Monday, 11 October 2010

Jonnys cult films podcast,Episode 1 Part 2

Download the episode here!Epsode 1,Part 2. also available on I-Tunes.

Hello People,
Well at last here is part 2 of episode 1 of"Jonnys cultfilms podcast"
We were going to cover"Escape from New York"and"The Thing"within this episode but with our time restraints we just ended up doing the classic"Escape from new york"Such a great film and so much to talk about!
Also this episode are some more great Voice mails from mike at Mike at cadaver lab along with stephen from JAFMP and A great contest from my good friend and brilliant author keith latch to win a signed copy of"The Dark:a horror anthology"also Some fantastic advise from my good friend RootRot that we should all take note of!
So enjoy and feedback is always welcome!
Jonny t.

For the Chance to win"Dark:A horror anthology"Email me the answer to the question on the show to-jonnys cult films

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