Monday, 30 August 2010

The Blackout-Review

When the lights go out...the feeding begins

"Los Angeles, Christmas Eve: a series of power outages, minor earth tremors and other strange events threaten to ruin the holidays.

But when the residents of a suburban apartment block experience a sudden total blackout, they are determined to investigate. Deep in the cavernous basement they make a shocking discovery - what is seemingly the breeding ground of a new race of blood-thirsty creatures
With it quickly becoming apparent that the frightening occurrences overtaking LA are connected, this group of rag-tag neighbours must put aside their differences and fight to save their city from an eternal blackness.
With time running out and the murderous creatures just getting started, they know they must restore the power, as when the lights go out for good, the feeding will "

Described by Horror-Movies as “A Masterpiece"
Written by: Jim Beck
Directed by: Robert David Sanders

Hello all,
I have just been sent and watched"The Blackout"and i loved it!Its a horror film that to me really harped back to the great low budget of the 80's,had a real "Deadly Spawn"feel to it,I've just thought i haven't got that,must get it!
The strory revolves around a tower block in Los angeles on christmas eve,we see lots of individuals in various apparments getting ready in their own way for christmas day.
Then things start to fall from the sky causing several powercuts throughout the city and apparment block,
A resident goes down into the basement and find out what happening,MISTAKE!!
This is where we see the first of the"Creatures that only come out in the dark and start feeding and boy do they start feeding!This has on the uk been given"18"certificate and it's easy to see why as it does not skimp on the gore.
You do get to relate to the characters really well and this makes the suspense and impending doom all the more relevant,a great little horror on a low budget all the budget really never shows with some great creature fx and bucket loads of gore,so if you love your creature features with plenty of suspense and gore this is for you!
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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kelly adams(Bronson,The Boxer,Holby City,Hustle)
Jonathan Rhodes(Bar Stewards,Confetti,Dead Eyes,Life Translated)
Lucy Evans(Coronation Street,ITV'S The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders)
Calita Rainford(Iron Cross,BBC's Auf Wiedersehen Pet)
From the production teams behind DIE ANOTHER DAY,HARRY POTTER AND TORCHWOOD.
"Ever wanted to predict the future?Ever believed in a conspiracy?The members of Beacon 77,A deicated group of computer hackers do and now they have hacked in they cannot get back out.....
Taking on the vatican's secrets with their computers,these hackers are now faced with puzzles of the Bible code,a code that if cracked would give anyone who uncovers it ultimate knowledge and ultimate power.But,once Beacon 77 discovers the worlds Conspiracies who is left to trust?
Never before has the battle between science and religion been so serious as never before has the future of the universe been in so much danger.
Who will win:the unprepared hackers who have discovered the deadly 7th Dimension or the omnipresent power that is far greater than any computer?"
"Managing to be both creep and tense,its refreshing to see a homegrown horror that is hugely entertaining"GOREZONE
"A Supernatural techno thriller.......Breathtaking"Brussels International Film Festival"
Hello all,
This week i have watched"The 7th dimension"a great little british sci-fi/horror title from director Brad Watson.
The story revolves around the 5 main characters in search of secrets held within the all poweful Vatican.The 2 main ladies Zoe ad Sarah decide to go to theretutors house because Zoe has a crush on him,When they arrive they discover that they are in fact computer hackers and when they discover how to hack into the Vaticans computer they end up finding way more than they ever bargained for,They find every answer to every conspiracy ever dreamed up by man,i always knew we were right!The action mainly takes place in there london flat with them trying everything to crack the codes and boy they do just that! Some great performance from some of the uk's up coming actors,This in  my opinion is a great little film that could easily be turned into a mini series and may well be you never know.
From the Producers of the fantastic tv series"Torchwood"you can really see the influences in this,its like a cross between"The Davinci Code"and"Hackers"in my opinion.
So if you are a fan of conspiracies and sci-fi this is the one for you!
Jonny t.
You can buy this dvd here-
Many thanks to Kaleidoscope Home entertainment for the preview DVD

The walking Dead-Ofiicial trailer

Hello people,
Well its not long now before the start of the brilliant looking"Walking Dead"TV Series,
The official trailer has now been released and is below.
There is also an official website as well with loads of real cool stuff to look at,so enjoy my freinds,enjoy!!
jonny t.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Win"Meat Grinder"and review!

Hello all,
Just seen the new much talked about asian horror"Meat Grinder"and i must say it lives up to the hype in EVERY way!On the great site mailto: it is currently sitting in there top 5 and i can see why.
Its the story of 3 generations of basically man hating women who like nothing more than to kill these unfortunate chaps and feed them to others,there is obviously a hell of a lot more to it than that but i would be revealing a lot by going into too much detail and really do not want to spoil this for anyone.
You get the idea of what's going on when the film has been on only about 10 minutes and she chops the leg of one unfortunate man then rubs his stump in marinate and stuffs his mouth with a mixture of herbs and spices until his cheeks bulge out like a fat greedy hamster!!But by all means that is NOT the end for him,She then decides to nail his hands to the floor,i thought"ooo hands and nails"but she then produces 5 nails for each hand and yes you guessed it,bangs a nail through each of his finger nails,its very hard to watch especially when he starts to move and his his fingers up and down and you see his nails moving up and down the nails,ouch!!!Then there is the scene with a few men in her cafe for dinner,But i will now stop and reccomend that you get it too see! 9/10.

