seen this title knocking about for years but it was one that i never got around to seeing but when my i was reminded of it whilst listening to THE man Vaughn's show Motion Picture Massacre (which by the way is a great podcast!) i thought i have to see it and low and behold the good old Arrow films released it and it is insane! I reviewed it a while back on the blog and loved it, so if your into your 80's cheesy slashers with a ton of gore you could do no wrong with finding this title in your stocking!


Yet another fantastic flick this time from Thailand, very brutal with an incredible twist that you won't see coming in a million years, the story of two young boys growing up in a very violent neighbourhood when later in life a serial killer takes to the streets and boy is is brutal! An absolute must see!

8-Storm Warning.

One of the best ozploitation films of the last few years, I've seen it come in for a bit of criticism but i personally loved it, the tale of a couple who take a tranquil boat trip but get stuck out in a storm and take refuge in a grotty looking outback house only to discover that two reel backwater brothers live there with their absolute pshyco dad, could be classed as a rape revenge flick but boy what revenge,those fish hooks, ouch!!! Great stuff.

9-Spider Baby.

I cannot say how much i love this film, it's one of those that never gets dull no matter how many times you watch it, quite gory for the time and fantastic characters of the psycho family especially the part played by the legendary Sid Haig, one you should have on your shelf now!


This one is an absolute favorite of here at Jonnys Cult films, Vincent Cassell as the head of a rural family that has to be seen to be believed, it's mind blowing in every sense, you will laugh, be shocked and grossed and and make sure you watch the end credits to see Vincent in the creepiest make up ever, Tell Santa to stick this at the top of your list!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Breaking News: an Autozombiography-Book of the month!

“N.J. Hallard is THE zombie author you want in your survival enclave after the rising”
Professor of English
Brendan Riley PhD
‘Zombies in Popular Media’
Columbia College Chicago

Hello Folks,
Welcome to a new monthly feature "Book of the month" and this for November i have chosen Breaking News: an Autozombiography  by the great chap N.J. Hallard, I have read this a couple of times now and it does get better with each read and i must say that i am really looking forward to Rising Up: an Autozombiography the sequel which is planned for next year, Breaking news tells the story of the start of the Zombie apocalypse and events thereafter, the characters are really well written and you get a great feel for thier plight and do feel a hell of a lot of empathy for them which i feel with a lot of stuff i've read that the characters are not that deep and most of the time you really don't care what happens to them, oh i did i mention the dog?Also a great feature of the book is the artwork hand drawn by N.J Himself wich is very very cool indeed, see the pictures below, Just Awesome!
So get your order in for xmas, either treat yourself or give it to a loved one, wether they like horror or not it's a cracking read that never lets up in pace and will keep you gripped until the very last page and leave you shouting " I wanna read Rising up!!"
Jonny T.

Here be some links for all your details of how to get Breaking News and keep an eye out for Rising Up.
 Your Copy of Breaking News.-The link to get your copy in every format you can think of! -The Official Site.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Amazing Ghanain movie trailers!!!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here, just crawling around the old Internet and came across these CRAZY looking trailers for 3 films from Ghana!! I've not managed to track down these yet but if you do find them please let me know, i bet Spielberg is shitting his pants as the competition for Tin Tin arrives from Ghana!
Enjoy, 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonny T!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

2011-What Happened to Horror?

Well tiz nearly the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la!(who said Bah Humbug???)
With the end of the year approaching and the new year and possibly the end of the world in 2012 according to religious lunatics i have to ask myself about 2011 and say "What Happened to horror?"
For me personally it has been a pretty weak year in the great horror release stakes, sure there have been a few good exceptions in my eyes with the likes of Troll Hunter, Tucker and Dale VS Evil, Final Destination 5,Stakeland and Scream 4 was even ok but i really can't think of any others that were that great.I mean what happened to all the Halloween horrors that used to be released?
Amongst the others that disappointed were The Dead-Great Zombies but way too long and overly visualised with a story that has been told many many times, Insidious-great first half but then just turned into Poltergeist with Darth Maul rather than Slimy tennis balls,Paranormal Activity 3-More plot holes than a kilo of Swiss Cheese and finally the very poor Human Centipede 2-personally one of my biggest let downs of the year.

