Thursday, 17 November 2011

2011-What Happened to Horror?

Well tiz nearly the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la!(who said Bah Humbug???)
With the end of the year approaching and the new year and possibly the end of the world in 2012 according to religious lunatics i have to ask myself about 2011 and say "What Happened to horror?"
For me personally it has been a pretty weak year in the great horror release stakes, sure there have been a few good exceptions in my eyes with the likes of Troll Hunter, Tucker and Dale VS Evil, Final Destination 5,Stakeland and Scream 4 was even ok but i really can't think of any others that were that great.I mean what happened to all the Halloween horrors that used to be released?
Amongst the others that disappointed were The Dead-Great Zombies but way too long and overly visualised with a story that has been told many many times, Insidious-great first half but then just turned into Poltergeist with Darth Maul rather than Slimy tennis balls,Paranormal Activity 3-More plot holes than a kilo of Swiss Cheese and finally the very poor Human Centipede 2-personally one of my biggest let downs of the year.

A Visual depiction of the plot from Paranormal Activity 3.

So this year i have watched some great films but non in the horror genre have really blown me away, seen great films such as the Asian films, I Saw the devil, Confessions, Slice and finally got to see the Donnie Yen classic IP Man as well as films such as Driver-Ryan Gosling was quite superb and old classics such as The Old Dark house, Horrors of the black museum,Horror Hospital and even re watched Karen Black in her best role in Trilogy of terror.

Karen Blacked, Pissed off with this years releases.

The Prequel to The Thing has yet to hit the UK bust comes out in December so that's my last hope of this years releases being good and i hope next year is better as there is some interesting titles coming our way, non more so  than Livide, The new film from Directors of the French Classic from 2007 Inside,Alexandre and Julien Maury, it apparently has already been shown at very selected festival and everyone is saying how shocking a so called "Brain Eating" Scene is so anyone who has seen Inside will more than know what to expect from these guys,if you haven't seen it stop reading this and go see it now!
Over the next month I'll be trawling around the old web and bringing news of what potentially could be the best films of 2012, But then again as with titles i have mentioned from this year i hope we all aren't disappointed, watch this space.............
Jonny T.

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  1. I wouldn't hold my breath for The Thing to save your horror year... :|