Saturday, 28 June 2014

Attack on Titan - live movie coming 2015!

On my recent trip to Japan you couldn't go anywhere without seeing this character that appeared rather large and to have no skin, So whilst there i did a search and found out that it was from the Manga Attack On Titan, It was hugely popular over there so when i got back home i decided to check out the first book and it was brilliant, Not really into Manga but this had me hooked, I then found out that there was an animated season so i tracked that down and it's brilliant, Currently on 9/10 on IMDB there has now been announced a live action film. I was thinking yeah it may be OK but not too sure, Then surfaced an advert from the car maker Subaru that featured some of the live action characters and it blew me away! Now this is a film i REALLY want to see, It will be made and distributed by non other than TOHO studios,  Although the great fan made poster above says 2018 it is scheduled for release next year, I've stuck the trailer below for your viewing pleasure, wow, just wow!
Jonny T

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