Thursday, 16 February 2012

Original VS Remake #1 Fright Night!


Hello All,
So here's a new feature to the blog called VS, and over here at jonnys cult films we want your help!
I have thoughts on the 1st film i will be doing, Fright Night, I do love the original maybe from a nostalgic view or just because it's a better film? In my own opinion it is a better film, The remake for me just seemed to drag, not saying it was a bad film but just didn't work in the same was as the original both in character depth or pure enjoyment, as with most remakes there is a lot of references to the original and i won't spoil it but there is a great cameo in the remake,
so people, what are your thoughts on this posting of Fright Night VS Fright Night?
Look forward to your views,
Jonny t.

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  1. Being a fan of the original i can say the remake was rubbish. Far too long spent on the teenage leads. They were boring characters, not funny or interesting. The vampire was dull as well and not interesting. Too many explosions, too much bad dialogue. Where was the 'dinners in the oven' moment?.