Saturday, 25 October 2014


You may well ask who ASTRON-6 are? I did,  All I remember is that film from 2 years ago at MAYHEM film festival called MANBORG, Jesus Christ that was an experience with a hangover. Similar to the also shown Dead Sushi. By no means whatsoever in context or did any of the films resemble each other. The only thing that connected the 2 movies were how great they were. More cheese than made by the BLUR bass player and more laughs than an hour with Tim Vine, Basically what I am saying is that both movies were brilliant! It has to be said that from the reaction that MANBORG created in the bar after the showing was great, Everyone I heard loved it, a real good feel factor movie and a definite crowd pleaser.

To be honest with me being a little slack  I didn't pay that much attention to the film-makers but thought there was a definite talent there.With all the trying to reintroduce grind-house at the time because Tarantino did it and it was cool (yawn!) into every film, To me it got as boring as seeing found footage movies so in a retro way MANBORG was not only very well done but hilarious and extremely cleverly done.   

So,I suppose my main point is that I was looking forward to seeing the line up revealed for the 2014 Mayhem festival and when it was I thought Thursday October 30th a night with ASTRON-6 who the hell are they? Then it all unravelled,BIO-COP, MANBORG AND FATHERS DAY?FUCK YEAH!! So with less than a week to go and from what I'm hearing the tickets are going pretty sharpish and not only on the night will Mayhem be showing ASTRON-6 Shorts showcase (90min) but the brand new feature that has been shown worldwide at festivals The Editor. Which has been getting some brilliant reviews desrcibed as mind bending and more impressive to me is the description of "IMAGINE IF THE DIRECTORS OF AIRPLANE MADE FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET" From the Toronto film festival. Now if that doesn't get you excited what the hell will? 
But on a closing note, It is great to see how ASTRON-6 has grown and been accepted and from what I have seen so far and the reviews for The Editor have been great so not only are this bunch of a loons a bunch of loons to keep an eye on but they will be in attendance at this years Mayhem festival!!Yes that's right the team behind Bio-Cop, Fathers Day and Manborg, Adam Brooks, Conor Sweeney  and Matthew Kennedy will be there at this years festival.So like me if you had never heard of ASTRON-6  you really should check out their movies and grab yourself a ticket and come to Nottingham for what promises to be a very special night indeed, 5 more sleeps to Mayhem.That is all,
Jonny T.



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  1. Only three of the five members of Astron-6 will be in attendance as you have listed above; the absent two members are Jeremy Gillespie and Stephen Kostanski who are stuck in Toronto working on upcoming films.