Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Paranormal Activity 3, The Film VS The Trailers!

The following post does contain spoilers if you've yet to see Paranormal Activity 3.

So we went to see Paranormal Activity 3, i had avoided the trailers as for fear of seeing anything that they may show you within the trailer that will lose effect when i got to see it on the big screen, i found this out recently when i went to see Rise of the planet of the apes and pretty much every great scene is in the trailer, blah!
I  found it to be an OK addition to the series but the whole 2 minutes of fixed camera with nothing happening is in my opinion getting somewhat tiresome, it wasn't as good as the second film but better than the 1st, that's all can say really, although it's now official that it has had the biggest grossing opening weekend of any horror film in history, costing a mere $5 million  to make and grossing over $80 million upon its opening weekend, needless to say that number 4 has now been given the green light, it may take me some persuading to get Emma to see that one on the cinema though!
Anyway, on to the trailers, i was listening to the great Horror Etc podcast and they covered the film and Ted mentioned to Tony about the huge differences in the trailers to the actual film so i thought i must have a look, so i did and was blown away by the differences, now i know that these days you will always get the directors cut, too scary for cinema blah blah money spinning DVD release thing but within the 2nd trailer it could have been a completely different film and storyline, so what happened?
Maybe you can help because I'm confused!!
Jonny T. 

Trailer 1.

Not too many differences in this one-:

1/ A burnt photograph of the girl, not in the film.???

2/ Now this is a BIG difference, the two girls standing in the bathroom saying "Bloody Mary" 3 times to evoke the evil spirit, one girl shines a torch upward on her face, the other is scared so the open the door to leave and reveal a dark figure in the bathroom, now this is in the film but completely different as in the film it's one girl and the step fathers friend and no black figure????

Trailer 2.

Lots of things in this trailer!!

1/ The girls whilst being filmed knock on a mirror and something knocks back, not in the film.

2/The mum actually watching some of the paranormal activity on video but also not in the film as she bluntly refuses in the film to watch any of the video tapes.not in the film

3/ Filmed during the night where one of the girls wakes up and walks along the Bannister only to fall off the other side and then run back up the stairs laughing, not in the film.

4/ The girl reveals to her mum that her ghost friend is standing next to her and throws a glass of water to reveal a shape, now this does happen in the film as in the fact the girl mentions that her friend is standing next to her but no water is thrown and no shape is revealed.

5/ A paranormal investigator is seen going around the house, investigating the symbols drawn within the girls bedroom cupboard, then seen talking to the mum and friend, the slammed back and forth onto the table, none of this is in the film.

6/ One of the young girl's is seen hiding and cowering in the back of the car in her nightgown at night, not in the film.

7/ Electric sockets start to explode and we see the house burning down, a big bit not in the film.

8/ In the final part that i could see not in the film, the mums shouts "we have to get out of here" at which point she is thrown through the air onto the bed and the bedroom door slams shut.

So there you go, i counted a total of 11, there maybe more and there may well be an explanation, i'm sure it will all be explained on the super directors special edition 3 disc remastered unseen too scary for cinema DVD release,
Jonny T.


  1. You know... It's weird and can be seen as "false advertising", but all in all, it kept me guessing. So, I guess, as long as the film doesn't suffer without those scenes, I'm cool with it.

  2. With you on that sir, I'm just glad I didn't watch the trailer before I went, Enjoyable series kind of akin to fun with the final destation series, just have to take them for what they are,
    Jonny t