Sunday, 24 October 2010

Paranormal Activity 2-Review

Hello All,
Well it was a wet and windy Saturday afternoon with not a lot to do after finishing work, so me and my lady decided to go and see"Paranormal Activity 2". Which in light of the fact that we both really did not enjoy the 1st one, was a surprising choice.
But i must say that not seeing any reviews, as it been held back from press screenings and general reviews or have you seen posters or anything on google images?I find it quite odd with all the viral marketing the 1st on had,you couldn't go to the loo in a pub without seeing a poster,but this one,nothing,reverse psychology or crap marketing exec,who cares!we didn't know anything about it apart from the obvious comparisons from the 1st film in 2007,
So we sat down in a sold out cinema(which i usually hate due to the general idiots in today's society)and the film started.
From the start,say maybe the 1st 10-15 minutes in it was the usual character building etc with like in the 1st film night shots from CCTV with you waiting for something to happen then nothing does!
But then things really do start to happen,i can't really say too much without giving the best scenes away but this one is WAY better than than the 1st!
The story starts with the young family bringing home their newly born son"Hunter"and goes through the padding out sequence of the film by showing you his room and general house things and then one day they return home to find their house totally trashed with no explanation,nothing stolen from the house,just ripped apart.very odd.
So they decide to install camera's within every room in the house,where upon that's when we start seeing thing's that they don't,The very 1st thing is when Hunter awakes crying and his mum goes to check he is OK and take him into the bathroom then the Mobile that is attached to his bed starts to turn on its own,which is creepy and was funny as the lady in front of me pointed to the screen and said to her fella"ooh look its moving!!"no shit!
Things stroll along on Ala the 1st film but to me it seemed that this time around in my eyes anyway that everything that was wrong with the 1st film they got right in this one,better characters,better scares more tension building and loads better pay offs.I don't mean to sound harsh to the 1st film as i know it was super low budget but i really do think that it did set up the premise and expansion of the idea that has more than come to fruition in this scary flick,great stuff.
I must say our enjoyment was probably elevated somewhat by the fact that we did see it in the cinema with a full house,the reaction,the loudness when it started kicking off etc made it a lot more enjoyable but i would say if you get chance,go cinema,if not and you watch it at home,turn off the lights and crank up the volume but don't have a drink in your hand when you think things may happen as you may just jump out of your skin and spill it!
On a final note i must add that there is a great tie-in with the 1st film that is very rewarding indeed!
Thanks Paranormal activity people for giving me the film i had expected the first time around,
7.5/10,go see!
The website is probably all you will see on the web for now,
Worth a look,please click link below.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Jonnys cult films podcast,Episode 1 Part 2

Download the episode here!Epsode 1,Part 2. also available on I-Tunes.

Hello People,
Well at last here is part 2 of episode 1 of"Jonnys cultfilms podcast"
We were going to cover"Escape from New York"and"The Thing"within this episode but with our time restraints we just ended up doing the classic"Escape from new york"Such a great film and so much to talk about!
Also this episode are some more great Voice mails from mike at Mike at cadaver lab along with stephen from JAFMP and A great contest from my good friend and brilliant author keith latch to win a signed copy of"The Dark:a horror anthology"also Some fantastic advise from my good friend RootRot that we should all take note of!
So enjoy and feedback is always welcome!
Jonny t.

For the Chance to win"Dark:A horror anthology"Email me the answer to the question on the show to-jonnys cult films