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Well i  have  seen the original I spit on your grave a couple of times. I remember it being one of the notorious "Video Nastie's" which transpired to be one of the hardest of the so called "Video Nasties" to come by.
 At the time  paranoia was the panic plant seed that was planted in all our brains that societies downfall was film, load of bollocks that turned out to be, our politicians have done a much  better job of screwing everything up rather than  low budget film makers, rant over, i'll stop now .
It was the talk of the whole school and when we found out a mates dad had a copy on VHS we all went to watch it when his parents weren't there of course! It was bloody grim and stuck with me for a long time. A few years later I revisited it and it was equally as grim as I remember. A while ago it got a remake which in my opinion was pretty good.There have been also quite a few spin off/rip offs but i'd avoid them if i were you.
I then saw a few months back that there was another addition to the series I spit on your grave: Deja vu. So  more so out of curiosity course I had to see it.

It stars Camille Keaton again and is set a forty years after the horrific events where she has a best selling book that tells her side of the story. She now has a daughter who helps her with the publicity of the book.
The film starts with some rednecks listening to her talking about and defending what happened that fateful day. It turns out they are related to those that committed the crimes and weirdly hail the criminals as hero's.
Next up you see her as her daughter leaving the restaurant when they are both kidnapped by the relatives and driven back to the grim town.
I'll say no more of what happen as that would be spoiler filled!
For me the 1st half hour or so was interesting with the back story and flashbacks but once that was  gone through it went downhill for me faster than Chevy Chase in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!(You know the scene)
It just seems to drag on and on. The family try to be Texas chainsaw/ Devil's rejects style but go so over the top it borders upon laughable. There is a few twists and turns but honestly by the time they happened I had given up caring. The end scene honestly goes on and on and on and was just plain ridiculous. Just keep an eye out for example of the girls face covered in blood, it changes loads from scene to scene and they are only talking!
It leaves it open of course for more follow ups but for me I think I'm done with the series.
Jonny T

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