Saturday, 24 October 2015

MAYHEM -Day one and Two.

So it was October 15th and earlier than the usual Halloween slot, That was the fault of someone called James Bond, Did it distract or change anything with this years festival? Not one bit, Mayhem was back with a bang for 2015 and in my opinion the best festival so far. We jumped on the bus and headed for Broadway, Picked up our weekend passes and headed to the bar for a quick coffee with great folks we met last year then headed upstairs to the big screen 1 to claim our seats for the evening. That's the thing I really like about MAYHEM and Broadway cinema is the fact the festival has grown in popularity so much so that now the films are shown on the main screen each year. There is no messing about with allotted seats and basically you can get your seat and safely leave your coat on it, Nip to the bar between showings and have the same seat, Oh and did I mention you can also take your beer into the cinema! Over the last couple of years they now have regular stalls in the foyer from the likes of FAB Press and Arrow Video. A great relaxed and hugely fun atmosphere.
The opening day of Mayhem showed three films Emelie, Futureshock:The story of 2000AD and finally a remake of the classic Rabid Dogs.

Emelie was a great opener for the festival, The story of a babysitter who would be every parents nightmare. The lead role played by Sarah Bolger was extremely well acted as were the children. Funny at witty at first but it soon turns into some real uneasy scenes to watch and becomes extremely tense towards the end as she spirals into insanity.

Next up was what some people were saying was an unusual choice for the festival, Future Shock:The Story of 2000AD.But it was a packed house, To be honest when I saw it was showing I was a little unsure myself. Not being a fan or really knowing much about 2000AD I persuaded a friend of mine to come and see it with us and and I am so glad chose to see it, It was brilliant. A classic British documentary to say the very least. The insane story of what went off behind the scenes, The artists not being given copyright or even money for their brilliant art, The political undertones and social commentary, Even stories of the piles of original artwork being used to prop open doors and used as floor mats near the door to put your muddy shoes on!
As I said I wasn't really a fan or interested in 2000AD but Future shock! Has certainly changed that, It has just been announced that it has picked up a well deserved distribution deal. Be sure to keep your eyes out for new on it, it's well worth a watch.

Final film on Thursday was the Remake of Rabid Dogs, It was at 11.30PM But I had decided to skip this showing so to be fresh for Friday, From all reports though it was really good, So much in fact Natalie who stayed and watched it brought the original the next day from the Arrow video stall.

Friday 16th October.

So onto Friday and four movies, Crumbs, Nina Forever, Howl and Stung. The opening film was described as a "Ethiopian/Spanish post apocalyptic love story" The film was Crumbs. Showing earlier on the Friday at 4.30 this was a new slot and a chance for MAYHEM to show something a little more indie and unusual.

So, It was over a week ago since I saw Crumbs and I still can't get my head around what it was about! 
Here is the synopsis...
"Our figurine sized supermen hero embarks on an epic surreal journey that will take him across the Ethiopian post apocalyptic landscape in search of a way to get on the hovering spacecraft that for years has become a landmark in the skies."
It was one of those films that was so visual stunning and acted that it didn't really need a beginning, middle or end. I could have watched it for a lot longer than the running time, Like films by the genius Jodorowsky it one of those movies you just sit back and enjoy the ride. The lead actor Daniel Tadesse in apparently his second only acting role was superb.Mind bending, Charming,Refreshing and all round great.

Next up was the much anticipated movie, Nina Forever.......

Nina Forever tells the story of poor old Rob who lost his girlfriend in a car crash  and is unable to come to terms with her death, He thinks things have taken a turn for the better when he meets up with Holly but Nina has other ideas from the Afterlife.
Nina Forever was very original and also superbly acted by all three lead actors especially Fiona O'Shaughnessy as Nina a definite talent to look out for as are the directors The Ben and Chris Blaine. British horror at it's sick and twisted best.

Next up another British movie that involves werewolf's on a train....HOWL.

Director Paul Hyett was in attendance for the showing of HOWL and told of his inspiration for the film, A friend of his once got the last train from London full of drunks and really annoying people when the train broke down, He said it was a nightmare but could have been worse if the train was attacked by werewolves and so we have HOWL!
Howl was my favourite film of the festival so far, It was your pretty much paint by numbers horror movie but I for one really enjoyed it. If you have seen Dog Soldiers you know what kind of treat you are in for. 

Last up was STUNG, I had already seen  and it is great fun, But it was an early start on Saturday so headed on home..........

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