Monday, 14 April 2014

Japanese DVD'S!

So I made it back from Japan and what a fantastic place it was! First thing to say was that they are the most polite, Friendly and helpful people I have ever met. The other thing that really surprised me was the lack of DVD’s and Blu-Rays available, I was talking to a guy out there and he was saying that basically with Japanese society being so manic most people nowadays just download movies and TV shows to their portable devices, This would explain the cost of the DVD’s and Blu-Rays I saw, the new DVD’S are all around £18 each and Blu-Rays between £25-35! I went to various cities all over Japan and went to the likes of Tower Records and HMV but even those big retailers and very limited stock. The biggest stockist I saw was a chain called Book Off, they specialised in Mainly Manga comics and CD’s but did have a pretty good DVD range but once again they were very pricey, I have stuck some pictures below and 1000 Yen is equivalent to around £6, so the Gamera one was pretty cheap but it was on a value type label so the print was probably not great. Either way as a film geek like me it was great just to have the chance to go hunting and I did pick up a Day of the Dead for around £9, I had to buy something, Although bizarrely Book Off was still selling VHS! And most of the cinemas are owned by the great studio that is TOHO, Enjoy the pictures,
Jonny T. 


Manga Otaku (Geeks) Browsing in Book Off.

Yes they still sell VHS!

One Of many TOHO Cinemas.

A John Carpenter DVD Box-set!

A great Ghibli Collection

Expensive but great covers for Godzilla.

Jonny Sokko! (Thanks Misfitboy for telling me what it was!)

Have some Gamera!

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