A Visual depiction of the plot from Paranormal Activity 3.

So this year i have watched some great films but non in the horror genre have really blown me away, seen great films such as the Asian films, I Saw the devil, Confessions, Slice and finally got to see the Donnie Yen classic IP Man as well as films such as Driver-Ryan Gosling was quite superb and old classics such as The Old Dark house, Horrors of the black museum,Horror Hospital and even re watched Karen Black in her best role in Trilogy of terror.

Karen Blacked, Pissed off with this years releases.

The Prequel to The Thing has yet to hit the UK bust comes out in December so that's my last hope of this years releases being good and i hope next year is better as there is some interesting titles coming our way, non more so  than Livide, The new film from Directors of the French Classic from 2007 Inside,Alexandre and Julien Maury, it apparently has already been shown at very selected festival and everyone is saying how shocking a so called "Brain Eating" Scene is so anyone who has seen Inside will more than know what to expect from these guys,if you haven't seen it stop reading this and go see it now!
Over the next month I'll be trawling around the old web and bringing news of what potentially could be the best films of 2012, But then again as with titles i have mentioned from this year i hope we all aren't disappointed, watch this space.............
Jonny T.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Human Centipede 2?Stick it up your ass!!

Hello people,
Well after a pretty poor year on the whole (no pun intended) i was really looking forward to The Human Centipede 2 and what can i say, it's terrible!
Now i know i'm probably guna take some shit for this (please note it will be full of HC2 cliches!!) but i really did think it was a real let down, Ok so it's filmed in black and white to add effect and i've heard it said that it is more of an arthouse film because of it, i personally would call it an arse house film, The story as you may know revolves around Martin the sad loner car park attendant that lives at home with Mother in their run down flat and his dad is in prison for abusing him which is mum constantly blames him for,There lies the first problem for me,yet another story of abuse leading to the creation of a psycho,How about someone who just flips?He has more than an unheatly obsession with the original film which involves owning a scrapbook on it as well as a pet and rather aggresive Centipede, oh and and wanks himself off with sandpaper whilst watching the movie at every given oputunity he can,he works shifts that seem mainly nights in the lower level of a parkin lot and randomly pick out his victims as to re-create the original film but this time a full sequence involving 12 people, so picks off the people at random and takes them along to a rented warehouse until he has the full amount to start his version of The Human Centipede.

As i mentioned he lives in a grotty flat with his constantly nagging mother and a neighbour that blasts his music so all can here, as i said the acting is terrible and when we first see the neighbour who threaten to smash his fackin' face in the level of Cockney acting makes Dick Van Dyke and Danny " oi you caant" Dyer seem like masters of the cinema, cringe inducing!
So he gets all his 12 and a couple die etc but the lead girl can't shit, so he blasts her full of laxative and the rest until the shit flows with the explosion of shit which is the only scene in colour, maybe this was a metefor as the film itself is a big explosion of shit, Martin doesn't have any dialogue just stares blankly with his big bold bug eyes, he's probably thinking what the fuck am i doing in this??? Then that kind of reverts back to the fact of the bad acting, i mean i know some actors will do anything for a job but the level of these actors is shocking and all they are good for is sticking there heads up other peoples arses, at least that meant that they were sucking shit rather than talking it.
Now rant over i can see why people will be having a laugh watching this and i salute Tom Six for basically showing everything that people said you didn't see in the first film but as i say if you see it just don't expect to much and you may get something out of it but i personally didn't, akin to a serbian film the scene with the pregnant lady and the baby and the car ( you will know what this is when you see it) was done in an awful effect that was similar tihe worse FX in a bad Troma movie.
I can see all the points that I think that Tom Six is trying to make,such as he does show you everything,He has pushed the limit in utter shock value,it's said that it's a finger to censorship and the argument that says horror movies or movies in general effect people and make them do bad things so on them points I really can't fault him,But like I said it just didn't do it for me personally.
If you want a great take on The Human Centipede 2, make sure to head over to and listen to Mike And Sam's hillarious take on HC2 in the latest Podcast.
Jonny T.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Classic Horror Campaign live this sunday!!

