Thursday, 11 September 2014

Locke - Reviewed

Ivan Locke is a career man, A family man, An honest man. Well that's how he appears to all around him. On the night before the biggest day of his career he gets a phone call and leaves work for the journey that he tells everyone is home. It becomes clear quite early on all is not as it seems.
Ivan is a construction worker but not your'e average laborer, far from it. He is an expert in concrete, yes concrete. Tomorrow he should have been overseeing the biggest foundation fill in the world outside the military and nuclear industries the foundation for a new mega 52 stories high building in London that in his words can bee seen for 20 miles and cast a shadow a mile long, But then comes the phone call............
Now this is pretty much right at the beginning of the film and may spoil that part of it so if you have yet to see it please choose whether to read on or not, your choice!
He gets a call from a woman who has gone into labor but it's not his wife, It's someone who he had a one night stand with just over well you know 9 months ago, not hard to do the maths on that one, she is having his baby and he desperately wants to be there, Not for a moment for the love of the woman as he has not seen her since that night but he reveals his reasoning throughout  the course of the film through many various calls to many different people, His wife is at home waiting for him with his two sons, his boss is having a major freak out as he has now deserted the multi-million pound project, his understudy is in a state of panic and told not to drink tonight, he calls the local police to check all the road closures agreed for the arrival of the concrete wagons are still in place, when he finds out that at the last minute the council has refused one of the roads to be closed he goes into panic as its now 9pm and the council office is closed but has a number of one of the Councillors and calls him and he's pretty pissed off as he is in the middle of dinner in an Indian restaurant.

Now as you can tell the phone calls are the main subject of Locke and very cleverly done they are as well, It's basically  a one man film similar to buried but this time set in a car with Ivan Locke played extremely well it does have to be said by Tom Hardy.
It plays out slowly unraveling more of what's behind Ivan and his thoughts about why he is doing what he is doing and his reasoning for it, It plays out on so many levels, whether it be morally, Socially or indeed when it comes to his decision to mess with big business even overtones of financial politics, All very thought provoking, Challenges what we all encounter on a daily basis but ultimately is the decision for what he is doing the right one? Only Ivan knows that and that's another interesting point it's certainly a movie in which once watched the debate could go on for quite some time.Low budget British cinema at it's finest and indeed cleverest,
Jonny T.

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