Saturday, 5 February 2011

I Spit on your grave-2010 Review By Jonny t.

Well,Where do i start?
I first heard at sometime last year or the back end of the year before that they were going to remake the 70's exploitation flick"I spit on your grave"Now i was never a fan of the original i mean how could you really say you are a fan of a film that has constant rape of a woman??
Having seen the 1st one only once(and i was a while ago)it was with some trepidation that i decided to watch the remake and i have to say its pretty good,now maybe i could be accused of double standards with regards to my comments on the original but it seems to me that even though obviously the rape scenes are in the remake it doesn't seem as constant as the original,you do hear a lot of after talk from the rapists and i did get to the point when the 2nd rape scene appeared that i though"why the fuck am i watching this"it is obviously grossly unpleasant but maybe having seen"A Serbian film"this year i was a little less shocked,sick fucking film!
Anyways,The rape goes on the she disappears,all manner of twists ensue then her revenge starts kicking in and boy does she get revenge!!
It has to be some of the most violent scenes i have seen in a long time and not one of them is let off lightly in anyway,as with the original where one of the rapist gets hung there is nothing within this film where anyone gets off half as likely,wince factor 10,that's all I'm saying!
So in summing up i would give this a recommend,obviously the rape scenes(especially the one involving the retard kid)are very harrowing to watch but its worth sticking with as i did to see the revenge,as for a re watch factor I'm not too sure,Kudos to the lady who played the victim and overall the acting was top notch,real believable hateful characters with some very clever twists and turns,
Jonny t out,.

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