Hello folks!
With the cold dark November days dragging on what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the  guys from Classic Horror Campaign and 2 classic movies!
So if you are around the London area make sure you get down there or even if your not it will be well worth the journey.
The Classic horror campaign has been going for quite a while now and weekly gathers more momentum, originally started to bring back classic double bills to the BBC it has now rolled out to cinemas with special screenings and event and also some very special guests, so if you have yet to see what they are up to and what it's all about please be sure to click on the links below and sign the petition and bring back classic horror!
Jonny T.

Press Release
Classic Horror Campaign

The Killer Creature Double Feature takes place at the Roxy Bar & Screen near London Bridge on Sunday 13th November from 3pm featuring Curse of the Cat People (1944) and Frogs (1972).
For further information please contact  or email

Twitter - @horrorcampaign
The Classic Horror Campaign has been set up in order to persuade the BBC and other television networks to bring these legendary films back to our screens so that they may be shared and appreciated by a whole new generation.
The campaign is currently supported by various celebrities including Emily Booth, Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman, Reese Shearsmith, actress Eileen Daly, best-selling author David Moody and Hammer Horror stalwarts Shane Briant and Caroline Munro.
The Classic Horror Campaign presents regular classic horror double bill screenings around the country in the style of the old BBC2 seasons of the seventies and eighties including a horror quiz, guest appearances and free prize giveaways.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Troll Hunter Comes to DVD and Blu Ray.

Good Day to you all!
I bring news today of the DVD and Blu Ray release of the quite fantastic Troll Hunter another in the growing list of great Scandinavian Horror films, i first saw the trailer some time last year and thought to myself "is this a real film???" and it certainly was and got to see it and loved it! To say the budget is low the FX are quite fantastic, it  has great pacing with slow build up and slight sneak views of the Trolls and the pay off at the end is brilliant, so i am really looking forward to getting the proper release of this!
I've stuck all the details below of release date etc, so enjoy,
Jonny T.


One of the biggest hits with audiences at this year’s Film4 Frightfest and a major critical success during its subsequent UK theatrical release in September 2011, which saw it earning Four Star reviews in Empire (“spectacular fun”), Total Film (“ a true one off... it will quite simply blow you away”) and Time Out (“shot through with an unexpected, often unsettling, humour”), the horror-comedy Troll Hunter bursts its way on to DVD and Blu-ray on 9th January 2012.
The debut feature from Norwegian director Andre Ovredal, this “original and highly assured fusion of B-movie lore and fairytale terror” (The Hollywood Reporter) combines the vision of “Where The Wild Things Are” with the faux-documentary, found-footage stylings of “Cloverfield”, “REC” and “The Blair Witch Project” to produce an “enormously entertaining” (Variety) and suspense-filled creature feature that the Daily Star rated as 'one of the finest monster movies ever" and Total Film described as being “like David Attenborough taking a stroll into Roald Dahl’s brain.”
Following the deaths of a couple of tourists and a spate of livestock mutilations in the mountains and forests of Norway, the government’s official line is that rogue bears are responsible. But the local hunters don’t agree and neither does a trio of college students who have been stalking an alleged poacher, Hans, with the intention of making a documentary film about him. Their persistence in pursuing Hans finally pays off when the filmmakers become victims of a night-time attack by something that is obviously much larger than a bear. In the aftermath, Hans agrees to an interview in which he reveals the truth regarding his occupation – he is actually a government employed troll hunter. Sceptical, the students volunteer to assist this unlikely hero in his work on the understanding that they will be allowed to document the proceedings and publicly reveal the heavily guarded secrets of a race of creatures thought only to exist in fairly tales.
A “clever and engaging mock documentary” (The New York Times) that is “fun, funny and fearless” (Little White Lies), Troll Hunter is “an instant cult classic” (IGN).

