Monday, 28 November 2011

Films you should get for Xmas!

Hello people,
So with good old Christmas just around the corner i though I'd Just do a little post with a few idea's of films to own and to stick on your list to Santa!
You may have heard of some of these or may not have but these are my top 10 more obscure films you really should have in your collection or on your list to the man in red,
Jonny T.

1-Who Can Kill a child.

One of my all time favourites, Made way back in 1976 a very obscure and difficult film to get hold of until this year with a great re-release which now contains the original 8 minutes that were cut from the beginning about the history of violence towards children, set on a lonely Greek island a honeymooning couple arrive only to find that there are no adults left only creepy sinister looking kid's, the atmosphere is quite brilliant, excellently paced and twists that will blow your hat off, a true classic you really should own.

2-Yokai Monsters-Spook Warfare.

This year i discovered the wonderful world that is Yokai Monsters, based upon the Japanese legendary monsters this and the Takashi Miike version are the only films in the series i have managed to catch so far but they are great, really quit bloody as well for films that are supposed to be aimed at kids, the big Vampire monster that steals soles is worth it alone but the parade of monsters and crazy variety could only be pulled of in Japanese cinema, Just awesome!

3-The Bicycle Thieves

A truly fantastic film from Italy from 1948, not horror by any means but just stunning, set in Post war Italy it tales the tale of a man struggling to find a job and eventually does as a cinema poster flyer man who sadly has his beloved bike stolen and the rest of the film he tries to retrieve it with the help of his son, i admit it doesn't sound the most enthralling story but the way it's filmed and the characters who you really feel for is phenomenal, try something different and give this one a try.

4-The Old Dark House.

A solid gold Universal classic from 1932, a little seen and quite hard to track down on DVD in the UK at least, Karloff does star in this but by no means is the star, The scene is set for broken down motorists stranded and only shelter available is in The Old Dark House where in lies a family of complete loons!
Will they all make it through the night and who is the relative the have locked in the Attic room?
Atmospheric beyond belief and characters that defined the Era, a must have.


Definitely 1 of the top 3 films i have seen this year, it's a dark and twisted tale told in 3 parts based upon the confessions of a school teacher and people who interact with her, it has some absolutely brilliant twists and the slow-mo visuals from director Tetsuya Nakashima in places are breathtaking, if you are into Asian cinema or not this is still one you need to see and definitely ask Santa for!


I have seen this title knocking about for years but it was one that i never got around to seeing but when my i was reminded of it whilst listening to THE man Vaughn's show Motion Picture Massacre (which by the way is a great podcast!) i thought i have to see it and low and behold the good old Arrow films released it and it is insane! I reviewed it a while back on the blog and loved it, so if your into your 80's cheesy slashers with a ton of gore you could do no wrong with finding this title in your stocking!


Yet another fantastic flick this time from Thailand, very brutal with an incredible twist that you won't see coming in a million years, the story of two young boys growing up in a very violent neighbourhood when later in life a serial killer takes to the streets and boy is is brutal! An absolute must see!

8-Storm Warning.

One of the best ozploitation films of the last few years, I've seen it come in for a bit of criticism but i personally loved it, the tale of a couple who take a tranquil boat trip but get stuck out in a storm and take refuge in a grotty looking outback house only to discover that two reel backwater brothers live there with their absolute pshyco dad, could be classed as a rape revenge flick but boy what revenge,those fish hooks, ouch!!! Great stuff.

9-Spider Baby.

I cannot say how much i love this film, it's one of those that never gets dull no matter how many times you watch it, quite gory for the time and fantastic characters of the psycho family especially the part played by the legendary Sid Haig, one you should have on your shelf now!


This one is an absolute favorite of here at Jonnys Cult films, Vincent Cassell as the head of a rural family that has to be seen to be believed, it's mind blowing in every sense, you will laugh, be shocked and grossed and and make sure you watch the end credits to see Vincent in the creepiest make up ever, Tell Santa to stick this at the top of your list!!


  1. Considering I have seen only 2 of these films... this would be a great list for me :) It's always great to see a list of "best of" films that have flicks I still need to experience.

  2. Thanks man!
    What 2 have you seen?
    Jonny t