Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Flirting Club contest!

Hello all,
I have kindly been give 3 copies of new hot comedy"The flirting club"To give away,
Email me your answer by January the 31st for you chance to win!
Goooood luck!

To celebrate the January 24th DVD release of British comedy The Flirting Club, we are giving a away a copy of the DVD to 3 lucky winners.
In an industry first, ACADEMY AWARD ® nominee Alex Jovy (Holiday Romance, Sorted) and co-director James Bedford have used ‘the X Factor of the film industry’ to create a classic British comedy - the very first feature film to be cast over the internet.

Jamie, age 29 going on 12, is a loser, a virgin, and has been given a one month ultimatum by his parents: find a girl or marry Laura, ‘the human pig’ from next door. With two left feet, zero pulling skills, a best friend who thinks farting into pint glasses is funny and a schoolboy infatuation with his Hot Boss, Jamie, is all out of options.
 Help is at hand, however. An accidental encounter with his local Flirting Club might just hold all the answers.  The group of social misfits meets every week above a pub in order to discover the secrets of love, relationships and finding the perfect partner. The only problem is, these guys need serious help and they're not getting it, any of it.

The Flirting Club is released on DVD on January 24th 2011; pre-order a copy now on http://www.amazon.com/
To be in with a chance of winning just answer this simple question:
In the film, where do members of the Flirting Club meet for their weekly meetings?
  1. Above a pub
  2. In the park
  3. In a shop basement


  1. The winners are-
    Natalie Wallace
    Stuart Hargreaves
    Cathy Gordon
    Thanks to all for entering!!!
    Jonny t.

  2. Hey Jonny, did you like the Flirting Club film. You didn't seem to review it. Great site by the way.