Troll Hunter (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£17.99) and Blu-ray (£19.99) by Momentum Pictures on 9th January 2011. Special Features include; Trailer; deleted scenes; improvs and bloopers; extended scenes; visual effects; behind the scenes; HDNet: A Look at Troll Hunter; photo galleries.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Paranormal Activity 3, The Film VS The Trailers!

The following post does contain spoilers if you've yet to see Paranormal Activity 3.

So we went to see Paranormal Activity 3, i had avoided the trailers as for fear of seeing anything that they may show you within the trailer that will lose effect when i got to see it on the big screen, i found this out recently when i went to see Rise of the planet of the apes and pretty much every great scene is in the trailer, blah!
I  found it to be an OK addition to the series but the whole 2 minutes of fixed camera with nothing happening is in my opinion getting somewhat tiresome, it wasn't as good as the second film but better than the 1st, that's all can say really, although it's now official that it has had the biggest grossing opening weekend of any horror film in history, costing a mere $5 million  to make and grossing over $80 million upon its opening weekend, needless to say that number 4 has now been given the green light, it may take me some persuading to get Emma to see that one on the cinema though!
Anyway, on to the trailers, i was listening to the great Horror Etc podcast and they covered the film and Ted mentioned to Tony about the huge differences in the trailers to the actual film so i thought i must have a look, so i did and was blown away by the differences, now i know that these days you will always get the directors cut, too scary for cinema blah blah money spinning DVD release thing but within the 2nd trailer it could have been a completely different film and storyline, so what happened?
Maybe you can help because I'm confused!!
Jonny T. 

Trailer 1.

Not too many differences in this one-:

1/ A burnt photograph of the girl, not in the film.???

2/ Now this is a BIG difference, the two girls standing in the bathroom saying "Bloody Mary" 3 times to evoke the evil spirit, one girl shines a torch upward on her face, the other is scared so the open the door to leave and reveal a dark figure in the bathroom, now this is in the film but completely different as in the film it's one girl and the step fathers friend and no black figure????

Trailer 2.

Lots of things in this trailer!!

1/ The girls whilst being filmed knock on a mirror and something knocks back, not in the film.

2/The mum actually watching some of the paranormal activity on video but also not in the film as she bluntly refuses in the film to watch any of the video tapes.not in the film

3/ Filmed during the night where one of the girls wakes up and walks along the Bannister only to fall off the other side and then run back up the stairs laughing, not in the film.

4/ The girl reveals to her mum that her ghost friend is standing next to her and throws a glass of water to reveal a shape, now this does happen in the film as in the fact the girl mentions that her friend is standing next to her but no water is thrown and no shape is revealed.

5/ A paranormal investigator is seen going around the house, investigating the symbols drawn within the girls bedroom cupboard, then seen talking to the mum and friend, the slammed back and forth onto the table, none of this is in the film.

6/ One of the young girl's is seen hiding and cowering in the back of the car in her nightgown at night, not in the film.

7/ Electric sockets start to explode and we see the house burning down, a big bit not in the film.

8/ In the final part that i could see not in the film, the mums shouts "we have to get out of here" at which point she is thrown through the air onto the bed and the bedroom door slams shut.

So there you go, i counted a total of 11, there maybe more and there may well be an explanation, i'm sure it will all be explained on the super directors special edition 3 disc remastered unseen too scary for cinema DVD release,
Jonny T.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Frankenhooker comes to Blu-Ray.

Hello Folks,
Well i for one am very pleased and looking forward with great anticipation the Blu Ray release of Frankenhooker, If you've never seen it you really should, it's an absolute blast!
Another great looking release from Arrow Video  i have to say the cover art is great!Packed full of extras, i do already own the DVD release from a few years back and the print is a little dodgy and hardly any extras but i will definitely be adding this release to my collection, I've stuck all the details below of the release so get your pre-order in!
Jonny T.


Finding a girl when you’re a nerdy science geek can be hard. But what happens if that special someone dies in a bizarre gardening accident and it’s all your fault?

Meet Jeffrey Franken. He’s just killed the love of his life and now he’s going to rebuild her... from the body parts of the dead streetwalkers who exploded when he introduced them to a lethal new drug, Supercrack!
Little does he know that a good recipe requires the correct ingredients. Jeffrey isn’t putting his life back together; he’s building... a Frankenhooker!

