Sunday, 8 August 2010

An interview with Jeremiah Kipp.

Hello people,
I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed Jeremiah Kipp the director of the creepy short film"Contact".
Its a very creepy black and white short that involves drug taking,nudity and weird imagery,all in the style of David lynch.I found it excellent and similar to "Eraserhead"in tone,The short has recieved critical acclaim and his next film"The Sadist"he is working with non other than the great Tom Savini,So "Jeremiah Kipp" is Definately a name to watch out for,Enjoy the interview and click the link to view"Contact".

1. Hey Jeremiah, tell us a little bit about your film making background.
My first movies were shot in the backyard when I was 12 years old, gathering all of the kids in my neighborhood to play zombies or vampires. After making around 300 of those, I cut together a reel and used it in my application to NYU film school. Running around the streets of New York with a 16mm film camera sealed the deal for me, and ever since I have worked in the movie business, directing short films and producing and assistant directing features. I just wrapped my first feature, THE SADIST, which was a "terror in the woods" movie starring Tom Savini.

2. The film is shot in black and white and to me has a very "David Lynch" feel to it. Was that the intention?
David Lynch is one of the great filmmakers of our time, and he taps into a heightened reality that, to me, more accurately represents our direct experience than most so-called naturalistic films. I would hope that kind of super-activity, or surrealism, is part of CONTACT, since I made the film because I am interested in people, and the connections forged in relationships, whether they be romantic or familial. If the film has a David Lynch feel to it, I hope that means it is about who we are, what we want, what we're afraid of. People think Lynch films are dreamlike, but I find them to be piercingly real, sometimes painfully so.

3. Are all the people in the film friends of yours? I especially like the character of the big drug dealer man, he was awesome!
It's good to work with people that you trust, both in front of and behind the camera. There are bonds of loyalty there, as well as an inherent knowledge that you understand and appreciate their work. Alan Rowe Kelly played the drug dealer, and I embraced having him in the role because in addition to being a cult actor and indie film icon, appearing in many low budget horror pictures, he is also a director. I've worked with him on set, and saw that he has amazing qualities as a leader, and an inherent magnetism and toughness that he doesn't often get to play onscreen. In addition to having a strong look, I liked the idea of having Alan in the role of a potential threat, as well as a character with punk dignity. He reminds me a little of Morrissey in CONTACT; an aging and poetic punk icon who could beat you down with a bicycle chain.

4. What was you inspiration for the subject matter of the film?
There is an annual horror film festival in New York called Sinister Six that screens short genre films every Halloween. The curator, Bryan Enk, asked me to contribute a film last year, which was to be the final incarnation of the festival. He called it "Sinister Six Must Be Destroyed!" and said that the filmmakers have to include gore and nudity. Aside from that, the content was up to us. From that emerged CONTACT. I was inspired by an image from an Edvard Munch painting called "The Kiss", as well as themes from my previous short film THE POD. That led to this project, which was put together fast and filmed quickly. The inspiration was hopefully a subconscious one.

5. What response from people/film makers have you had since the release of CONTACT?
The response has been very positive. I put the film online so audiences would have easy access to it. Festival exposure tends to be very expensive, and I wanted the movie to be for the people; it's meant to be available to anyone. The blog-o-sphere caught on and gave the movie tremendous exposure, and genre filmmakers such as Frank (BASKET CASE) Henenlotter, Larry (THE LAST WINTER) Fessenden and Paul (GRACE) Solet have shown great support and encouragement. The film was seen by two feature film producers, Frank Wibhey and Joe Pisani, who hired me to direct THE SADIST based on the strength of contact.

6. Is this your first feature and what upcoming projects do you have?
THE SADIST is my first feature. Principal photography was completed two days ago, and I found the experience of making the picture and working with Tom Savini both personally and professionally rewarding. I hope to make many more genre films, and already have some plans in the works.

7. Who if you could choose anybody would you like to work with on one of your films?
Tom Atkins is an outstanding actor; his work in genre films such as NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE FOG and MANIAC COP is impressive, and he invests his roles with depth and humanity. I also thought he gave a powerful performance as Kevin Bacon's father in LEMON SKY. Hopefully someday I'll have the opportunity to work with him. But there are so many actors and actresses I would love to work with, given the opportunity.

8.Do you have a website where people can follow upcoming projects?
The best place to view CONTACT is here  I can also be found, like everyone else, on Facebook.

9. Any plans to show CONTACT at any festivals?
I have and will, but have found its life on the internet to be more rewarding.

10. Any final words you'd like to add?
Thank you to those who have supported CONTACT, and I hope not to disappoint with THE SADIST, which is a down and dirty horror movie and also, I hope, an emotionally loaded terror piece as well as a roller coaster ride. Stay tuned.


  1. Nice interview! I enjoyed the film too. :-)

  2. I thought this film was great. Really cool atmosphere and Kipp is a real sweetheart. By the way, I tagged you in a meme over at !!