Thursday, 12 May 2016

Green Room - Reviewed

So it was a lovely sunny Monday, I had booked off both the Monday and Tuesday as soon as I found out that the premier of Green Room was being shown at Broadway Nottingham and I have to say I  am really glad I did.
The evening started with us being very  hungry after a long day and a trek around Nottingham, The bar was doing Monday night specials of two for one pizzas so we had some of that pizza goodness! 

Upstairs in the bar was a punk disco starting from 6.30 so we headed upstairs and grabbed a cold bottle of beer and in preparation listened to some great tunes from the likes of Wire, The Buzzcocks and The Clash all classic tunes especially orgasm addict which I hadn't heard for a long time. Met up with Chris Cooke who was doing the introduction to Green Room and usually his nervous self but as always there was no need as ticket sales were solid. Also great to catch up with a member of our Mayhem festival family Mike, Sporting a great new Nina Forever tattoo, We finished up our beers and headed for screen 2.

The intro by Chris described the upcoming Green Room without spoilers of similar in tone to classic siege movies such as Rio Grande, Assault on precinct 13 along with the paranoia of The Thing and that summed it up perfectly.
It tells the story of a Punk bad "Ain't Rights" Who are trying to break though and get noticed but without any success, They do a gig to a room of about eight people and get paid around $6 each, Pissed off they ask the promoter for better gigs at which point he says someone he knows is putting on a small music festival that will pay them around $350. They agree to it,  On arrival they realise that the festival is basically for Neo Nazi skinheads. Perhaps the cover they perform of "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" By the brilliant Dead Kennedys is not the best choice but believe me that is just the tip of the violence that will confront them.
No spoilers here but they witness something they shouldn't have done and when they try to get out that's when the shit really hits the fan. They become locked in the Green Room and boy does it get intense.

The characters on both sides are brilliant, The mixture of emotion of feeling sorry/afraid  for the people in the green room and the hatred for the people that are after them is immense. The violence is unflinching and a real punch when it happens and there were a few gasps amongst the audience. I likened it to German Angst that was also shown at Mayhem, This IS real horror. It never lets up, Never gets boring and you never know what will happen next or who will be left at the end. A very high recommend and probably the best film I have seen this year so far. By the way What would be your desert island band be? (let me know when you've seen Green Room)
A very solid 9/10. 

Green Room opens Nationally Friday 13th.

Tickets for Green Room at Broadway are available here -

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