Saturday, 22 October 2011

Website of the week:-Horror Movie Empire.

Hello Folk's,
Website of the week this week is the truly brilliant Horror Movie Empire the earths biggest horror site!
Based in Chicago USA, They have a fantastic array of toys/DVDS/games/ T-shirts and everything else the true horror collector could ever want, i particularly love the Bobble head and have received things from them and was pleasantly surprised that they do worldwide shipping and it's free!!!
They are also involved in organising a great looking horror festival called The Chicago Fearfest so if you live around there be sure to go!
I emailed them to say thanks and asked if they'd do a little interview for Jonny's cult films on how they got started and the lovely chap that is Demetrios very kindly obliged to give us an interview, so below for you is the interview and links for you to get on there and get Christmas shopping!
Jonny T.


How did you decide to start doing a, now the earth's biggest horror store?

I basically decided to start horrormovieempire after decided to call it a fan i was very sad to see Tony close up shop and realized that there was only one or 2 other sites offering the amount of titles they were.  I was also sick of working at UPS and being promised management positions one day and then threatened with being fired the next!  Basically it was a perfect storm of circumstances, my fiancee was going to school and we had just had a baby so i stayed home during the day.  I'm not a person that can just sit there and do nothing so i started coming up with ideas and this was the one that made the most sense.  The part about Earth's biggest horror selection; well i needed something to distinguish myself from the other guys, and i'm not JUST a fan of horror, or JUST a fan of cult stuff, i love all of it and i wanted my store to reflect that.

I see you offer free shipping worldwide, how do you manage to do this????

Ahhh the amazing FREE worldwide shipping!  This year alone we've saved our customers over $1500US in shipping fees.  Sometimes we are a little slow to get things out, that's been one of things that irks me because i'm a bit of a perfectionist but we are working on making things more streamlined.  Basically it's like i said above, i needed something to get people to check out the site, anyone can go to amazon or the other guys to get a dvd but i wanted to make sure i had the lowest prices and something that would grab far i think it's succeeded :).  Some orders we do actually lose money on if it's international and something awkward like a book or toy but in my opinion i'd rather lose a few dollars on a rare occassion and have a over 6 billion potential customers than just limit ourselves to US only

What would you say are your top 3 horror movies of all time?

Top 3 movies of all time: Jaws is number one by a long-shot, i'm a sucker for ANYTHING with sharks!  2 and 3 are hard but i'd say friday the 13th part 8 and possibly the original halloween.  So many honorable mentions though from nightmare on elm street to any of the blind dead movies to vampire circus or any number of Hammer titles as well.

You offer many character figures from many horror films on your site, what would you say your own personal favourite character is?

I think my favorite is Jason.  He's just so bad ass.  I love Freddy's wisecracks and the craziness of Michael Myers but for whatever reason i'm just a Jason guy...unless we can count the actual shark in Jaws then all bets are off haha.

Could you tell us a little about The Chicago Fear Fest you are involved on and where people can get tickets?

The Chicago Fear Fest is something we are putting on in association with  Just a one-night independent film festival to help get people some promotion.  We've been having bad luck with venues so right now the plan is for a november can get all info at

Any final comments to the readers of Jonnys Cult Films over here in the UK?

A few final comments to your readers; anyone who has ever thought of doing something like Horror Movie Empire. or anything involving having your own business, GO FOR IT!  Don't look back and take the bull by the horns, nothing can happen without just going out and doing it, i hear so many people say 'i wish i had your job'.  Let me tell you, it's freakin' hard 24 hours a day but i also love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!  2nd, I'd like to give you a little exclusive for my non-twitter followers...March of 2014 in Chicago we will be hosting our first horror weekend!  We have a few guests already tentatively lined up pending contract signing but a few BIG BIG BIG names we are trying to get as well.  You will be able to find it all very soon at  Hopefully by Halloween night!  Lastly, if any of you are customers, THANK YOU!  If you aren't, check us out at and give us a try, if we don't have something you are looking for we can find it, out of print, VHS, laserdisc, 35mm it doesn't matter! 

Some more great products from Horror Movie Empire.

A very cool Dolemite T-Shirt!

Fantastic Amicus DVD box set.

Bride of Frankenstein, ace!

Wolfman and Frankenstein figures, i want them!!

Super cute Gizmo statue, complete with towel!

Ultimate Blu-Ray Metropolis Box set.

Retro UK XTRO poster, llok good on any wall!

Fantastic model kit!!


  1. You should article include in this article that the Horror Movie Empire has recently perpetrated a very large sale scam on the horror community. And should not at all be purchased from.

  2. This guy has stolen money from a lot of people. Associating yourself with HorrorMovieEmpire makes you look really bad.

  3. HME is a scumbag

  4. Demterious Siomos17 March 2012 at 13:54

    Ha Ha Ha!
    I got your money!

    1. Don't hate the player, hate the game. If you did't file a paypal claim before the 45 days was up you DESERVE to lose your money.

    2. We'll see you at Horror Hound in Columbus.

    3. I won't be there. I'll be busy moving into my new house.



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