Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Catchme killme films

Hello Folks,
For your reading pleasure today i have been fortunate enough to get an interview with the guys over at the great site Catch Me Kill Me productions.
Also as a special treat i have included the great new short from them, Intruder.
These guys are making in my opinion some of the best indie horror productions out there at the moment, so head on over to their page and follow what they are up to as well as a very special looking treat coming at you this Halloween!
Thanks Fella's!
Jonny T.

How were you inspired to start CatchMeKillMe?

I was inspired to start CatchMeKillMe for a few reasons, my love of horror films played a huge role initially.
The icing on the cake was, one day I had stayed home from work with a cold and decided to watch a movie. After a brief search and grabbed Adam Green's "Hatchet" from my collection and put it in but instead of watching the movie I watched "the making of" and I was inspired.
The next day I began work on my first short film, The Hog.

Having seen Intruder it follows the line of great looking movie killers, who's idea was it for the creation and look of the killer?

The look of "The Intruder" came from a brainstorming session between me and my brother who is also one of the make-up artists for my films.
We went over a whole bunch of looks and costume ideas, at first it was supposed to be just a simple black hoodie and we were going to try and get a lot of shadowed shots of the killer's face.
It eventually transformed into what appears to be a heavily burned and bandaged escaped insane asylum patient.

The lady in the Intruder sure does pack a mean scream! It reminded me of the classic Texas Chainsaw ending, the constant screams, are the people in Intruder people you know?

Wow, well first of all that's a great compliment both to her and myself! I do know the people in the film Intruder, the victims are actually real-life couple Matt McCune and Jenny Stanton.

Could you tell us about any future projects you have upcoming?

We're actually currently developing three short films to be released over the next three months! Up first is our Halloween short which releases on, you guessed it, Halloween - It's called Lullaby.
Our November film we're hoping to release about halfway through the month will be titled "La Llorona" - It's a southwestern urban legend ghost story more commonly known as The Weeping Woman.
Then in December we're bringing back a fan favorite character with the release of "Christmas with Chucklehead"!

Do you have any final word for the readers over at Jonnys Cult Films?

Just keep watching CatchMeKillMe films! We make these films for you guys, the fans! As long as you keep watching them, we'll keep making them!

Some links to keep you all up to date with CatchMeKillMeFilms.

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Intruder-The Short from CathMeKillMe Films!

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