Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kelly adams(Bronson,The Boxer,Holby City,Hustle)
Jonathan Rhodes(Bar Stewards,Confetti,Dead Eyes,Life Translated)
Lucy Evans(Coronation Street,ITV'S The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders)
Calita Rainford(Iron Cross,BBC's Auf Wiedersehen Pet)
From the production teams behind DIE ANOTHER DAY,HARRY POTTER AND TORCHWOOD.
"Ever wanted to predict the future?Ever believed in a conspiracy?The members of Beacon 77,A deicated group of computer hackers do and now they have hacked in they cannot get back out.....
Taking on the vatican's secrets with their computers,these hackers are now faced with puzzles of the Bible code,a code that if cracked would give anyone who uncovers it ultimate knowledge and ultimate power.But,once Beacon 77 discovers the worlds Conspiracies who is left to trust?
Never before has the battle between science and religion been so serious as never before has the future of the universe been in so much danger.
Who will win:the unprepared hackers who have discovered the deadly 7th Dimension or the omnipresent power that is far greater than any computer?"
"Managing to be both creep and tense,its refreshing to see a homegrown horror that is hugely entertaining"GOREZONE
"A Supernatural techno thriller.......Breathtaking"Brussels International Film Festival"
Hello all,
This week i have watched"The 7th dimension"a great little british sci-fi/horror title from director Brad Watson.
The story revolves around the 5 main characters in search of secrets held within the all poweful Vatican.The 2 main ladies Zoe ad Sarah decide to go to theretutors house because Zoe has a crush on him,When they arrive they discover that they are in fact computer hackers and when they discover how to hack into the Vaticans computer they end up finding way more than they ever bargained for,They find every answer to every conspiracy ever dreamed up by man,i always knew we were right!The action mainly takes place in there london flat with them trying everything to crack the codes and boy they do just that! Some great performance from some of the uk's up coming actors,This in  my opinion is a great little film that could easily be turned into a mini series and may well be you never know.
From the Producers of the fantastic tv series"Torchwood"you can really see the influences in this,its like a cross between"The Davinci Code"and"Hackers"in my opinion.
So if you are a fan of conspiracies and sci-fi this is the one for you!
Jonny t.
You can buy this dvd here-
Many thanks to Kaleidoscope Home entertainment for the preview DVD

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