Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween photo tastic!

(Disclaimer:The Above photo is NOT Big man Gav!!)
Halloween is almost here!
Well with Halloween just a week away Jonny T and I thought you might need some inspiration for you’re trick or treat costumes.
Here’s my son in his Ghostbusters uniform from last year. The outfit I got off eBay from a seller who specialised in work wear and farming overalls. The ghost badges and his name badge were also eBay purchases and really look the business! His Proton pack was all my own work. Luckily my work place were having a clear out and I got main unit from scrap in the skip! It’s actually an old toilet roll holder and hand soap dispenser turned on its side. I bolted them onto a wooden board, sprayed them black and then added some junk wiring for effect. The decals were replicas of the stickers on the original packs seen in the films. I found a website and printed them off. The straps were off of old laptop bags and are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. Now, I must stress that his mullet hairstyle is nothing to do with me! His grandparents took him to Turkey a few weeks before and he got his hair cut whilst he was there. Apparently that’s quite a fashionable style over there!!!
Big Man Gav.

Little Fred's Ghostbuters outfit.

Costumes idea's for your dogs!
Fast food dogs.

Yoda Dog.

Umpa Lumpa dog!!

Great Pumpkin ideas also highlighting the dangers of Booze!

This picture is of zombie Jon from a few years back. He did all his own makeup. That head wound looks pretty sweet!

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