Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Van Diemen's Land Review/Competition

Hey all,
Well i have just watched"Van Diemen's Land"and i have to say i was very suprised!
It was not what i was thinking it would be at all but a hell of a lot more,
Firstly from the trailer etc you just kind of get that it's another ozploitation flick about a man that got cast into the island known as "tasmania" and had to do what he had to do to survive with the other prisoners he has been landed with but there is so much more to it than that basic premise,i can't really say to much without giving out major spoilers,but as with a lot of these films the acting is top notch and the cinematography is awesome,sweeping landscapes and horizons galore.
This is based on a true story wich makes it even more gripping,Made from what was originally a short film now this full length feature and you can see why the transition has been made from short to a full length feature.
The film as i have said is based upon"Alexander pearce"who along with other convicts of irish/scottish and english descent are hurled into chaos when there plans to escape the island are halted and they are thrown into an unforgiving and harsh terrain,then comes along the human instinct of do what you have to to survive,i can tell you no more!!
So i would definately reccomend this movie,buy rent or watch?Well if this is your kind of genre film a definate buy,8/10
Many thanks to lisa and High Fliers films for this movie.
Release 24th may in the uk.
To win this dvd just answer this question,supplied by the legend that is mike at cadaver lab

"who wrote the novel that was adapted to a 70's Australian horror movie hit which told the story of the disappearance of a group of school girls who disappeared at an real Australian geological formation?"
If you know the answer just email with the answer at
Competition end 8pm on 17th may,gooooood luck!


  1. Sounds quite interesting! Great competition.

  2. hey thanks!
    It is a great little movie:-)

  3. great job johnny!!! awsome review (as always) :)