Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Website of the week-Brit Zombie Girls art!!

Hello all!
This weeks website of the week is the awesome Etsy store brought to you by the fantastic artist that is Zoe Humphries-AKA Brit zombie girl!
She did some great artwork for the very 1st Jonnys Cult Films podcast and it's great to see that she has pushed herself forward in opening and selling her great artwork from all your favourite film characters, she also been featured on the U.S. website/Podcast  Cadverlab it seems the word is spreading and so it should.
All the artwork are limited edition prints and come with a certificate of authenticity/signed and they are all a very very reasonable price indeed.
I do think the artwork does resonate a great old school feel of the art on old cinema posters and it would be great to see some indie film maker out there maybe one day commission a poster, so if you are a film maker why not get in touch, it's  just an idea i that would make for great and original poster art, forget photo shop!
So head on over to her sites and check out what you could get now and support a great artist amongst the horror community.
Website links below.

The Etsy Shop----> http://www.etsy.com/shop/Britzombiegirl?ref=si_shop

Zoe's Official site----> http://www.britzombiegirl.com/


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