Saturday, 15 October 2011

Web Site of the Week- The Geekest link!

Hello Folks,
Yet another new edition to the blog is website of the week!
And this weeks great site is The Geekest link Based in Sheffield UK, i came across this website whilst looking to add to my collection of horror memorabilia and they certainly are not short of that!
They not only do horror stuff but sci-fi, Japanese toys, collectors cards, board games and even themed energy drinks and food, i have had something from them and it was super quick deliver by courier delivered the next day and i even got an email saying what time within the hour i would get the delivery, now how's that for service! They also do world shipping for all you lucky reader not in the UK,This month they have added a Halloween store with some great stuff and are also doing brilliant Trick or Treat promotion, i contacted them and told them that i will be doing the website of the week post and very very kindly of them they have sent over some prizes for a contest which I'll be running over the next 3 weeks starting tomorrow so watch this space!
I've added some photo's below of some of my own personal favourite things on the site just to give you a little taste of what they do.
So head on over there and have look around the site and with Xmas just around the corner all your prezzie wishes could be just a click away,
Jonny T.

A LINK TO THE SITE! ------->

Cthulhu Hand Puppet

Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Glove Replica

Zombie Jerky: Teriyucky

The Walking dead board game!

Coming soon-An amazing Captain America shield.

Oh No Sushi-Red Edition.

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