Thursday, 6 October 2011

Alien Infestation-DS preview By Big Man Gav,

Aliens Infestation DS preview

I was first made aware of an Aliens game making its way onto the Nintendo DS format just last night. Were it not for fellow twitter bloggers @dailydeadnews then this could have slid right under my radar! I was surprised to see an Aliens licensed game make its way onto a format that to me seems to excel in offering Japanese style cute and cuddly games for girls. That being said Aliens Infestation looks to be a real treat for fans of the franchise with its film inspired levels, trademark visceral combat and authentic weapons such as the pulse rifles & smart guns. If the YouTube trailer is anything to go by the music and weapon sounds look to be very close to the movies as well. Furthermore the Colonial Marine characters have been created by legendary comic artist Chris Bachalo.  
Interestingly the developers have gone for a retro 2d style platformer reminiscent of arcade games from the 90’s. Teen gamers might find this approach offensive given today’s technology but for me the graphics perfectly capture memories of my youth. A time when a game would be so expensive that I could only have them on a Birthday or Christmas. A time before unlimited lives and saves when games were so hard you would have to go back to the very start for misjudging a leap or getting killed by a level boss. It was around this era when my interest in the Alien movies was at its peak. Ahh, sweet nostalgia if only I had known then that Alien vs. Predator wouldn’t be nearly as cool as it sounded!

IGN have rated Aliens Infestation a reasonable 7/10. For me through it isn’t a case should I buy this game? It’s more the dilemma of can I bring myself to play it on my daughters bright pink DSI!
Infestation is out on October 11th

Gavin Jennings.


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