So good people here is the press release and contest
"On August 23rd the gruesome, calculated and gory cannibal feast Meat Grinder arrives on DVD. To celebrate we have 5 copies of the film to give away on DVD.
A proud member of the "torture porn" sub-genre; Meat Grinder is an unforgiving horror film which slipped passed the BBFC uncut. Destined for cult status, the over-the-top gorefest stars Mai as a deranged woman who runs a noodle stall and is hearing voices in her head all the time. When she finds a dying man in her stall one night, she gets the idea to chop him up, and grind the body parts into meatballs as ingredients for her noodle soup. It turns out to be a popular dish, and as the stall gets more and more business, she must find a steady supply of fresh human meat to feed her customers.."

For your chance to win just answer the following question:
In the Meat Grinder trailer which body part is floating in the pot?
a. Hand

b. Foot

c. Head

d. Arm
Trailer link:

Many thanks to he guys at for supplying the contest prizes and i would reccomend have a look at the other great films they have!!

Just e-mail me the answer to The Contest will end on 30th august and the winners will be contacted by e-mail,you can pre order this title from
good luck!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

An interview with Jeremiah Kipp.

Hello people,
I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed Jeremiah Kipp the director of the creepy short film"Contact".
Its a very creepy black and white short that involves drug taking,nudity and weird imagery,all in the style of David lynch.I found it excellent and similar to "Eraserhead"in tone,The short has recieved critical acclaim and his next film"The Sadist"he is working with non other than the great Tom Savini,So "Jeremiah Kipp" is Definately a name to watch out for,Enjoy the interview and click the link to view"Contact".

1. Hey Jeremiah, tell us a little bit about your film making background.
My first movies were shot in the backyard when I was 12 years old, gathering all of the kids in my neighborhood to play zombies or vampires. After making around 300 of those, I cut together a reel and used it in my application to NYU film school. Running around the streets of New York with a 16mm film camera sealed the deal for me, and ever since I have worked in the movie business, directing short films and producing and assistant directing features. I just wrapped my first feature, THE SADIST, which was a "terror in the woods" movie starring Tom Savini.

2. The film is shot in black and white and to me has a very "David Lynch" feel to it. Was that the intention?
David Lynch is one of the great filmmakers of our time, and he taps into a heightened reality that, to me, more accurately represents our direct experience than most so-called naturalistic films. I would hope that kind of super-activity, or surrealism, is part of CONTACT, since I made the film because I am interested in people, and the connections forged in relationships, whether they be romantic or familial. If the film has a David Lynch feel to it, I hope that means it is about who we are, what we want, what we're afraid of. People think Lynch films are dreamlike, but I find them to be piercingly real, sometimes painfully so.

3. Are all the people in the film friends of yours? I especially like the character of the big drug dealer man, he was awesome!
It's good to work with people that you trust, both in front of and behind the camera. There are bonds of loyalty there, as well as an inherent knowledge that you understand and appreciate their work. Alan Rowe Kelly played the drug dealer, and I embraced having him in the role because in addition to being a cult actor and indie film icon, appearing in many low budget horror pictures, he is also a director. I've worked with him on set, and saw that he has amazing qualities as a leader, and an inherent magnetism and toughness that he doesn't often get to play onscreen. In addition to having a strong look, I liked the idea of having Alan in the role of a potential threat, as well as a character with punk dignity. He reminds me a little of Morrissey in CONTACT; an aging and poetic punk icon who could beat you down with a bicycle chain.

4. What was you inspiration for the subject matter of the film?
There is an annual horror film festival in New York called Sinister Six that screens short genre films every Halloween. The curator, Bryan Enk, asked me to contribute a film last year, which was to be the final incarnation of the festival. He called it "Sinister Six Must Be Destroyed!" and said that the filmmakers have to include gore and nudity. Aside from that, the content was up to us. From that emerged CONTACT. I was inspired by an image from an Edvard Munch painting called "The Kiss", as well as themes from my previous short film THE POD. That led to this project, which was put together fast and filmed quickly. The inspiration was hopefully a subconscious one.

5. What response from people/film makers have you had since the release of CONTACT?
The response has been very positive. I put the film online so audiences would have easy access to it. Festival exposure tends to be very expensive, and I wanted the movie to be for the people; it's meant to be available to anyone. The blog-o-sphere caught on and gave the movie tremendous exposure, and genre filmmakers such as Frank (BASKET CASE) Henenlotter, Larry (THE LAST WINTER) Fessenden and Paul (GRACE) Solet have shown great support and encouragement. The film was seen by two feature film producers, Frank Wibhey and Joe Pisani, who hired me to direct THE SADIST based on the strength of contact.

