Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Award-winning horror Banshee Chapter arrives in the UK this January!

“It is batshit crazy - but also proper, jump-out-of-your-seat scary”
Little White Lies

Banshee Chapter

On DVD & VOD from Monday 27th Jan. 2014

From Executive Producer Zachary Quinto’s (Star Trek) ‘Before the Door’ pictures comes this jump-out-of-your-seat horror that will terrify with its unique blend of fact, conspiracy and the paranormal. ‘Banshee Chapter’ is the deserved winner of Total Film’s ‘Scariest Movie Award’ at Film4 FrightFest and is “guaranteed to make you squeal like a newborn” (Time Out)!

Zachary Quinto, Executive Producer (Star Trek)

Blair Erickson, Writer-Director

Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs; Shutter Island)

Katia Winter (Dexter; Sleepy Hollow)

Michael McMillian (True Blood)


A young journalist (Katia Winter) with an appetite for controversy, follows the trail of a strange government research chemical that might have caused the disappearance of her close friend (Michael McMillian). After tracing the substance to the desert ranch of an infamous retired novelist (Ted Levine), she's drawn into an experience of terror and frightening entities that she cannot escape.

The labyrinthine trail of evidence leads her into the disturbing world of black ops chemical projects, unexplained radio transmissions, and shadowy disfigured entities in the blackness of night. Anne will do anything to uncover what lies behind her friend’s disappearance. But to her horror, she discovers that it wants to find her too.

Not only did it have us jumping out of our seats, it left us with that same unsettling sense of paranoia we experienced after watching The Ring for the very first time! Banshee Chapter uniquely blends the suspense-driven horrors of the 70’s with the creepy mythology of J-horror to create some truly terrifying scares. The fact that it’s based on real documents, actual testimony, and evidence researched and uncovered from decades of a horrifying secret program run by the CIA makes it beyond creepy and therefore a must-see!

Hot Quotes:

Winner of Total Film’s ‘Scariest Movie’ Award at Film4 FrightFest 2013

Winner of ‘Scariest Movie’ Award at Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2013

“Guaranteed to make you squeal like a newborn” - Time Out

“It is batshit crazy - but also proper, jump-out-of-your-seat scary” - Little White Lies

“Highly Entertaining. Guaranteed to make you jump” - SciFiNow

“A solidly unsettling picture” - Kim Newman, Screen International

“”A heady, terrifying mix of 1960s ‘counter culture’ paranoia, mind-warping hallucinogens, Hunter S Thompson-style gonzo mania and Lovecraftian weirdness." - Nigel Floyd, Time Out

“I actually jumped out of my skin…Nothing has made me squeal so far like this, the most unlikely of scary movies” - HorrorTalk

“Comes up with some new ways to terrorize the eyes and ears and take you on trips few films are creative enough to go.” - Mark L. Miller, Ain't It Cool News

“The scariest film of Film4 FrightFest 14th - Make no mistake, The Banshee Chapter will have you on edge.” 4* - Stuart Wright,

“Enthralling, enjoyably scary and very well crafted” 4* - Dread Central

“Banshee Chapter is a surprisingly effective horror with plenty of real scares that had people jumping out of their seats. A solid scare fest” - Entertainment Focus

“Blair Witch clashes with The Ring… Truly Terrifying” - TheGeekAgenda

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes


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