Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Cobain:Montage Of Heck - Reviewed

Kurt Cobain died 21 years ago this year from a self inflicted gunshot to the head. His body was found by an electrician doing some routine work on Kurt's home. He was found surrounded by drug paraphernalia along with a suicide note. Montage of heck tells the story of Kurt from his childhood right up until his very untimely death when he pulled the trigger and joined the 27 club.

Kurt is born into what seems like a very happy almost perfect all american family, Mum, Dad then a sister, The all American dream, But with so many dreams they turn into nightmares. This is what happened to a young Kurt when his mum and dad split. Seemingly through his mum waking  up to the  realisation that she had married young and had children as was expected of her but it was the life that she no longer wanted so they split. This took the already hyperactive Kurt into meltdown that was unfortunately the whole story of his life. He was a lonely teenager who hadn't had sex when one day he and a few so called friends who he tagged along with went to a local girls house who was as you would say simple but they called her a retard. The reason they used to go there was just to steel alcohol from her dad's basement. One day Kurt wondered if she would be up for having sex and went around on his own. Described in audio in his own words it was a disaster, They both got naked but he couldn't perform because of the overwhelming smell as he puts it from her vagina. So he left. Her dad then found out and flipped at Kurt, But then his so called friends found out as did his school and Kurt was known as the retard fucker.

The story above is just a snapshot of many stories from montage of heck which are fascinating,The /film tracks his life through lots of spellbinding home movie footage from his childhood including a clip where he must be about 3 or 4 dancing around with a guitar. You also get to see tons of his early artwork and his own home movies as well as interviews with his Mum, Dad, Sister and step-mum as well as Krist Novaselic, One thing I found interesting was that was no involvement from Chad Channing the original Nirvana drummer but even more Surprising nothing from Dave Grohl. I know a bit of Nirvana history and seeing as this was made with the consent of Courtney Love I know that was never any love lost between them so maybe was  the reason?
Whatever that may be as a Nirvana fan I found it thoroughly compelling, Early Nirvana gigs, Backstage, On the set of unplugged and Heart shaped box video as well as a lot of very personal home shot clips is amongst the compelling if sometimes disturbing footage, For example a clip where Courtney shouts Kurt inside to help with Francis Bean's first haircut, He comes inside topless looking very skinny and spotty,Holds Francis whilst sitting upright and just keeps nodding off,Very sad to watch.

Montage of heck I loved it, Being a Nirvana fan I suppose I would, But in saying that whether you are a fan or not it's a documentary well worth seeking out, It's stylish and grim at the same time, Uplifting and funny but also sad in equal measures , It's a shame to see someone with Kurt's natural talent end up how he did but watching this you can see where it was all heading from a long way back, With the whole Courtney Love thing it's surprising how many people still have a massive hate for her and blame her mainly for his death whether she drove him to suicide or as some theories suggest had him killed I shall leave my opinions on that until another day. Ultimately all Kurt really wanted was a family after the demise of his Mums and Dad's and he did get that as well as the fame and fortune but in the end he simply couldn't handle it and that's what Montage Of Heck sums up so brilliantly, I do miss Nirvana.................
Jonny T.

SOME CLASSIC NIRVANA CLIPS. Fuck loads more available on that YouTube.................

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