Monday, 30 August 2010

The Blackout-Review

When the lights go out...the feeding begins

"Los Angeles, Christmas Eve: a series of power outages, minor earth tremors and other strange events threaten to ruin the holidays.

But when the residents of a suburban apartment block experience a sudden total blackout, they are determined to investigate. Deep in the cavernous basement they make a shocking discovery - what is seemingly the breeding ground of a new race of blood-thirsty creatures
With it quickly becoming apparent that the frightening occurrences overtaking LA are connected, this group of rag-tag neighbours must put aside their differences and fight to save their city from an eternal blackness.
With time running out and the murderous creatures just getting started, they know they must restore the power, as when the lights go out for good, the feeding will "

Described by Horror-Movies as “A Masterpiece"
Written by: Jim Beck
Directed by: Robert David Sanders

Hello all,
I have just been sent and watched"The Blackout"and i loved it!Its a horror film that to me really harped back to the great low budget of the 80's,had a real "Deadly Spawn"feel to it,I've just thought i haven't got that,must get it!
The strory revolves around a tower block in Los angeles on christmas eve,we see lots of individuals in various apparments getting ready in their own way for christmas day.
Then things start to fall from the sky causing several powercuts throughout the city and apparment block,
A resident goes down into the basement and find out what happening,MISTAKE!!
This is where we see the first of the"Creatures that only come out in the dark and start feeding and boy do they start feeding!This has on the uk been given"18"certificate and it's easy to see why as it does not skimp on the gore.
You do get to relate to the characters really well and this makes the suspense and impending doom all the more relevant,a great little horror on a low budget all the budget really never shows with some great creature fx and bucket loads of gore,so if you love your creature features with plenty of suspense and gore this is for you!
You can buy this dvd now on amazon-


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