Thursday, 15 October 2015

Shopping Tour - Reviewed.


(cert 15)


“… the irreverent charm and satirical bite of an early George A. Romero or Peter Jackson movie.” Hollywood Reporter

A weekend of retail therapy turns into a ‘holiday from hell’!
From rising Russian star Mikhail Brashinsky comes a ‘biting’ horror satire targeting consumerism, xenophobia and immigration panic in northern Europe, in a tense, bloody battle for survival.

Brashinsky pokes fun at retail hungry Russians and their idealized Finnish neighbours, playfully imagining that Finland - ranked ‘best country in the world’ by Newsweek Magazine - might not be so picture perfect after all.
Winner of Critics’ Prize, Best Female Performance and Grand-Prix at the Russian National Film Festival ‘Window to Europe’ and the Special Jury Prize at the Polar Lights International Film Festival in St. Petersburg.  A popular film on the international film festival circuit, screening at Sitges International Festival of Fantastic Cinema, Gothenburg International Film Festival and Torino International Film Festival.
Genre: horror
Year: 2012
Cert: 15
Country: Russia
Language: Russian / Finnish with English subtitles
Running Time: 70 minutes
Unlucky Russian tourists get more than they bargain for, when their shopping trip to Finland turns into a fight for survival.  According to ancient Finnish tradition, Summer Solstice marks the one day a year when locals eat foreigners …
Written and directed by: Mikhail Brashinsky
Cast: Tatyana Kolganova, Timofey Yeletsky


Russian tourists eaten by Finnish cannibals? Oh go on then!  Shopping tour tells the story of a mother and son on a trip to Finland to get over the death over the recent death of her husband and his father but things aren't going to go as smoothly a the hoped. Film on the sons mobile found yes it is found footage style but to be fair there is only a couple of points where he camera goes crazy but on the whole it is totally watch-able. It is a slow burn but as things start to unravel and you become aware of what is happening it's a very good and original story. The acting is solid as are the FX although there isn't a ton of gore it has some great twists along the way. So all in all its worth seeking out and great to see new label Sharp teeth  films releasing movie like this.
7.5 / 10
Jonny T.


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