Thursday, 22 March 2012

Corman's World-review by Jonny T.

Hello Folks,
Well i do love a good documentary and i have to say that this was is good, no in fact it is FANTASTIC!
This new documentary focus's on the weird and truly wonderful world of film maker the legend that is Roger Corman, Starting right back to one of his 1st films Creature from the ocean floor right up to his present day involvement with SYFY channel films this documentary leaves no stone unturned, The shear amount of stars and directors that Roger Corman has helped start out in cinema is incredible and this documentary features interviews with a hell of a lot of these people, people such as Martin Scorcese, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Quentin Tarantino, Pam Grier, David Carradine, the list goes on and on.

Although known mainly as the king of the "B" movies this documentary shows that Roger Corman is way much more than that for example there is a segment dedicated to one of his early pretty much unseen films called The Intruder which involves the racial tensions of the 1940's ad 50's in American and at the time of release was uber controversial but shows a much deeper side to Cormans film making, So over the years Corman got pretty much disillusioned with all the big executives and there decisions on either budget cuts or wanting him to change things with his films that on many many occasions he just got out of his contract and ended up making films for himself with his brother, he could have been himself a big hotshot Hollywood director but as with many of his rebel characters in his films he always did things his own way and looking at the gems and people he helped out and discovered over the years today's cinema should be more that grateful for his actions, He even started up his own distribution company for foreign films as he had seen films that the world needed to see and indeed we did, i salute you Roger!

So in summing up this is by far one of the best documentaries on a film maker i have even seen, insightful, highly entertaining and as i said a ton of celebrity interviews the most hilarious ones in my opinion has to be the Jack Nicholson ones, great stuff.
He should surely be nominated for a lifetime achievement award because without him cinema over the last 50 years would have been a lot duller place,
Brilliant Stuff. 10/10 Jonny.
Corman’s World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel (cert. 15) will be available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray from 26th March 2012.

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