Friday, 6 December 2013

The thrilling and hilarious action romp "The Bounty" arrives on DVD this January!


 The Bounty
On DVD from Monday 6th Jan. 2014

The writer of crossover hit “Shaolin Soccer” brings us a rumbustious roundhouse kick to the senses with “The Bounty”. Prepare to be dazzled by this visually stunning Hong Kong action-comedy.

Fung Chih Chiang, Writer-Director (Shaolin Soccer)

Chapman To (Infernal Affairs; Initial D)

Alex Man (As Tears Go By)

Fiona Sit (2 Young; Break Up Club)


Incompetent bounty hunter Cho is given a chance to land a big score from the police if he can catch a most-wanted fugitive criminal. His excursion takes him to a small island in which he finds himself stuck at the bizarre “Lazy Inn” inhabited by an imaginative yet unstable maid, her awkward father and a cowardly coconut man…

Cho is thrown into a comedy of errors, in which misunderstandings run as much riot as the local triads. He’s not only looking for answers, he’s looking to escape. He’s having to fight the local gangs and get to grips with the people looking after him in this rollercoaster ride of laughs, action and drama!

We feel that Writer/Director Fung Chih Chiang takes no time reminding us of why his debut “Shaolin Soccer” made such a splash here in the West. He continues to excel in a unique style of storytelling that harks back to the likes of “The Three Stooges”. With Jackie Chan focusing on more dramatic projects, the likes of Chapman To can fill his boots easily with his warm brand of humour. Comedies like this are becoming harder to find, so it’s great to see someone holding the torch for this slapstick style. “The Bounty” is genuinely one of the most imaginative, energetic and truly laugh out loud action-comedies and a true original that needs to be seen to be believed!

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