6. Is this your first feature and what upcoming projects do you have?
THE SADIST is my first feature. Principal photography was completed two days ago, and I found the experience of making the picture and working with Tom Savini both personally and professionally rewarding. I hope to make many more genre films, and already have some plans in the works.

7. Who if you could choose anybody would you like to work with on one of your films?
Tom Atkins is an outstanding actor; his work in genre films such as NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE FOG and MANIAC COP is impressive, and he invests his roles with depth and humanity. I also thought he gave a powerful performance as Kevin Bacon's father in LEMON SKY. Hopefully someday I'll have the opportunity to work with him. But there are so many actors and actresses I would love to work with, given the opportunity.

8.Do you have a website where people can follow upcoming projects?
The best place to view CONTACT is here  I can also be found, like everyone else, on Facebook.

9. Any plans to show CONTACT at any festivals?
I have and will, but have found its life on the internet to be more rewarding.

10. Any final words you'd like to add?
Thank you to those who have supported CONTACT, and I hope not to disappoint with THE SADIST, which is a down and dirty horror movie and also, I hope, an emotionally loaded terror piece as well as a roller coaster ride. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello all,
I was luky to recieve a preview copy of the finally release british classic"Let him have it"here is the synopsis:-

"From the director of The Krays comes a horrifying true story of injustice and murder.....
A policeman is shot dead and two South London boys stand accused of his murder. The verdict and the sentence passed upon the young Derek Bentley (Christopher Eccleston) proved to be as controversial as the crime. Both the verdict and the sentence were subsequently quashed. This is the case that shocked the nation."
(Shallow Grave, Elizabeth, eXistenZ, The Others)
(Doctor Zhivago, Nicholas Nickleby, The Golden Compass)
(The Krays, Romeo is Bleeding)

Well i have to see i did this this a few years back and i'm glad to say that its finally getting a dvd/blu-ray release.
It tells the story of"Derek Bentley"played brilliantly by"Christoper Eccleston".
The story starts during the blitz in london where we see the young derek being plucked lucky to be alive from a pile of bricks,then goes onto his teenage years where he is caught with a group of friends trying to steal tools from an old mans shed,when the old man confronts him Derek collapses and has his first of very many epeleptic fits,we then forward on seeing him released in his teenage years from a reform school,wich during the film he insisits it's not"prison".
Following derek through his teenage years its obvious that he's not reaaly all there,and during the trial of Derek it was quite astonishing that the fact of that he only had a mental age of 11 never came out.
His sister finally gives him the confidence to leave the house after not going out for nearly a year and takes a trip to the local record shop,this builds his confidence and his soon taking out his beloved dogs for walks when he comes across a local young villain/ganster wanna be.
Derek gets slowly sucked into the fantasy world of the young thugs comparing and distorting the real world from the glitz and glamour of hollywood gangster's(James Cagneys"White Heat"can be seen playing at the local cinema)
Dereks mother and father can see the way its going with the gangsters when one day Derek's father gets a birthday gift from him,stolen cigarettes.
In an attempt to finally get him away from the local thugs Derek's dad tries to conscript him into national service but this fails when(in a harrowing scene)the army test his statement that he has"epilepsy"by testing him with electrodes on his head wich in turn does enduce another fit.
So derek returns home and decides to say in again forever,in the meantime the young thug who was his best friend finds out that his brother has been caught for armed robbery and gets 12 years in prison,in what i can only think was sympathy for his friend Derek steals the keys from a local butcher's and in an attemp to impress his freinds he tells them he has the keys and one night the are going to"do the place"so it's on.
Derek meets up with his 3 friends and they take a trip to the butchers only to find that he is cleaning down for the day so 2 of the friends decide it's a waiste if time and decide to go elswhere whilst derek and his friend decide to hang around on the roof to awiat the butchers departure,but whilst climbing on the roof they are spotted by a local who in turn phones the police.
This is where it all really turns on its head.The police arrive,turn up on the roof and derek's friend points a gun at one of the policemen,derek shout"Let him have it"and his friend shoots..........................
We then see the scene play out with derek so distraught,it really is a brilliant scene where you really do feel for derek.The film then switch's to the trial where all the evidence is given and to say this is a true story you really cannot believe the verdict when Derek is found guilty and sentenced to hang,unbelievable indeed.
This is one of the biggest misscarage's of justice ever seen in the uk justice system and is indeed a fascinating case worth reading up on once or before you've seen this film.
Brilliant performances all round,great locations,historically acurate in every way this is in my eyes a rarely mentioned british classic,i would put it up there with"10 Rillington Place"also i noticed in the closing credits that"iris bentley"dereks sister was a consultant on the film and it shows.
brilliant stuff.
"Let Him Have it" is released on 4 digital media dvd on August 9th and is a worthy collection to your dvd shelf!