Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wild Tales - Reviewed

When we went to see It Follows we saw a trailer for something called Wild Tales, Six stories of as the poster says "Apocalyptic Revenge" and it looked great so we decided our next trip would be to see it and boy am I glad we did!

As it says it six tales and these are a follows...

The first tale is the shortest tale and tells the tale of a group of people on a plane, A model talks to a classical music critic and by coincidence it appears that one of his reviews a very bad one was for her ex boyfriend, An older lady sitting in front of the critic over hears the conversation and she also knows the musician, I shall say no more as to spoil it but to say the current news events with the plane crash in the Alps made certain scenes very relevant and even more realistic, the final shot of the tale is freeze frame and an absolute brilliant one!

The second tale is set in a remote motorway style restaurant where one night a guy enters and the waitress recognises him as a Mafia boss who auctioned of thier house which led to her father killing himself and a few months later the boss even tried to seduce her mother, Distraught at seeing him there she takes his order and goes and tell he chef lady who is a very scary wouldn't mess with her type of lady and she says to the waitress that they should use the rat poison to kill him, This ends with some great twists and a lot of blood!

The third tale it has to be said was definitely my favourite, Young executive type in his new black Audi and sunglasses racing along a mountain path which if you watch carefully links in to the end of the second tale, He comes zooming up behind an old wreck of a car and tries to go around it but the carves swerves to stop him doing so, He eventually get level with the car to see a builder type smiling back at him, He calls him a red neck hits the accelerator then gives him the finger. Next we see the Audi guy get a flat tyre, He pulls over and being the executive type has no real clue how to change the  wheel so calls a recovery guy to come and help him out, Then in the background you see the red neck approaching in his wreck, The Audi guy is obviously all mouth and craps himself as the red neck pulls over and proceeds to start smashing his windscreen with the tyre iron, What follows is hilarious, Gross and violent in equal measures and the conclusion to this wild tale is a classic!

Tale number four is a tale of hit and run, A rich kid wakes up his parents to tell them he has been involved in a hit and run involving a pregnant lady, They turn on the news to see that it is all over every news channel and the lady and her child have died on the way to the hospital, The police are frantically trying to identify the registration number and owner of the car, In the mean time the rich parents call over a lawyer and try to figure out how to get their son  of the hook, A plot is hatched and offered to the gardener to say that he was drunk and in the car, the lawyer will defend him and they offer him $500,00 to take he wrap, The lawyer is one of the best around and the gardener will get the money and only spend a few months in prison, All sorted, but no it's not! Again I will say no more but a you can probably imagine it's no way near as clear cut as it sounds.

Tale number 5 is one about dynamite, An explosive engineer after successfully demolishing a building is on his way to see his daughter on her birthday and stops off to pick up a cake, He mentions to the lady how expensive it is then leaves, His car has been towed away so he gets a cab and goes to the place that has towed it away, In no uncertain terms he is told to pay up or he will be charged parking fees, He says to the clerk that there were no pavement markings and what they are doing is criminal, this falls on deaf ears and pisses him off, Its very similar in tone to Falling Down, One thing after another winds him up and eventually he snaps and tries to smash a fire extinguisher through one of the clerks windows, The result of this is that he loses his job and possible access to his daughter, It's a greatly told tale they you can greatly relate to on a level of getting pissed of daily by things that are unnecessary and totally out of your control.

On to tale number six the final tale, A tale of a wedding reception, All is happy at the begging with a huge disco and the bride and groom dancing and drinking wildly, The groom then proceeds to walk round thanking everyone for coming but paying particular attention to a long legged darked haired lady sitting on a table with his work colleagues, The bride spots his over friendlessness and takes out her phone where she has a number she has taken off his phone, She always had an inkling that the number was a little bit suspicious from a  few months before, She calls the number twice and on both occasions the girl on the table answers, Cue the madness! It descends into total chaos and the wife makes a brilliant spectacle of herself, Very cleverly done and cringe worthy in places, you really don't know how the hell it is going to pan out, the performances and direction in this are brilliant with some fantastic camera angles.

So in summing up although for me personally the last two tales were the weakest but I've read that to some people they are the best , But one thing for sure is the fact that in every wild tale there is something that hit's you out of the blue, brilliant performances and as I said the direction in all of them is superb, Humour at it's darkest a definite must see, I know it's only March but for me this is the best film of the year so far, quite simply go see it!
8/ 10
Jonny T.

Wild tales in now showing at Broadway cinema nottingham and Nationwide.

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