Friday, 14 May 2010

Trailer friday!

Hello my good people,it's trailer friday yet again so here we go!
Trailer number 1-Predators 2010 they are back and robert rodriguez in the helm of director gives hope to our fans as long as it aint a spy kids 3d or speed racer!
Trailer number 2-REC2-Wich i have been fortunate to see and it is in my eyes THE horror film of the year so when it's out go see it and show you support!!
Trailer number 3-Frightmare-Sheila keith is the logo for my facebook group "jonnys film forum"and she was my grandma(not really!!!)but this is a uk classic wich if you have not seen you need to,
Thanks peeps.
Jonny t x


  1. Frightmare... Classic!

    REC2... I will admit that I was very weary about it before I saw it, but having seen it it's awesome. Does the original justice and adds to the story in a way that really got to me.

  2. Man you are very right!REC 2 i have to say is the best film i have seenthis year so far!