Saturday, 8 November 2014


Day 2 of MAYHEM was upon us and it was Halloween! Today's movies were Coherence , The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) and a very special screening of the 40th anniversary of the remastered Texas Chainsaw Massacre,hell yeah!

We met again in the bar had a couple of beers and summed up last nights movies and discussed what was on tonight, Pretty much all of us said that does anyone know what Coherence is about or if it's supposed to be any good and non of us knew. Now I must say that as with every year at Mayhem you tend to find not the normal horror festival circuit movies but obscure new titles that generally turn out to be pretty good. So, Full plastic beer glass in hand we headed off to watch Coherence......

The Poster for Coherence said "REARRANGE YOUR BRAIN" And you do have to indeed, but not in the way that it's so ridiculous that it makes no sense unless your only movie viewing experiences ever were The Fast and the Furious movies then you would be fucked!
It tells the story of a few friends who get together for a diner party on the night of the biggest comet passing over earth in many years. There is the mention of the Tunguska comet passing over many many years before and it had an effect on people of wiping their memories and sent a lot of people into mass confusion. Then amongst the jollyness all the lights go out. They look down the road to see if the rest of the neighbourhood is in darkness and it is apart from one way off house that still has it's lights on. One of the party go to investigate and upon arrival discovers that is the exact same house that he just left and not only that it's got all the same people in the house, even him! He returns to the original house to tell them what he thinks he may or may not have seen and this it where it start bending your brain, Things such as a girl on the way to the party her phone just randomly cracks as does a guys at the party, One of the party bangs his head and needs a plaster and is asked which type "Cloth or Plastic?" he chooses cloth, He also goes to try and find out what the hell is going on outside and when he return in one of the party notices that his plaster is now plastic, although he knows everyone the big question is, is he who he says he is? Or are any of them? MIND BENT! Brilliant film though, Definitely looking forward to seeing it again and noticing all the subtle but extremely well  put together differences.

Next up at 8PM was the re-imagining of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, When I 1st saw this was on I thought it was just a straight up remake but it was actually in all fairness a sequel. Set in modern day it tells the tale that many years after the original murders the phantom killer has returned. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon best known for his work on American Horror Story and errr Glee! The 1st half of the film I thought was pretty solid with lots of flashbacks to the 1st movie or set of events as you could say. Some great kills including the classic trombone kill but I did feel without giving anything away that the ending did let it down quite a lot. Don't get me wrong the ending is a great idea it's just the fact that it has been done so many times before. Shame really as like I said the 1st half was pretty solid. And then came the time, 10:30PM time for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

So the time for the film to takes us to midnight on Halloween was to be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 40th Remastered version. Now I'm not going to review TCM but if you have never seen it 1-Where have you Been? and 2-This is the version you need to get. Over the years I have own many versions as you probably have of TCM from the dodgy bootleg VHS that used to be sold under tables at film fairs when it was still banned, When it was released on DVD I owned and still do 3 versions, I got a Blu-Ray player and brought it for that. So when I saw that it was being released yet again I thought sod that, But hold your'e horses this version is stunning. I was fortunate enough to see it on the big screen a few years back and with most films its a completely different experience seeing it big. The thing that struck me about this was the restoration is incredible. I was talking with David Flint afterwards on the way back down to the bar and we both mentioned how we had seen things in detail wise that we had never noticed before. So when the film finished and Leatherfaces chainsaw and the screams of Marilyn was still ringing in our ears the whole cinema was in silence for a good 5 seconds. Then you could hear people letting out breaths of relief and the whole place clapped. For a film of 40 years still to have the impact it does is an incredible feat indeed.
All done for Halloween and at 12:45 AM we headed off home through Nottingham city centre to our Taxi whilst dodging drunken zombies, Frankensteins and Dracula's. Yet again another fantastic Halloween night at MAYHEM.
Jonny T.

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