From the twisted imagination of Frank Henenlotter (Bad Biology; the Basket Case trilogy; Brain Damage), and starring James Lorinz (Street Trash; Last Exit To Brooklyn), comes a movie that pays loving tribute to the worst excesses of the American Grindhouse.
Frankenhooker (cert. 18) will be released on Blu-ray (£24.99) by Arrow Video on 2nd January 2012.
Special Features

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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Jonnys Cult films top 10 cult film deaths

Jonny and I are having a short but well earned break but before we take a day or two away from blogging. We thought it would be fun to share with you our favourite deaths from classic cult films...
Gav’s top 5 kills
1.     Paul McCrane playing Emile Antonowsky in Paul Verhoven’s classic Robocop.
I can’t tell you how many times I watched this scene when I was growing up. During a shoot out towards the films climax Robocop shoots the wind screen out of Emile’s van. In the distraction he drives head on into a conveniently located vat of toxic waste. Completely messed up and all melted from the acid he wanders around making this hideous groan before disappearing under the wheels of Clarence Boddicker’s 6000SUX.

2.     Duane Jones playing Ben Huss in George A. Romero’s sublime zombie flick Night of the living dead.
Wow! Who saw this one coming? After surviving the night from hell Ben is accidentally shot dead by his would be rescuers, suspecting that he is a zombie. A truly wicked and surprising finale to one of the best horror films ever made. Years ahead of its time!

3.     William Vail & Teri McMann playing Kirk & Pam in Tobe Hooper’s 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
After a slow and brooding opening the true horror of Leather face is finally introduced when he suddenly appears and smashes through Kirk’s skull with a mallet. To make the attack all the more visceral and realistic Kirk’s leg kicks out in uncontrollable spasms. Moments later his girlfriend Pam is rather unceremoniously hung from a meat hook while Kirk is chopped up for Texas style BBQ. And to think Tobe was pushing for a PG-13 rating... What a knob head!

4.     John Michael Graham playing Bob Simms in John Carpenters Halloween. Following a bout of pre-marital teen sex Bob is ordered by girlfriend Lynda to ‘go get me a beer’. Whilst in the kitchen he is attacked by Michael Myers and pinned to the kitchen wall with a knife. What makes this kill really cool is Michael’s slight head turn as he studies his dangling prey. Admiring his own work, it is the only point in the film when we see any kind of emotion from Michael.

5.     Kane Hodder Playing Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th part vii The new blood. 
 Considering the amount of kills Jason has under his belt this is definitely my favourite. Grabbing an unsuspecting camper whilst still in her sleeping bag he swings her like a baseball bat into a nearby tree! A simple but ingenious fatality which just so happens to be Kane Hodder’s favourite kill to!  


Jonny's Top 5 Kills.

1-Zombie head chop from Dawn of the Dead

Well it's my all time favourite film and this scene and kill is a classic! Achieved by simply pulling a piece of string to remove the scalp but what a great effect, always loved it and still do!

2-Mass Infected slaughter from 28 weeks later.

The good old hero hellicopter pilot risks his life and tilts the copter forward to save his pals and slice up the infected on a mass scale! Not the greatest of films but what a fantastic idea for a kill!

3-Irreversible Fire Extinguisher Scene.

Now what an intense film, very harsh to watch but this kill is WOW out there, as Emma said "The most vicious fucking start to a film ever"
Apologies for the low quality of this video but it was unfortunately the only one i could find.

4-Jason X Frozen face kill

By no means the best of the Friday 13th franchise but what a kill!
Jason in space and still as deadly!!!

5-Dr Coopers death in The Thing.

Also in my top 5 movies of all time is The Thing, This scene just shows how incredible the practical FX are, still in my opinion not surpassed by anything!

So there you have it folks, our top 10 kills, but looking back on reflection there are so so many more, maybe we'll start making this a regular feature, and see below 3 great bonus videos from our favourite killers!
Thanks for taking the time to view and hope you enjoyed,
Jonny T and Big Man Gav.


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