Sunday, 5 September 2010


Hello people!
Well here it is at last, Jonny's Cult films Podcast Episode 1.
In this episode we discuss, in our own way, 2 films of the great man John Carpenter. We will be talking about his first 2 full feature films, Dark Star and Assault on precint 13.

Please Click the player below to play the podcast or the button below to download.


We will be covering in part 2 Escape fron New York, The Fog and The Thing. It was all going to be within this podcast but it ran at nearly 3 1/2 hours so we have decided to split it and the next part will be out in a few weeks time.

The Podcasters

From left to right-Nutron69(fact corner)Bob(Sex machine)Jonny(clueless)Mr Nova(The Mediator)
I would like to thank everyone who has sent in mp3's for  the show this show features mp3's from Graciespoppy, proud leader of the forums over at  and a great mp3 from the legendary and very aware podcaster and finally a huge thanks to Misfitboy who has now become the voice of the intro and Zoe(Britzombiegirl)For the awesome artwork you see above.
The podcast features me(jonny)Bob,Jonny Nova and Nutron69 and occasianly in the background you will here comments from Emma and Sue!
Please be aware that it does contain strong language so if easily offended we apologise now,ha!!!
If you have any comments or ideas for future shows that you would like to see us cover then please feel free to email me at
Jonny t!


  1. Good stuff.. Thanks for helping me get through a night of work..

  2. fantastic, but tell the people in the background to keep it down!!

  3. I want the next episode right now! I thought it was awesome! Can't wait for you to come on DDH soon!

  4. awsome job guys! simply awsome!