Sunday, 25 October 2015

WER - Reviewed.

When something slaughters a family camping in the French countryside, the freakishly large and powerful Talan Gwynek (Brian Scott O’Connor) is arrested for the crime.

While as his public defender Kate (A.J. Cook) argues his case, she begins to suspect he’s suffering from a rare medical condition that causes physical abnormalities. But as they begin the tests, Kate discovers his truth is far more monstrous that she ever imagined…

Last week I watched HOWL, A couple of months ago I watched Late Phases, Two pretty good werewolf movies so when I received WER I thought surely not three good werewolf films in a row but I was wrong and yes WER is another good werewolf movie!
It starts off with a bit of found footage which I was hoping the whole film wouldn't be that and it isn't thanks god. The guy that plays the main werewolf is one big fellow. It stars as a bit of a slow burner but when it takes off it really takes off, Full on gore and some great creepy parts.
The FX are pretty impressive and the acting solid. The only problem I had was there is a fight near the end that I found a bit cheesy but on the whole I would say it's well worth a watch.
Jonny T.


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