Friday, 2 December 2011

A List of my Asian Cinema Favourites-Part 1.

Hello Folks,
It's list time again!
This time I'll be doing a list of my all time favourites from Asian Cinema, it's by no means the most comprehensive list but just a few titles i though of whilst thinking about the Asian cinema films that really stand out for me personally, No doubt there will be more list type posts that will include recommendations but these are a few of my favourite that you may or may have not seen and if you haven't i would highly recommend you seeking out these titles that include everything from hopping vampires through to heroic bloodshed,
Enjoy and thanks for looking,
Jonny T.

Mr Vampire.

A true classic in Chinese cinema, This was i recall probably one of my 1st experiences of Asian cinema and i loved it, it's creepy and really quite hilarious, The story of the hopping vampires that can be stopped by... a steak to the heart? Nope! Garlic? Nope! A crucifix? Nope! The only way you can stop these from hopping to your jugular is to stick a bit of yellow rice paper to their forehead, i kid you not! A real must see whether you are new to Asian cinema or you have never seen it, i can't recommend this one highly enough.

Encounters of a spooky kind-A.K.A Spooky encounters.

Sammo Hung at his finest, The legend that is Sammo Hung pulls out all the stops for this classic, Very much in the same vane as Mr Vampire and equally hilarious, the fight scenes are insane as is the ghosts, i remember being lucky enough to catch this at the cinema and the ending is just amazing, i remember it finished and me and my friend Simo both turned to each other and did the "What the fuck was that???" Amazing stuff from a true legend of Asian Cinema, Long Live Sammo!

A Classic scene from Encounters of a spooky Kind.

Once Upon a Time in China 2.

Jet Li continues his role as the Chinese legend Wong Fei-Hung in this follow up to the original Classic Once upon a time in China, Directed by one of the best directors to ever come out of China Tsui Hark and in my opinion is far superior in both pace and action than the original, the crowning glory has to be the final pole fight between Donnie Yen and Jet Li, Take no notice of the duff Hollywood stuff that Jet Li has made this his Hollywood days this in his him in his prime and and his awesome best.

A Better Tomorrow 2.

The good old genre of Heroic Bloodshed does not come much better than this! Starring The King of Heroic Bloodshed Chow Yun Fat and directed by the heroic maestro John Woo this set the very high standard of Heroic Bloodshed films which in my opinion no one ever topped, the shootout scenes go on for ages but not in a bad way, in a John Woo style with slo-mo Chow Yun Fat in long trench coat blasting the living shit out of everything! A Masterpiece.

Eastern Condors.

"An action film about a daring commando raid into Vietnam to destroy a munitions dump left behind by American marines." Well from the IMDB synopsis it doesn't sound like much but it certainly is! Explosions, massive fight scenes, great story and some of the best action you will ever see from the legendary pair of Sammo Hung and Biao Yuen, A MUST WATCH!!!!

Honourable mentions that go without saying!
Bullet in the head.
The Ring.
The Host.
The Grudge.
I Saw the Devil.
Fong Sai Yuk.
My Father the hero.
Iron Monkey.
13 Game of Death.
Hansel and Gretal.


  1. Did you not like Bedeviled or the man from nowhere?

  2. Not had chance to see those yet,worth a watch?
    Jonny t