Friday, 21 January 2011

What I've seen so far in 2011.

Hello All,
Just some recommendations and avoids of some of the stuff i have seen so far this year,i will be doing this on a monthly basis so i hope it helps you all find some good films and avoid some stinkers!
The opinions stated below are mine only and may sometimes be bullshit :-)
 1- Black Dynamite.
A fantastic spoof of classic 70's Blaxploitation flicks,one of the very few films that made me cry with laughter,go watch now 9/10.

 2-The Town.
Ben Affleck in a good film???Yes indeed he is,great heist movie with tension,twists and great action,very well directed and scripted and a great performance from the great man Pete Poslethwaite who will be sadly missed. 8/10
 3-Winters Bone.
Oscar touted low budget gritty drama and boy is it grim!When i watched it and it had finished i felt so deflated,but it really is one of those films that sticks under your skin and since viewing me and Emma have had many a discussion about it so there is something there,Just watch it when you are in the right mood! 7/10
 4-Despicable me
OK,so its a kids film but what the hell its a very good one at that,super evil villains that want to take over the world and battle against each other,come on whats not to like!Great animation as well. 7/10
5-The yes men fix the world.
Fantastic documentary from a few years back,these guys expose all the corruption within corporate America with some jaw dropping stunts,fantastic and very informative.8/10.

The last exorcism
Well,Finally got to see it and i hated it!To me it was boring,no real scares and oh boy that ending,one of the biggest disappointments for me in a long time 4/10!!!!!
New horror from the UK starring James Nesbitt as a demon hunter from Ireland,not great not bad either,good monster and gore though,so if you like low budget horror,give it a try,i thought it was pants 3/10.
Big budget looks from a low budget alien invasion flick,really annoying characters and way too many war of the world rip off bits but its a great turn your brain off Sunday afternooner!7/10

A Town called Panic
Now what can i say about this apart from"Fantastic!!"Plastic toys Indian,cowboy and horse get kidnapped and its french lunacy at its finest and with a running time of around 73mins its perfect. 8/10.
 Big river man
A mind blowing documentary from a couple of years back about a guy who decides to swim the entire length of the amazon river to raise awareness of the plight of the rain forests,he does lose his mind at some points and drinks heavily even whilst swimming and is quite large but as the film says"The last true superhero"go watch now!! 8/10
From the director of"The poughkeepsie tapes"(which does seem buried by the studio!)a tale of a man entombed in a coffin in Iraq is not for the clostraphobic,A very well made film that keeps you guessing what will happen right until the end.7/10.
The usual suspects.
A classic from a few years back,This is only the 2nd time i have seen it and boy do you notice loads more,so if you haven't seen it you must do now and if you have,give it a re-watch,a classic indeed. 9/10


So there you go folks,that's what i have watched so far this year,i will return next month with all of everything else i have watch and please feel free to send me your recommendations to be featured to
Take it easy,
Jonny T.


  1. I really wanna see Black Dynamite. When's it out?

  2. not sure sir,i do have a screener i can send your way if you like,just email a postal address and i'll sort it,briliiant film!!